Endangered species essay
Endangered species essay

Endangered species essay

Endangered species essay where you will find the most important information about three important animals threatened by extinction and we will know the reasons for the extinction of these animals.All this is here in endangered species essay.

Endangered species essay

There are a lot of endangered animals in the world that we will know here as well as the causes of extinction of animals. All this information will be found here in Endangered species essay.

Risk of extinction of animals

 There are seven hundred and twenty-two species of endangered animals around the world. Most of these animals are found in the tropics and developing countries.Unfortunately, there are many animals that extincted before they are even discovered by animal scientists.

The reasons for the extinction of animals

 The reasons behind the extinction or disappearance of animals vary, including climate change, the inability of these animals to adapt to the new atmosphere.

The inability of some animals to adapt to predation and competition may be one of the most important causes of exposure to extinction.

Negative human intervention by hunting, logging or urban crawling is also one of the main causes of some species’ extinction.

The most endangered animals


Kiwi is one of the first animals to be endangered at the level of birds, an important animal in New Zealand, Which is the animal that symbolizes and expresses its nationality.

 Kiwi of non-flying animals that have no wing, and has long and strong feet , which helps him to run quickly and escape from danger, which is the only way to defend itself.

also  beautiful soft feathers covers Kiwi body. The Kiwi female lay eggs inside the nests hidden between the herbs, and  the male takes care of  eggs for eighty days.

The flying fox is also considered an endangered animal, with only 70 live animals present on the island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean.

 The forest tortoise is one of the most endangered animals, after the deforestation has increased in its environment, with only 1,000 turtles in the Andes of Colombia.

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