Essay on travelling
Essay on travelling

Essay on travelling 28 Models

Essay on travelling , Air travel, all of these articles are required to cover the events that the student went through and make him speak and express using real events he went through.

Essay on travelling

Traveling abroad for me was the practical application of what I had studied and seen in textbooks. I really enjoyed the experience of traveling and getting a little out of the environment in which I live.

I felt relaxed and a great change, as I had a lot of pleasure in the experience of booking online with my family, and seeing the places where we will stay and go to visit. A very different feeling when you participate in the event, and not only read about it.

On vacation last year, we booked tickets to travel to the city of ((type the name of the city)). This is a family trip intended for recreation and enjoyment, so all the days of the trip were very valuable and I and all my family members enjoyed going to the famous beaches and seeing the famous areas such as ((type the name of an area)).

I also had the pleasure of making friends while we were on the beach, and I found that technology is very wonderful because it helps us communicate despite the difference in language or the difference in the city.

I liked some things about this trip such as seeing some famous areas that I previously searched for homework.
Seeing these areas in reality made them have a different meaning and a different vision, and they became engraved in my memory even stronger.

I also gained from this experience a lot of experiences, and I was able to gain confidence in several other aspects such as dealing with strangers, and how to get to know others. I hope to experience different regions and travel to it in the future.




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Dream vacation essay

My dream is to travel to the Andes

I am eagerly awaiting the end of the year, because I have made a plan to spend the holidays with my friends. Vacationing with friends provides us with many adventures that we cannot do while we are with our family.

I love mountain climbing, it is a dangerous sport but I am fond of it because it gives me a feeling of strength and courage.

This sport activates blood circulation and strengthens the muscles of the arms and feet, in addition to it getting rid of excess weight, and making us more agile.

I have some friends who also practice this sport, so we will go together to one of the famous mountains that we can practice climbing on, such as the Andes in Peru, South America. Where this mountain range extends in seven countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina,. Its height is approximately 6,961 meters.

I am very encouraged and feel it will be an interesting trip. We have prepared climbing equipment, climbing clothing as well, some food, water and tents. We take all safety precautions, and we will have an experienced mountaineering instructor with us.



My dream vacation essa

My dream is to travel to Sharm El Sheikh

The school year is over and it has been a great success, so I am looking forward to a wonderful holiday. I love marine games and swimming, and one of my favorite marine games is sailing boats.


I decided to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, it is a wonderful city characterized by beautiful beaches and water sports. So I will spend the end of the year in this charming city, enjoy swimming and boating.


It takes strength and effort, I must know the direction and speed of the wind in order to lead the boat. It may seem that driving a sailboat is easy, but it requires skill and training. At first I could not control the boat at all, and after training I became skilled in steering and steering as I wanted.


I enjoy playing this sport especially when there is an international competition. Watching the beautiful and bright sailing boats swinging above the surface of the water makes me very excited.



Essay my trip

My trip to Dubai

I love to travel, so I go on various trips, and last vacation I traveled to Dubai. It is a charming city that does not know sleep, and does not feel tired or bored, everything invites you to rejoice and happiness.

Dubai is a first-class tourist city, and it has proven to be one of the best tourist cities in the world, where tourism activities vary and suit all visitors.

In Dubai, we can see the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which is a modern architectural masterpiece.

You can also watch the dancing fountain and feel the joy and happiness as it dances to the rhythms of world famous music.

You can also enjoy the most beautiful beaches, and modern water games. As for shopping in Dubai, it has a special taste, as there are hundreds of shops in the Dubai Mall, which offer the most famous international brands of goods.

It was an amazing trip and I hope to repeat it next year as well.



Travel experience essay

I traveled to Tanzania

Traveling is my favorite hobby, so I take advantage of my summer vacation to practice my hobby. Sometimes I travel to another country and sometimes I travel to another state in the same country as mine. I love to discover places, customs and traditions.

At the end of last year, I traveled to Tanzania. It is an African country with the largest number of lions in Africa, with their number ranging from 15,000 to 16,000 lions, and most of them are in protected areas.

It was a wonderful experience to witness the life of lions closely, and to know their behaviour, it was an exciting journey where I had a great time in the lap of nature.

Being in nature and watching predators hunt their prey makes us feel the superhuman ability of man, as he can ward off these predators and control them.

Being in nature renews our activity and gives us many interesting information and exciting experiences that we can never forget.



Travel essay in english for students

I traveled to Thailand

Undoubtedly, travel has many benefits, such as getting to know new places, different cultures, and diverse customs and traditions.

Traveling gives us new information and experiences, and therefore I make sure that I take a trip to any country I have not visited before during the end of the year.

At the end of last year, I traveled to Thailand, as it is one of the most famous tourist countries in Southeast Asia.

It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world in addition to being cheap compared to other countries.

Its capital, Bangkok, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thailand is characterized by picturesque tropical islands, coastal resorts and sunny sandy beaches. I enjoyed the charming nature, swimming and playing water games and others. I also devoted some time to visit the wonderful archaeological sites, and enjoy the wildlife and its beauty.

In addition to enjoying delicious Thai food, and also shopping from the international malls in it, my trip to Thailand was really enjoyable.



Unforgettable travel experience essay

Disneyland Resort Paris

There is no doubt that traveling is fun, especially if it is with our friends, but sometimes we go on adventures that we will remember for a lifetime.

And last weekend I went on a trip with my friends to Disneyland Resort Paris. It is the largest amusement park in Europe. It also includes two theme parks and seven luxury hotels.

There are all kinds of games and entertainment that you can think of. They are suitable for young and old, and the symbol of Disneyland is the sleeping princess’ castle.

Disneyland Resort Paris was opened in 1992 by The Walt Disney Company. And it has a huge number of activities and entertainment places, such as Adventure Island, Alice’s Wonder Maze, and entering special places for Disney characters such as the Sleeping Princess Castle, climbing on Thunder Mountain and others.

We also attended some wonderful shows that are held inside Disneyland, in addition to the parades led by famous Disney characters for an amazing trip to the land of Disney Paris.

And it was not only entertainment, but we also shopped from inside the city of Disneyland Paris, where the city has a large number of world-famous stores that offer the best products. It was an enjoyable trip and I will never forget it.

Disneyland Resort Paris



Paragraph about travelling

Travel to the countryside

Traveling is one of the means of entertainment and recreation as well, so I am waiting for the end of the year holidays to take a trip to a quiet place.

After I have spent a long time studying, I must travel to any beautiful and quiet place in order to rejuvenate and enjoy the holiday, so I will travel to the countryside.

The village offers us enchanting landscapes, pleasant weather, tranquility and peace of mind. The village is a safe place and its people are kind and welcoming of guests.

I also like to visit my relatives in the village and spend some time with them, because I am busy all year round. The holiday at the end of the year is an opportunity to relax and visit relatives as well.



Short essay on traveling

Traveling has many benefits, including getting to know the culture of other peoples. This is what I am keen on during my travels because getting to know the culture of others broadens our perceptions, and makes us more receptive to others and gain many experiences that benefit us in our lives in general.

I am a social person and I like to talk to people, so I am interested in talking to many people who meet me during my trip, and this makes me know their customs and traditions.

In addition, I have many friends around the world and we have a strong friendship. I contact them  on an ongoing basis.

Travel has gained me a lot of information and made me able to understand others. I respect their customs, even if they are strange to me. Traveling also makes me realize that all human beings love peace and freedom.



Travel broadens the mind essay

One of the most important benefits of travel is that it expands our perceptions and develops our minds, and this is because every country we visit we see something different, something we have not seen before, as we may witness an ancient civilization and be amazed at the progress and civilization reached by the ancients.

We may see a modern civilization with the latest factories, machinery and technological equipment, and cities built on the latest architectural style with high-rise towers and entertainment cities that include all modern games.

We may see museums, archaeological places or places of worship.

All this diversity makes us more aware that the world has a great diversity in culture, customs and traditions, and there is no one way of life, there are poor and rich countries, but all countries complement each other.

One of the benefits of travel is that we realize that life does not need conflicts, but rather it needs cooperation in order for humanity to progress and improve the conditions of human beings in all fields.



Traveling experience essay

A trip to mexico

Last weekend my friends and I took a trip to Mexico. It is famous for its beautiful beaches with white sand, clear blue water, and sunny weather . Mexico also boasts high-end resorts and a bustling nightlife.

One of the most important cities I visited in Mexico is the capital, Mexico, where I enjoyed visiting the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, and the Mexican National Palace. I also visited Monterrey, which is characterized by museums such as the Museum of Mexican History and the Metropolitan Museum.

I also visited the city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, which brings joy and happiness, as its streets are filled with bands. My visit to Mexico was interesting, as I saw the archaeological sites and enjoyed the coastal places and the rainforest, and learned about customs and traditions that I did not know before, it was a really interesting trip.



A journey by train composition

Train trip Glasya Express

The journey by train is a fun thing, especially if this train runs through beautiful tourist places such as the Glasgow Express train journey from St. Moritz to the Matterhorn. It’s the most beautiful sightseeing rail journey through the Alps in Switzerland, it’s a fantasy.

Where the train runs in a variety of environments, and beautiful landscapes, and there are some places that can never be reached except by this train.

The design with which the railway was built for this train is considered an engineering miracle, as it passes over high altitudes, then descends gracefully to low places and passes through underground tunnels, then climbs to pass over bridges.

On both sides of the road we can see mountains of white snow, which have formed beautiful formations. In other areas, we see beautiful landscapes of plants and flowers. It is a journey that delights the eyes and minds.



Memorable trip with friends essay

A trip to Orlando

At the end of last year, I went with my friends on a trip to Orlando, one of the best entertainment cities in America, which is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world.

We went to Walt Disney World, which is located in the Lake Bay area and Lake Bonia Vista near Orlando.

In Magic Kingdom, we enjoyed fireworks and Disneyland characters such as Mickey Mouse as well as movie characters such as Captain Sarro.

We also toured the adventure land, which includes dense forests similar to African and Asian forests, and we also enjoyed a unique experience in the frontier land where we experienced the life of a cowboy.

As for our experience in the land of the future, it was imaginary, as it represents an intergalactic city and contains strange objects and robots. It was an amazing trip that I will never forget.



Essay on journey by train

Train trip through the Alps in Switzerland

There is no doubt that the journey by train is a fun thing, especially for the older age group, because they enjoy watching the charming nature more than young people and teenagers who like to reach entertainment places quickly to play their favorite games.

One of the most beautiful train journeys that tourists enjoy is the train journey through the Alps in Switzerland, and although the train travels at a medium speed and sometimes at a slow speed, the passengers are happy and never bored.

This is because the train travels at a slow speed that allows them to see the beautiful landscapes and take souvenir photos.

This trip is very interesting as the traveler can enjoy watching the charming landscapes while the train is in progress, especially the snow-capped mountains and the frozen waters in lakes and rivers.



Short paragraph about trip with my family

A trip to Osaka, Japan

I prefer to go on a trip with my family, as I feel safe in the presence of my family, especially in exotic places that I am visiting for the first time.

Last week, we went on a trip to a famous tourist city, Osaka in Japan. Osaka is famous for its recreational places such as the Ferris wheel and the water park, where we were able to watch huge fish with amazing colors moving in huge ponds.

In addition to the amusement parks open in the open air, in addition to the great variety of restaurants that offer delicious types of food. It is a beautiful city and we enjoyed it a lot and would like to visit it many times.




Paragraph about trip with my family

My trip with my family from Saint Moritz to the Matrohorn

One of the most beautiful trips I took was my trip with my family from Saint Moritz to the Matterhorn across the Alps, where we rode the most famous train in the world, the Glasya Express, which began operating in 1930.

It is the slowest express train in the world, as it covers a distance of three hundred kilometers in 8 hours, allowing tourists to see the scenic landscapes, as the train takes a wonderful path between mountains and valleys.

We have never been bored as the seats are comfortable and there is a train restaurant that serves hot meals at lunchtime and then the train moves slowly for the passengers to eat.

Among the most beautiful landscapes we have seen are snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes, in addition to the Rhone glacier, in addition to the mountainous areas covered with greenery and watching antelopes run here and there.



Traveling abroad essay

I traveled abroad to study, so I chose to travel to New York State, as it is characterized by providing study facilities, grants and postgraduate studies, and it also includes more than 130 universities.

I joined the best university there, Cornell University, it is one of the best universities in the world as it ranks 14th among the best universities in the world. Cornell University is located in Ithaca, I attended the Graduate School of Management.

I want to make good use of the education in this university, as it has the best professors, and I also hope to return to my country after completing my studies and to pass on my experiences to others, so that the country progresses and develops.  Education abroad is an important message that we must carry out for ourselves and for our countries.


A train journey paragraph

There is no doubt that the journey by train is more enjoyable, because the train allows us to relax more during travel, especially if the distance is long, as the train has rooms for sleeping, and other places to sit and read.

Modern trains are also equipped with a restaurant and a professional chef serving multiple dishes, in addition to drinks, so that the passenger can eat his food on time.

Also, train tickets are often cheap compared to the cost of other means of transportation such as a plane or bus, and the availability of many places allows the family to travel together, as well as allowing a group of friends to travel together.


Advantages of travelling essay

The advantages of traveling are many. Sometimes traveling is for education, which is a noble goal and makes a person learn new educational methods, and obtain prestigious and recognized scientific certificates in all countries of the world, which gives him good opportunities for work.

The travel may also be for recreation and entertainment. There has become competition between countries to attract tourists through the establishment of wonderful entertainment cities to which people from all over the world travel to spend their holidays, whether they are alone, with their families or with their friends.

Also, travel may be to see the historical and cultural heritage of a country, and to visit antiquities, museums and other archaeological sites, which makes us gain new experiences and a lot of information.



Short essay on travelling experience

I traveled to France

I love to travel a lot because it gives us an opportunity for rest and relaxation in addition to gaining new information.

At the end of last year, I traveled to France, which is one of the most famous countries in the world.

It includes a variety of tourist places, so I made sure to see most of them, such as the Eiffel Tower, Bastille Square and the Louvre Museum, in addition to ski resorts and charming beaches.

Also, shopping in Paris has a special taste, as high-end fashion houses, international brands, and French perfumes are famous all over the world.

The city of Paris includes the most famous and most important historical, cultural and economic monuments in France.

My trip to France was enjoyable, I varied between visiting historical and archaeological sites, shopping and enjoying the wonderful beaches, and international restaurants.

I had a wonderful summer vacation that I enjoyed and rejuvenated for a new year.


Essay about traveling with family

A trip to Turkey

At the end of the year, I traveled with my family on a trip to Turkey, specifically the city of Istanbul. It is a wonderful city characterized by beautiful beaches, as the Bosphorus Strait divides it into two halves, one half European and the other Asian.

There are also wonderful beaches on both the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, and we also enjoyed the beautiful beaches of the Princess Islands and had a wonderful cruise.

One of the places that I cannot forget is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and its unique architecture, in addition to the Tersana Palace, which indicates the progress of the Ottoman civilization.

We also went to the Grand Bazaar where we bought many high-end things of high taste. We also went to Pablo Park and had a great time. It was a beautiful trip and we would like to repeat it in the near future.


Holiday destination essay

A trip to Copenhagen

I plan to spend the next summer vacation in Copenhagen, as I have read a lot about it and would like to visit it to get to know it more.

It is a city of relaxation and beautiful landscapes. I like to visit Tivoli Gardens, where I can practice my favorite hobby, which is horse riding. I also like to enjoy concerts and ballet dance performances.

I also want to visit some historical places such as Christiansburg Palace, which was the seat of government for many kings and queens for more than 800 years.

I also want to visit the National Museum in Copenhagen, which includes many collectibles that show the history of Denmark. I also hope to take a trip to the port of Nyhavn and eat the most delicious seafood.



A trip with my family paragraph

My trip to New York City

Last week I went on a trip with my family. It was a special trip, it was to the most beautiful city in the world, New York City, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the most developed and advanced.

It is one of the largest states in terms of population density in America, and New York also includes many tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, which is the most famous tourist attraction in New York, with a height of 93 meters, and it is the National Monument of the United States.

In addition to the Brooklyn Bridge, which is characterized by a wonderful European architectural style. The Empire State Building is the tallest skyscraper in New York City, with a height of 1,250 feet, 102 floors, and 72 elevators, and it is an important business center in New York City.

And Central Park, where the vast park and various recreational and sports activities, and other historical museums.

We also ate in world-renowned fine restaurants.

We had a great time and at the end of the trip we went to the One World Observatory where we saw a magical panorama of New York City.



My dream vacation essay 150 words

My dream is to travel to New York.

I have heard a lot about the beauty of New York City, so it became my dream to visit that most famous city in the world. It is the city that never sleeps, so I hope to visit it at the end of the year and have a good time.

I hope to see the Statue of Liberty, which is the most important tourist attraction in it, in addition to the National Monument to the United States of America, which is located in New York Bay and is 93 meters high.

I also hope to listen by going to the largest park in the world, which is Central Park, which I can spend a good time in it because it includes many recreational and sports activities such as the distinctive zoo, which includes a large number of rare animals such as elephants, penguins, white tigers, giraffes, deer and lions.

In addition to the ice skating rink, which provides a large area and skating equipment, where I can practice my favorite hobby with ease, especially with the presence of professional trainers for this sport.

I can also visit some museums and archaeological sites to learn more information about New York City. This is my dream, which I hope will come true soon.



Travelling with family essay

We drove to Times Square

My family and I used to travel to Times Square in New York to celebrate New Year’s Eve, where there are huge New Year celebrations.

It is one of the most important tourist areas in New York and is called the center of the universe, as it is also called the crossroads of the world. It is a place that never sleeps, where tourists come from everywhere.

The square is decorated with bright colors and advertisements covering the destinations of the buildings, in addition to the most famous international restaurants.

We also visit Madame Tussauds Museum, which contains wax statues of a large number of world famous people, whether athletes, artists or politicians.

We also visited the Gulfir Gate, in which we can see the world in miniature, where we can see the Statue of Liberty, the Moscow Kremlin, the Pyramids of Giza and others. We are having a great time on New Year’s Eve.



Paragraph on a journey by train

Traveling by train is my favourite, as it is characterized by its fixed timings in addition to being an ideal solution to the problem of traffic congestion, and the train is comfortable and there are some services that are provided during the train journey, especially if the journey is long.

Sometimes there are bedrooms or a restaurant that serves a variety of meals and some drinks, which makes the traveler not feel tired or bored.

The train is also a cheap way, and traveling by train allows us to see various landscapes on both sides of the road, as we see many villages and cities.

One of the advantages that is available when we travel by train is that a large group of people can travel together without any trouble. Therefore, I love to travel by train, whether I am on a trip with my family or with my friends.



Essay about trip with friends

My trip with my friends last year’s weekend was really interesting. We went to the desert and camped there for a week, it was a fun week in which we learned many things that we did not know before.

We learned how to hunt some birds, rabbits or deer because they will be our food. We also learned how to prepare food using simple tools and the use of tree wood. We also gained experiences in collecting some desert plants and fruits.

At night, we practiced many recreational activities and had fun. This trip made me more cooperative and taught me to rely on myself. This trip also strengthened the bonds of friendship between me and my friends.



My dream vacation short essay

There is no doubt that every trip has a positive impact on our souls, but the trip that I dream of is a great trip. It is to Makkah Al-Mukarramah, where I wish to perform the Hajj, this is my dream, and this religious trip is the best trip that I can take.

The obligation of Hajj is obligatory for every able Muslim, and the Hajj has pillars that every Muslim must know before he goes to perform the Hajj.

I also like to travel to Medina to visit the tomb of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.



Travelling with friends essay

There is no doubt that the trip with friends is much more beautiful, as it includes many adventures that we cannot do on the trip with the family, and one of the most important activities that I do during my trip with my friends is car racing.


I love to drive and train to drive high-speed sports cars, and I have participated in several local competitions. But I wish to excel in this sport and become famous, so my friends have the same hobby as well, and we always prefer to travel together to places where car competitions are held in order to practice our favorite hobby.



A trip to remember essay

Last summer, I took a trip that I will never forget. It is a trip to Egypt, as Egypt contains a third of the world’s antiquities. Watching the Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic monuments indicates a great civilization throughout the ages.

We have visited the Pyramids of Giza, which is truly an urban miracle, as it is one of the seven wonders of the world. We also visited the temples in Luxor, which is a wonderful thing and indicates great civilized progress. We also visited the National Museum and saw wonderful exhibits.

We also had a wonderful Nile cruise, it was a beautiful trip and I will never forget it in my life.



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