Essay on famous personality
Essay on famous personality

Essay on famous personality 3 models

Essay on famous personality , many important information about one of the famous and successful personalities in the Arab world, who has always spent his days and nights serving the Palestinian case with all sincerity , the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. All of this information will be here in an essay on famous personality.

Essay on famous personality

You will always find history full of heroes  who have spent their lives in the service of their peoples and their homeland and stand in the face of injustice and tyranny with all courage and sincerity and, a good example of this is the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and this hero will be our subject Today in an essay on famous personality.


– The late President Yasser Arafat (Abu Ammar)

The head of state of Palestine, named Mohammed Abdul Raouf Al-Kidwa Al-Husseini, was born in 1929, and took the rule of Palestine by legitimate election by the Palestinian people, to be the legitimate representative of them.


The late president is considered one of the founders of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement in 1959, and managed to spend his life years defending the Palestinian cause and caring for the rights of the Palestinians inside Palestine.

His popularity and his people’s love for him increased after the Battle of Karama, and since then Israel has considered him its arch enemy.


Repeated attempts to suppress his activities and attempt to obstruct him in the service of his people have become frequent.

Arafat’s popularity is growing day by day among the Palestinian people. He also had a wonderful personality characterized by love and affection and affection for everyone, especially the families of the wounded and the martyrs.


pictures always have been taken of him when he kissed the brow and hands of wounded children and martyrs, and he had a great friendship with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of Hamas.

Essay on great personality in English

Undoubtedly, there are great personalities who have participated in many inventions that are beneficial to mankind.
One of the most important of these people is the Italian scientist Luigi. The first person to use electricity to revive the heart, and the first experiment was on a frog, and he noticed through the experiment the contraction of the legs of frogs and people after electrocution.

To develop the resuscitation device after these experiments, and for the first time it was tried on a young girl named Sophie Greenhill in 1776. After she had an accident falling from a window and was picked up by a passing man.

The indications were that the child had died, which called for quick intervention from Mr. Squires to connect electricity to different areas of the body and to try the device, all of which failed, but when he connected it to the chest, he felt a small pulse, and after a short time the child began breathing with great difficulty.

This was the beginning to keep millions of people who lose their lives daily as a result of heart attacks, or violent shocks. But thanks to the use of this electrical device, it has become possible to save many people and bring them back to life.

Therefore, I see that this person is one of the most powerful and deceptive influential personalities of the past ages.


A famous personality essay

When I want to talk about a famous and amazing character, I find my thinking goes to the amazing Mel Gibson, whether in acting or directing. He has a great talent that is unmatched by many, as he performs his works to the fullest and you find yourself inside the character and affected by each role of his works, whether the movie Brave Heart, THE PATRIOT, or other amazing works that you can’t stop watching no matter how long it takes.

All his works remain great despite personally going through many problems, but he remains in front of the camera a skilled and creative actor who embodies the character to the fullest, and make you pay attention  while he is in the scene. This is the real art and the real impact that an actor has to leave.

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