Canada essay
Canada essay

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Canada essay contains many important information about the State of Canada, which is the second largest in the world in terms of space. Here you will find information about the location of Canada as well as its economy, climate and everything related to it. All that information you will find here in Canada essay in English.

Canada essay

Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world and here we will upgrade its economy and constitution and all the important information about Canada. All of this information will be found here in Canada essay.


The State of Canada is located in the northern part of the North American continent.It is a federal state with a representative democratic and constitutional monarchy, Where Queen Elizabeth II heads the state.

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area, with a total area of ​​about 9984670 km 2, While the population according to the statistics in 2006 about 31612897 people. Canada extends from the Atlantic Ocean eastward to the Pacific Ocean, and on the north side is the Arctic Ocean.

English and French are the official languages ​​of the country.Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world,  Canada is a member in the Group of Seven Industrial Countries , the Group of 20,  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Organization of American States and APEC.

The State of Canada is a large part of the North American continent, sharing the southern border with the United States and also sharing the Northwest Frontier with the State of Alaska. The State of Canada is located between latitudes 41 ° C and 84 ° N and longitudes 52 ° W.

Canada consists of eight large forests, the most famous of which are the vast northern forests. It contains a large number of lakes and a large stock of fresh water in the world.

 Canada is also a geologically active country, with active earthquakes and volcanoes , most notably the volcano in the Tesikas cone in 1775 that killed 2,000 people.

Temperatures vary in Canada from one location to another, with coastal and inland provinces dominating a continental climate,  The land-locked areas are covered by snow for nearly six months..

Essay on Canada

Canada is one of the most exotic and surprising countries, as it combines a lot of different and diverse life on its land, and has many dangerous and deadly animals throughout.

Despite that, its people can coexist peacefully and adapt to any dangers or life around them. Canada has the longest coastline in the world, with a length of 200,000 km. In addition, it is surrounded by three oceans: the Atlantic on the east, the Arctic on the north, and the Pacific Ocean on the west.

The capital of Canada is called Ottawa, and it is the fourth largest Canadian city after Toronto – Calgary – Montreal. Surprisingly, Canada has six time zones due to the geographical range.

We can see in the Canadian flag the maple leaf, which is the most familiar and most famous emblem. Among the famous animals in Canada is the beaver and the Canadian horse as well.

Canada is characterized by many dangerous animals such as bears, which abound in the summer season, and is famous for catching salmon fish in the migration and breeding season.

It is also famous for its green spaces and forests. It is characterized by famous areas such as Niagara Falls, which is very famous in many shots in international films.



Essay about canada

Canada was discovered by the French, and the indigenous peoples of the Amerindians, and the Inuit tribes, lived there. Canada was discovered in the fifteenth century, in 1608.

Events developed in Canada from 1608 to 1663, as the country moved from French control to British hands and from English domination to independence.

There were many wars between the French and the British, called the Seven Years’ War, until France ceded all of Canada to Britain.

After that, Canada witnessed significant growth in agriculture and industry, until it signed a trade agreement with the United States in 1988.

To witness a great and complete change in trade and industry, and to become a source of great attraction for tourism and workers, to form Canada and become ancient and great as we see it today.



Essay on canada country

The local people of Canada are the Indians, and this name was given to them by the Europeans, when they first discovered the country, thinking that it extended to the East Indies, and they are the same people.

The indigenous people lived on fishing in various ways, using what allows them to hunt and live. Some of them worked in agriculture, others were fishermen. This is due to the area in which they live, and the extent of the availability of life in it, whether from water or fertile soil and other things.

The Siew Bedouin tribe is famous for other indigenous tribes that lived on Canadian lands. And that is because of her hunting for the bison buffalo, as they were tracking him and preparing ambushes for it to hunt.

This is the opposite of what the people of the west coast of Canada were doing, where they used to catch fish, dry it by smoking, and live on it. This method is still ongoing and present to this day.

The arrival of the Europeans to the local population in a large way, led to a great change in the way they lived and the tools they used, missionaries and colonial soldiers arrived in the country, which led to the dissemination of different cultures and customs of the indigenous peoples.

Among the things that affected the indigenous people are the diseases that came with the Europeans, which they lacked immunity against, which led to the death of many of them.

After that, many wars followed on Canadian soil from the Vikings and other countries until governments were formed and the constitution was formed, which helped change the entire region and earned it wealth and earned many kings great reputation and wealth.

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