Basketball topics
Basketball topics

Basketball topics

Basketball topics , contain all the important information about basketball sport in terms of the number of players and conditions and the rules of the game and other laws related to basketball game and you will find all this in basketball topics.

Basketball topics

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world.  If you want to know more about basketball, here you will find Basketball topics contain all the information you need.


Basketball is one of the most widely practiced sports in the world and is ranked second in popularity after football, playing in a rectangular hall with two teams of only five players in the field,  and the  team that achieved the most number of points  win the game, in accordance with the conditions and laws set by the department of basketball, and the arbitration commission.

Each player must have many techniques and skills that can contribute to the victory of the team. The most prominent of these skills are throwing the ball, the ability to dodge, and deal with the bouncing balls, and although women’s basketball is the least popular of men,  there are now many clubs and women’s teams for this sport.

Basic equipment

Gymnasium: Known as the basketball court; it is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide, while there are some national stadiums that do not rely on these measurements. The pitch is usually made of wood panels.

The ring is made of orange steel and has a diameter of 45.72 cm. It has a rectangular (1.82 cm long and 1.06 cm wide) back panel. It contains a white painted square 45.72 cm long, 1.91 meters for men and 1.70 for women.

Basketball: The ball is large in size, Orange color scheme in black; where the ball weighs 623.69 grams for the female players category, while weighing 567 grams for the male players category.

Rules and Regulations

Each basketball match is divided into four sections, each section is 10 minutes, and in some periods each section lasts up to 12 minutes. Many competitions for the men class are based on the two halves. Each half is 20 minutes.

Each coach in the team can perform unlimited substitutions for his players, but only when the referee has stopped playing.

Every player in any team must wear perfectly visible trousers and shirt, and relatively high boots.

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