Education problems and solutions in Egypt

Education problems and solutions in Egypt

Education problems and solutions in Egypt ,we will know a lot of information about education in Egypt and its disadvantages and how to treat it. We will also talk about how to develop education in Egypt by steps. All of this will be  here in education problems and solutions in Egypt.

Education problems and solutions in Egypt

There is no doubt that education has become the cause of progress and development in every society and all Arab countries should pay attention to education as much as possible and develop education according to the requirements of the times. Here we will learn about all this in education problems and solutions in Egypt .

 Education in Egypt

Education has become an urgent necessity for all countries of the world. Contemporary international experiences have shown that the real beginning of progress and development lies in the system of education followed and its use of modern methods and scientific methods.

 There is no doubt that Arab countries still suffer from some problems in education,  Examples of these countries are the Arab Republic of Egypt. In this topic we will talk about how to develop education in Egypt.

How to Develop Education in Egypt

 Changing the English language curriculum and improving it. The importance of this step stems from the importance of English at present. It is the language of the modern world. It is the key to communication and keeping pace with the development of the whole world.

As well as all the modern sciences that present to the world today are all in English. To learn the various sciences you have to learn English and master it properly.

Selection of teaching staff based on special skills such as:

knowledge base in the field studied by the teacher, good presentation skills, charisma and strong personality, communication skills with students, away from the selection of educational staff based on high grades and good scientific assessment.

Scientific assessment is important, but other skills are more important for the production of a new and educated generation.

Add the programming course to the curriculum, We all know the importance of technology in our time, it has become our present and future.

Instead of being able to watch and use this technology, the person must participate in its creation and work. There is no doubt that with the technological development taking place, there will be a new concept: “programming illiteracy”, that is, the inability to produce new in the world of technology.

To give importance to the practical and practical side along with the theoretical side. One of the most important disadvantages of education in Egypt neglecting the practical side in all aspects and areas of education.Relying on the practical side will consolidate information, increase the fun during education, and encourage students to think, research and analysis.

Introducing modern technology in education The current generation is known as the “iPad and iPhone generation”. It is possible to exploit the students’ love of these various smart tablets and add them to the curriculum, so that education becomes more useful and enjoyable.

It is also possible to use these tablets In teaching students programming within a world-wide program known as the “Hour of code”, where students are taught a simple part of the programming for one hour a day.

In this way, we have presented to you education problems and solutions in Egypt, and you can read more topics through the following section:

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