Essay about Kuwait
Essay about Kuwait

Essay about Kuwait 12 models

Essay about Kuwait , contains all the important and valuable information about Kuwait  in terms of location, economy and all the information you are looking for about Kuwait will be found here under the title “Essay about Kuwait”.

Essay about Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the most beautiful Arab cities and here you will find an essay about Kuwait contains all the information you are looking for to know more about Kuwait.


Kuwait is the third smallest country in the Arabian Gulf.It is one of the countries of the Middle East.It is located in the southwest of Asia.Its capital is Kuwait City.

Kuwait is a hereditary emirate governed by the Al-Sabah family.It has a democratic constitutional monarchy, and Kuwait is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council.Islam is the religion of the state, and Arabic is the official language of the state.

Kuwait overlooks the Arabian Gulf from the east, with the Republic of Iraq to the north and west, and Saudi Arabia to the south.

It has an area of ​​17,000, eight hundred and eighteen square kilometers, with approximately four million inhabitants. Kuwait has many islands but is uninhabited.

Most of these islands belong to the capital city, we will address some of them:

Boubyan Island: It is the largest Kuwaiti island and is considered a protected area.

 Failaka Island: The only island inhabited by Kuwaitis, but abandoned by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

Werba Island: A large number of seagulls and bouncy fish, which are good islands for birds and marine organisms.

The island of Kubr: This island is rich in coral reefs, so it is one of the most beautiful islands in Kuwait, a sandy island, characterized by its calm water.

Aouha Island: On this island, the grouper has a large population, so it is considered one of the best islands for fishing.

Umm Al-Maradim Island: This island is home to the Nawras and Al-Bashrush Islands, which are famous islands of pearls.

The State of Kuwait has six governorates: Jahra Governorate, the largest of which is Al-Farwaniya Governorate, Al-Farwaniya Governorate, and Al-Farwaniya Governorate, Mubarak al-Kabeer Governorate and Ahmadi Governorate.

Pearl diving, maritime trade and shipbuilding are among the most important occupations Kuwaitis have been working in since the founding of the State of Kuwait and before the discovery of oil to earn a living, making it the most important commercial center in the Arabian Gulf and its ports from major ports in the Arabian Peninsula and Mesopotamia.

Kuwait has become one of the richest countries in the world economically.It has the fifth largest oil reserves in the world and the official currency is the Kuwaiti Dinar since it was officially adopted in 1960.The Kuwaiti dinar is one of the highest exchange rates in the world compared to the US dollar.

A piece about Kuwait today

Kuwait today is one of the world’s largest per capita income countries.
This is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the small geographical area and the little number of of its people.

Petroleum is one of the most important means of income to it. Besides the current investment made by businessmen and outside investors. Which makes it a great destination for many newcomers seeking employment opportunities in it.

Kuwait, compared to the other Arab kingdoms, is the most open in the political aspect. But it is one of the most conservative of them. Its people are very proud of the ancient heritage and civilization on which the State of Kuwait was founded.

Many of them still adhere to old customs and traditions despite the powers and recent decisions made by the state in 2006, such as enabling women to vote, or the possibility of obtaining a passport without the consent of the husband.

We find that the people of Kuwait, despite their prosperity and prosperous economic progress, still adhere to the ancient Bedouin side on which they grew up.


Kuwait importance Essay

The picturesque Kuwait is the endeavor of many politicians and merchants to establish commercial relations or an economic and political alliance.

This is due to the fact that the State of Kuwait represents an important oil supplier to all countries of the world.
Especially in Europe, and it is natural that there is a great prosperity internally in the State of Kuwait, behind oil revenues.

Therefore, we find that the cultural aesthetic aspect is abundant everywhere in it. Where it is attracted to its civilized features, on a daily basis, tourism thirsty to see it or investors.

One of the best places that I like to visit is the Fountain Garden, which is located in the center of the capital in the Salmiya neighborhood. Where the giant garden includes places to sit and games for young children.

But what I like most about it is the diverse presence of people from different countries enjoying the music and the beautiful scenery. And they enjoy, however, eating from its restaurants. They can also enjoy the green spaces found everywhere.

I also like a lot of other areas, such as the Tariq Rajab Museum, Aqua Park Kuwait, Souk Al Mubarakiya, and House of Mirrors . And many other picturesque areas to spend time in.


Paragraph about Kuwait

Kuwait is characterized by an important geographical location. It is located in western Asia, bordered to the east by the Arabian Gulf, to the north and west by the Republic of Iraq, while to the south by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The area of ​​Kuwait is 17,818 square kilometers.

Kuwait is an important Arab country in the Middle East, and it has An effective role in solving the problems of the Middle East region. Kuwait is also considered the richest country because of its reserves of oil.

Kuwait was founded in 1613 AD, and the Al-Sabah family took over the rule. The official language in the State of Kuwait is Arabic, and the Islamic religion is the official religion of the state.


Life in Kuwait in the past essay

In the past, life in Kuwait was very simple, dominated by authentic Arab customs and traditions, such as generosity.
Honoring the guest is one of the indigenous traditions of the Arabs, in addition to the fact that the Islamic religion urges honoring and welcoming the guest and smiling in his face.

As life in Kuwait was characterized by strong interdependence between families. Families used to gather together on all occasions. Even during the war with Iraq and all the sabotage operations that took place, Kuwait maintained its customs and traditions.

Certainly, after the end of the war, Kuwait closed in a little on itself, and lost confidence in some other countries.
Which made her work on internal development on her own without any assistance, which prolonged her recovery period.

I find Kuwait now more developed than before, and its relations with other countries have become more open. I like what Kuwait has achieved, and I wish the best for it always.


Life in Kuwait in the past and nowadays ess


My name is (..). I live in Kuwait with my mum, dad and younger brother.  I study in class (..). I am (..) years old. I love very much life in Kuwait.

My father and grandfather always tell me about Kuwait in the past. I can describe old Kuwait through their talk to me. And modern Kuwait, I can describe it because I see it and I am experiencing it now.

Kuwait in the past was a source of attraction for all foreign expatriates. It was a state of opportunities and dreams for many other nationalities. The old Kuwait was less open and more adherent to customs and traditions. It maintained the Bedouin side despite the availability of a strong economy.

My grandfather tells me that one of the pioneering business at the time was collecting some herbs and selling them in the city. My father told me that when he was young he worked in casting and repairing keys. And that his brother was working in collecting dates and separating nuclei. There were lots of simple trades.

But now Kuwait is very different, as there are large businesses, factories and companies. The Kuwaiti citizen no longer works in handicrafts. Education helped improve these opportunities and enable the Kuwaiti citizen to manage trade or employment in prestigious places.

Due to the availability of a strong economy and a great attraction for tourism, there are many profitable private trades that do not require handicrafts for the Kuwaiti citizen. This is the difference that I see in Kuwait, old and new.


Kuwait in the past and present essay

Kuwait, like many ancient and modern Arab countries, the origins of the tribes that lived in the ancient era of Kuwait are Bedouin.

Their dependence was on breeding sheep and camels. There are those who collect medicinal herbs and sell them in the market. There are some who work in the fishing industry.

This continued for a long time in Kuwait, and it was one of the countries with generosity, customs and tradition. Where its people adhere to the original Arab customs and traditions.

But in 1934 the Kuwait Oil Company Limited was established to completely change Kuwait’s perspective and enter the race for development and improvement.

One of the crucial years in the history of Kuwait was the year 1938, when the first oil field was discovered in Kuwait.
It was named Burgan field.

Since then, Kuwait has been in permanent prosperity, development and improvement in all means of living and health. Where the Kuwaiti currency represents one of the most expensive currencies in our modern time.

Annual oil revenues reached 60 billion dollars. Which made a large surplus in its treasuries and a large capacity for construction, development and reconstruction.


Essay about Kuwait in the past and present

Kuwait in ancient times before 1934 was less civilized than other Arab countries, due to the limited geographical area, and also due to the lack of natural resources available to it.

The main dependence was on fisheries or raising camels and sheep, or on collecting the natural herbs found in the deserts.

The first real development of Kuwait was at the beginning of 1934. Where the first oil field was discovered. To be the first source of real and radical change in the history of Kuwait and its people.

After that, many fields flowed and a significant improvement in the level of national income through oil happened.
Which provided an opportunity for the state to advance and progress and made it an important destination for expatriates seeking work.

Today, Kuwait has become one of the world’s most important oil exporters, with annual revenue reaching $60 billion. The Kuwaiti currency is one of the most expensive currencies in the world.

Kuwait became in the 21st century a pioneer in industry, commerce, tourism and business. It has become more advanced than many Arab countries that were once overpowering it. Not only that, but also more advanced than many foreign countries as well.


Paragraph about life in old Kuwait

Kuwait represents the ancient civilization.  Kuwait is famous for being from Arab tribal descent. These tribes were more closely related to each other. There is a lot of love and closeness in it, and everyone was working to improve the state and striving for it.

Old Kuwait was famous for its generosity and hospitality. This is what made the foundation stone on which we live today is solid and strong.

Because of the adherence of the people of Kuwait to the customs  and values ​​of the past, new generations have  appreciated this and preserve the original Kuwaiti heritage.

Paragraph about life in the past in Kuwait

Kuwait was not in great prosperity and progress in the past, due to several obvious reasons, including the geographical size, as well as the lack of multiple natural resources.

Therefore, life in Kuwait in the past was less simple than what we live today, and transportation was by completely different means, and many of the people lived the traditional Bedouin life.

But that changed with Kuwait’s progress in ambition and striving for advancement and progress. In 1943, the first oil field was discovered in Kuwait

Hence, the state began to work on improvement and development and try to build a sound system that would help the state in its advancement.

Then came the independence of Kuwait in 1961. After that, Kuwait rose in the cultural and scientific aspect, and the Bedouin tribal landmarks changed from that time to become Kuwait more glamorous and advanced at the present time.

Paragraph about Kuwait in the past and nowadays

Kuwait before the declaration of independence was more simple in terms of the living and educational life of the individual. This is due to the fact that the origins of the tribes living in Kuwait are Bedouin. Which imposed a simple life.

But that certainly changed completely after the first oil field was found and Kuwait declared its independence. There has become more development in social, cultural and health life.

All the people of Kuwait now live in luxurious homes and the markets are more developed.
And the means of transportation were loaned to become the best in the world.

Infrastructure has been improved. Which contributed to the prosperity of trade and attracting foreign investors to work in the State of Kuwait.

Comparing life in Kuwait in the past and nowadays

Kuwait, like many Arab countries, its beginning was tribal living in tents. It is distinguished by its adherence to tribal customs and its good generosity and hospitality.

The emergence of Kuwait in the past was difficult, as it faced many challenges before finding oil fields. Even after finding the oil fields and declaring the independence of Kuwait, life was not always easy, as the conflict with one of the Arab countries, Iraq, came after that.

Which caused great damage to the oil fields, which led to many losses. But it is good that everyone participate  to rebuild Kuwait again to rise and become more glamorous. We can see Kuwait today, and the level of social and educational progress.

We can see the brilliance of Kuwait in everything surrounding us from health services, educational services, providing suitable job opportunities for the Kuwaiti citizen that preserves his dignity and prestige and wide interest in recreational services available everywhere.

Certainly, the continuous work on expansion and improvement of the infrastructure is very important to accommodate the continuous expansion and permanent development.

I appreciate all the difficulties that Kuwait has gone through, and I can say that they were one of the reasons that made Kuwait stronger than before. It showed cohesion, solidarity and love for the country. Without solidarity to build a great country, the renaissance of Kuwait would not have taken place.

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