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Australia essay
Australia essay

Australia essay

Australia essay in English where you find all the valuable information you are looking for about the continent of Australia where you can use that information in writing a topic or article or essay on Australia in English.All this will be found here in Australia essay 

Australia essay

There are many who are looking for information about Australia and want to know more about that continent as well as its countries. Here you will find a lot of information about the Australian continent in Australia essay.


Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, bordered to the north by the Timor Sea, the Sea of ​​Arbora and the Strait of Tours, And from the east the sea of ​​Coral and the sea of ​​Tasman,from South the Indian Ocean,  From the West Indian Ocean. It is a whole continent with Canberra as its capital, and all its states use the Australian dollar.

Agroup of people belonging to nearly 250 families  lived in Australia before being occupied by the Europeans in the late 18th century, nearly forty thousand years ago when discovered by the Dutch navigation in 1606.

 And then Britain took control of the eastern half in 1770, and in 1788 Britain was able to acquire the discovered parts from the continent fully and formally.

Australia participated in World War I in 1914 along with Britain against Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey. The Westminster statute in Britain formally ended most of the constitutional ties between Australia and the United States in 1931 and was adopted by Australia in 1942.

Australia has no official language but Australian English is the national and popular language of the country. Australian English is similar to English in grammar and spelling with some notable exceptions.

The State of Australia does not have an official religion, but the Constitution gives freedom to belong to any religion or religious group, and allows the establishment of religious groups freely.

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