Aqaba Jordan
Aqaba Jordan

Aqaba Jordan

Aqaba Jordan,You will find here a lot of information about the city of Aqaba, which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Jordan. We will learn about its location and climate and the most important tourist places. All that information you’ll find here in the topic of Aqaba Jordan.

Aqaba Jordan  

The city of Aqaba is one of the most beautiful Jordanian cities on the Red Sea coast, which attracts many tourists from all over the world. All that information and more you’ll find here in Aqapa Jordan.


Aqaba is a Jordanian governorate with its capital city of Aqaba. It is one of the most beautiful cities on the Red Sea coast. It is the only maritime port of the Kingdom of Jordan, located in the far south of Jordan.

It has a special strategic location and a distinctive climate. The city has many tourist attractions and recreational and tourist areas which qualifies the town to be a touristic city with excellence.

Aqaba has strategic location on the Red Sea at the crossroads between Asia and Africa. It was home to many tribes and peoples since 4000 years ago. It was a passage for merchants who came from and to Hijaz and the south of the Arabian Peninsula heading to Egypt and the Levant.

It was also inhabited by the Romans and called it Ella or Elina, and after Islam, it became under Islamic rule, and in the twelfth century occupied by the Crusaders, who built a large castle still exist to date.

In 1170 Saladin has regained city of Aqaba, and underwent Ottoman rule in the sixteenth century.During World War I, Sharif Hussein forced the Ottomans to out.

The city of Aqaba is an active touristic city on the Red Sea coast, where tourists from all over the world are thronged.

Aqaba is characterized by mild climate, warm winter, clear water and clean beaches. Aqaba is one of the best locations for swimming and deep diving. Aqaba also has a station to attract tens of thousands or more of the migratory birds during the autumn and spring seasons during its journey between Europe and Africa.

Aqaba also has all the facilities and services of high quality and the presence of a series of multi-level hotels to suit large numbers of tourists.

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