Causes of car accidents
Causes of car accidents

Causes of car accidents

Causes of car accidents , a topic in English contains many important information about car accidents and also we will know the most important cause and how to avoid those reasons so as to maintain safety as much as possible. All this information will be found here in the causes of car accidents topic in English.

Causes of car accidents

Car accidents are among the most common causes of youth deaths around the world. Therefore, all driving  laws must be adhered to in order to avoid car accidents. All of this we will be here in the causes of car accidents topic in English.

Car accidents

 The invention of cars brought many different benefits, which changed the course of the whole world.  Cars helped people move quickly, transport goods, reduce the risks people were exposed to when traveling.

But at the same time brought some risks and the most important of it is traffic accidents; as traffic accidents in the current era killed nearly one and a quarter million people around the world. It is the main cause of death among young people between the ages of 15 and 29.

Speed ​​is one of the main causes of traffic accidents and increases the risk of injuries if they occur.It is recommended to drive at less than 30 km / h in places where pedestrian numbers are increasing around schools, mosques, or residential areas.

Disturbance during driving is one of the important reasons that increase the incidence of accidents.  There are also a variety of reasons for dispersing the driver while driving, such as eating, sending messages, and making phone calls;  Using the phone in general increases the chance of accidents four times as much as people who focus on the road while driving.

Non-compliance with safety measures increases the risk of injury when the accident occurs, so it must be adhered to, For example, the seat belts protect people in the front seats from 40% to 50% risk and in the rear seats by 25% to 75%.  Infant sitting in their safety seat reduces the risk of death by more than 70% and in children by 54% to 80%.

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