Essay on travelling
Essay on travelling

Essay on travelling

Updated On — Sunday , June 26 2022

Essay on travel , Air travel, all of these articles are required to cover the events that the student went through and make him speak and express using real events he went through.

Essay on traveling

Traveling abroad for me was the practical application of what I had studied and seen in textbooks. I really enjoyed the experience of traveling and getting a little out of the environment in which I live.

I felt relaxed and a great change, as I had a lot of pleasure in the experience of booking online with my family, and seeing the places where we will stay and go to visit. A very different feeling when you participate in the event, and not only read about it.

On vacation last year, we booked tickets to travel to the city of ((type the name of the city)). This is a family trip intended for recreation and enjoyment, so all the days of the trip were very valuable and I and all my family members enjoyed going to the famous beaches and seeing the famous areas such as ((type the name of an area)).

I also had the pleasure of making friends while we were on the beach, and I found that technology is very wonderful because it helps us communicate despite the difference in language or the difference in the city.

I liked some things about this trip such as seeing some famous areas that I previously searched for homework.
Seeing these areas in reality made them have a different meaning and a different vision, and they became engraved in my memory even stronger.

I also gained from this experience a lot of experiences, and I was able to gain confidence in several other aspects such as dealing with strangers, and how to get to know others. I hope to experience different regions and travel to it in the future.




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Dream vacation essay

My dream is to travel to the Andes

I am eagerly awaiting the end of the year, because I have made a plan to spend the holidays with my friends. Vacationing with friends provides us with many adventures that we cannot do while we are with our family.

I love mountain climbing, it is a dangerous sport but I am fond of it because it gives me a feeling of strength and courage.

This sport activates blood circulation and strengthens the muscles of the arms and feet, in addition to it getting rid of excess weight, and making us more agile.

I have some friends who also practice this sport, so we will go together to one of the famous mountains that we can practice climbing on, such as the Andes in Peru, South America. Where this mountain range extends in seven countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina,. Its height is approximately 6,961 meters.

I am very encouraged and feel it will be an interesting trip. We have prepared climbing equipment, climbing clothing as well, some food, water and tents. We take all safety precautions, and we will have an experienced mountaineering instructor with us.



My dream vacation essa

My dream is to travel to Sharm El Sheikh

The school year is over and it has been a great success, so I am looking forward to a wonderful holiday. I love marine games and swimming, and one of my favorite marine games is sailing boats.


I decided to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, it is a wonderful city characterized by beautiful beaches and water sports. So I will spend the end of the year in this charming city, enjoy swimming and boating.


It takes strength and effort, I must know the direction and speed of the wind in order to lead the boat. It may seem that driving a sailboat is easy, but it requires skill and training. At first I could not control the boat at all, and after training I became skilled in steering and steering as I wanted.


I enjoy playing this sport especially when there is an international competition. Watching the beautiful and bright sailing boats swinging above the surface of the water makes me very excited.



Essay my trip

My trip to Dubai

I love to travel, so I go on various trips, and last vacation I traveled to Dubai. It is a charming city that does not know sleep, and does not feel tired or bored, everything invites you to rejoice and happiness.

Dubai is a first-class tourist city, and it has proven to be one of the best tourist cities in the world, where tourism activities vary and suit all visitors.

In Dubai, we can see the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which is a modern architectural masterpiece.

You can also watch the dancing fountain and feel the joy and happiness as it dances to the rhythms of world famous music.

You can also enjoy the most beautiful beaches, and modern water games. As for shopping in Dubai, it has a special taste, as there are hundreds of shops in the Dubai Mall, which offer the most famous international brands of goods.

It was an amazing trip and I hope to repeat it next year as well.


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