Causes of pollution essay
Causes of pollution essay

Causes of pollution essay

Causes of pollution essay , contains all the important information  you are looking for to get to know more about the concept of pollution as well as the causes of pollution ,and all that information you will find here in Causes of pollution essay.

Causes of pollution essay

Pollution is one of the most serious problems facing the universe these days because of its spread in everything around us, which negatively affects the life of all living organisms, so we must face that problem with all the force so that we can eliminate it. We will identify the causes of pollution here in Causes of pollution essay.


The high level of pollution in the air is very dangerous to humans, animals and plants, in addition to the large material losses of the industrial countries exporting this pollution.

The forms of contaminants are, thermal, chemical, noise pollution and other pollution in different forms of energy.

Causes of Pollution;

Hurricanes, caused by the circulation of cold air by hot air, formed a strong  storms and strong winds that move from one area to another, carrying polluted dust , creating a huge percentage of environmental damage.

Some countries produce deadly chemical weapons, such as caustic gases, tear gas, light gases and suffocating gases, which are used by their armies against others, thereby causing the greatest environmental pollution.

Particles in their solid and liquid form are composed of highly complex materials .It has caused a very large number of pollutants, resulting from many sources of mechanical work, carrying heavier types of dust, as well as ash and industrial dust,which is one of the most widespread pollutants.

The various industrial activities that contribute significantly to the pollution of the atmosphere, they are the second largest cause of environmental pollution because of its large numbers, and the variety of types, and the huge volume of smoke emitted from them, and this happens as a result of the combustion of solid fuel which is coal, in addition to gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, natural gas, and petroleum.

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