Cell phone topic
Cell phone topic

Cell phone topic

Cell phone topic , with all the information you are looking for on cell phone and its history. Here you will find important and useful information about the uses and benefits of mobile in Cell phone topic .

Cell phone topic

Mobile today is indispensable for everyone as everyone spends most of their time using mobile. Here, we will provide you with Cell phone topic with all the information you are looking for.

Cell phone

The invention of the phones is credited to Alexander Graham Bell, whose name was closely associated with the phone, but although he made the first phone but was not the main idea behind the phone’s business, Graham Bell found the idea Among the models of inventions for the Italian “Antonio Meucci”, and the principle of the work of the telephone to transfer the voices directly between two different places to be connected to the telephone line and contain each of the phone, and after the Graham industry, but the first phone device developments in the field of communications until the advent of the American engineer (Martin Cooper), who made a big leap In the field of phones after the invention of mobile phone, which installed for the first time in 1973 in New York City,In favor of the Motorola company in which he worked.

Mobile phones, especially the smart ones that have recently invaded the world, have added a lot of benefits to the phone so that it can be taken and spoken anywhere, unlike a fixed line phone in one place, and has allowed us to send text messages.

Connected to the Internet to enable us to make video calls, browse private e-mail, and follow up everything that is new on the Internet, so that it became similar to computers through the benefits, and it can be said that the phones made the world a small village by shortening the distances between humans .

The importance of the phone ;

Telephone devices have provided a lot of benefits to humanity, as the phone is now essential indispensable, and the most important services provided by phones to humans are:


Despite the distance allowed us to hear the voices of others no matter how far away between us and them, without incurring the trouble to go to them to check them, or ask something of them. 


Make it easy for many people to ask for help during an emergency such as a fire at home, theft or other sudden cases that may be experienced by any of us, so that it is remedied with the least possible losses, as soon as possible.

Shortcut time ;

Many things in the business are done by phone because it shortens the time, effort , and shorten the time for many of the work that may be completed in seconds by telephone.

Communicate with others;

The phone allows us to communicate with others at all times , regardless of the distances. With the phone, communication becomes faster and easier.

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