Essay on my favorite subject 3 Models

Essay on my favorite subject

مقال عن موضوعي المفضل، من المهم أن نعرف موضوعاتنا المفضلة، لأن هذا سيحدد مسار حياتنا الأكاديمية والمهنية. المواد المفضلة لدينا هي دليل على ميولنا العلمية، وفي كثير من الأحيان عندما نكمل دراستنا في نفس المجال، يمكننا تحقيق نجاح كبير. على سبيل المثال، أفضّل الرياضيات، لذلك سأدرس في كلية الهندسة وأعمل …

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Essay on library 3 Models

Essay on library

Essay on library, in which we discuss the importance of the school library, its holdings and objectives, and the role of the library in shaping the culture of society and spreading knowledge. There is library etiquette that we must follow. The library encourages students to read, research and study. The …

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Essay on Chocolate 3 Models

Essay on chocolate

Essay on chocolate, it’s an interesting topic, because I love chocolate so much. Cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate, and chocolate is one of everyone’s favorite sweets. There are many types of chocolate. The nutritional value of chocolate is great, and the health benefits of chocolate are multiple. It …

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Essay on Lying 3 Models

Essay on lying

Essay on lying, lying is wrong behavior, and some people resort to lying and falsifying the truth. Lies are used for many purposes, a liar is someone who is not trusted. When you lie and people find out your lie, no one will believe you even if you tell the …

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Essay on Resilience 3 Models

Essay on resilience

Essay on resilience, resilience or flexibility means not clinging to our opinions without listening to the opinions of others, and flexibility also means adapting to the circumstances surrounding us. One of the characteristics of a flexible person is that he accepts change in a sporty spirit. Essay on flexibility will …

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Essay on Self Motivation 3 Models

Essay on self motivation

Essay on self motivation, undoubtedly, self-motivation is the most important factor in achieving success. And no matter what circumstances are prepared for you, you will not be able to succeed without your self-motivation. Therefore, we will present several models such as a short essay on the importance of self-motivation to …

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Essay on Self Respect 3 Models

Essay on self respect

Essay on self respect is an important topic because self respect is a good quality that we must teach our children from a young age. 3 examples such as a short essay on self-esteem and its importance in shaping the students’ personality, and a presentation on the role of both …

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Essay on Birds 3 Models

Essay on birds

Essay on birds is interesting because it deals with the life of birds in detail. Several examples such as a short essay on types of birds, a paragraph on raising birds at home, the economic value of keeping birds, names of some birds of prey, how to take care of …

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Essay on Yoga 3 Models

Essay on yoga

Essay on yoga, although yoga is an ancient Indian sport, it has spread all over the world. We will present a short essay about the benefits of yoga, a definition of yoga and an essay on the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. It is an important topic for the …

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Essay on if i were a bird 3 Models

Essay on if I were a bird

Essay on if I were a bird, an interesting topic that expresses our beautiful dreams, we present several models such as, a short essay on your dream of being a bird, a paragraph about the world of birds, why do you want to become free like birds, the beauty of …

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