Essay on travelling
Essay on travelling

Essay on travelling

Essay on travel , Air travel, all of these articles are required to cover the events that the student went through and make him speak and express using real events he went through.

Essay on traveling

Traveling abroad for me was the practical application of what I had studied and seen in textbooks. I really enjoyed the experience of traveling and getting a little out of the environment in which I live.

I felt relaxed and a great change, as I had a lot of pleasure in the experience of booking online with my family, and seeing the places where we will stay and go to visit. A very different feeling when you participate in the event, and not only read about it.

On vacation last year, we booked tickets to travel to the city of ((type the name of the city)). This is a family trip intended for recreation and enjoyment, so all the days of the trip were very valuable and I and all my family members enjoyed going to the famous beaches and seeing the famous areas such as ((type the name of an area)).

I also had the pleasure of making friends while we were on the beach, and I found that technology is very wonderful because it helps us communicate despite the difference in language or the difference in the city.

I liked some things about this trip such as seeing some famous areas that I previously searched for homework.
Seeing these areas in reality made them have a different meaning and a different vision, and they became engraved in my memory even stronger.

I also gained from this experience a lot of experiences, and I was able to gain confidence in several other aspects such as dealing with strangers, and how to get to know others. I hope to experience different regions and travel to it in the future.




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