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Car topics

Car topics

Car topics in English contain many important  and value information about cars and its importance , and also we will know the history of cars and the first cars in history. All that you’ll find here in the car topics in English .

Car topics

Cars are an indispensable part of our daily lives, making it impossible to go anywhere without it. Here we will learn many information about cars in the car topics in English.


 Cars are very important means of transport in our time, and divide into several sections,there are small private cars owned by people to go to work or move with the family,there are large buses used to transport passengers and trucks used to transport goods.

The first modern car was invented by Karl Benz in Germany, it was powered by a gasoline engine, this was in the year one thousand and eight hundred and eighty-five, Karl Benz patented his patent on January 29, 1938, in Mannheim, Germany, .

There was also Conniot car; Conniot car is a steam car that was invented by Nicholas Conniot in 1977, One of the first cars in history, Connieut was a French army engineer, and invented it for the purpose of dragging heavy equipment for the army, especially the guns.

Its work ended when it hit the camp wall during its show. The original car is located in the National Museum of Industry and Arts in Paris, France.

The first electric car was invented in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, before the existence of internal combustion engines by seventy years.

 There are a number of cars made in the year 2000 AD with speed up to two hundred and ten kilometers per hour,  And another with four hundred kilometers, but these species are experimental and can not be used normally, they are high-priced, heavy battery, they also need to charge for eight hours.

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