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ancient civilizations of the world
ancient civilizations of the world

Ancient civilizations of the world

Ancient civilizations of the world,We will provide you with important and useful information for anyone looking for ancient civilizations of the world. Anyone who wants to write an article, research or topic on ancient civilizations of the world will find here all the information that interests him. Many ancient and great civilizations have passed through the ages and we will make it clear to you.

 Ancient civilizations of the world

Civilization is defined as the cultural and historical heritage and the indicator of progress, and scientific and technical superiority of a nation in a particular historical era. The earth was dominated by different civilizations, and it was said that the first  one appeared in the Arab land, specifically in Mesopotamia, and I will highlight here the most important ancient civilizations and oldest in the world in general:

First: – Mesopotamia civilization (Sumer): – and originated in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers on the land of Iraq, and was called the area on which it was based on (fertile river area), and  there are important civilizations also in the region in addition to Sumerwhich are   (Babylon, Assyria, Chaldean, Assyria), and the first cities where in Sumer during the reign of King Urk.

Second: The civilization of ancient Egypt (Pharaohs): – This civilization was concentrated on the banks of the  Nile river , and  that civilization continued for years because of the ability to adapt to the harsh conditions of the Nile Valley, they had the ability to predict the date of flooding and invent ways to control the damage and use it in irrigation. The Pharaohs exploited the minerals in the region and in the Egyptian desert to organize the mass construction process ,in addition to their progress in agricultural and commercial projects. Also they strengthened the military force to defend themselves against any external aggression. they also invented an independent system of writing to confirm the “pharaonic” domination on the rest of the countries.Among their most important achievements are the  the pyramids, the temples, the medical sciences, irrigation systems, agricultural production techniques and many more.

Third: – The civilization of the Indus Valley (Haraba): – is one of the greatest global civilizations, originated in the region of Pakistan and northern India, in the area around the river Sindh.

Fourth: – Chinese civilization: – It is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, and was said it originated in the Yellow Sea, where it originated in the Neolithic.

Fifth: The Inca (South America): – The Inca is the name of an ancient empire built by the Red Indians. It was one of the greatest empires in  South America pre-Columbian era. It was called the Holy City of the Sun. The abandoned heritage  is rife with mythology and ambiguous until it was said that the Incas came from outer space because of the splendor of their abandoned heritage.

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