Right to education essay
Right to education essay

Right to education essay 2 Models

Right to education essay, education has become a right for every citizen, especially children, and international laws have been put in place to preserve children’s right to education.

I will present several models, a short essay on the right to education, a paragraph on the importance of the right to education, education for children is a national duty, and what are the international covenants that guarantee the right to education for children.

Many and varied topics suitable for all students in the primary, middle and high school levels, in which we discuss the importance of education and its benefits for both the individual and society, interesting and easy topics.

Right to education essay

Education has become a necessity, and it is no less important than food and drink, so it is important to practice writing the right to education essay.

Education is one of the basic rights that fall within human rights, and therefore basic education is compulsory education in most countries of the world.

The right to education does not depend on one group over another, but education must be available to all groups without discrimination. Education must be a right for every person, regardless of his gender, nationality, or religion.

Education is also available to all without being restricted by age. Education is a continuous and renewable process that does not stop at a specific level.

The right to education

The law guaranteed the right to education, and since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, education has become one of the basic human rights.

Basic education has become compulsory and not optional, in addition to making basic education free, so that all groups of society can educate their children.

Free education is an important thing, because education is a right for every child, and it should not be restricted to the rich only, and poor families should not bear additional expenses that may make them not accept education.

The importance of the right to education

The importance of education is highlighted by the results achieved by education in terms of progress and development, and the improvement of people’s lives. We can summarize the importance of education as follows:

  • A good education works to develop the capabilities of the individual in all fields.
  • Education works to reduce the poverty rate, by developing the person’s scientific and cultural capabilities, which provides him with a good job.
  • The right to education enhances equal opportunities among citizens, and reduces the poor’s sense of injustice.
  • Education achieves economic gains for both the individual and the state.
  • The right to education achieves social peace among the groups of society, and thus reduces the crime rate.
  • Education is the first step that enables people to claim the rest of their rights guaranteed to them by law.
  • The right to education for all works to spread cultural and health awareness among members of society.
  • The right to education earns people love for the country, and thus they are more willing to sacrifice for the sake of the country.
  • A good education is a guarantee of the spread of informed understanding, and the easy achievement of democracy.

Factors that must be available to achieve the right to education

The implementation of the right to education requires a number of factors, which we will mention in the right to education essay, such as:

  • The availability of educational buildings with specifications that suit the educational process in terms of buildings, curricula, trained teachers, and all the tools necessary for the educational process, so as to ensure the safety and protection of students, and provide them with a healthy environment.
  • Making educational institutions available to all, without discrimination.
  • Education should be free at the basic stage, and it is better for education to continue to be free at the higher levels as well.
  • School expenses must also be covered by poor families so that this does not cause them to refrain from education, and the proximity of schools to urban areas must be taken into account, so as not to make it difficult for students to move to school.
  • Education must be flexible, meet environmental needs, and school curricula must be suitable for the environment. Therefore, we find diversity in education, such as agricultural, industrial and commercial education, in addition to general education.
  • We must ensure that free education is provided to vulnerable groups in society, such as the poor, people with disabilities, residents of remote areas and others, and education must be for all without distinction as to gender, color, nationality, religion or other guaranteed personal rights.

The benefits of the right to education for both the individual and society

  • There is no doubt that the provision of free education helps to improve the economic situation of the person, because education qualifies the person to advance in his work and obtain good jobs.
  • Education also educates the person, makes him more familiar with the problems of his society, and is more aware of the dangers that threaten his country, and thus he can have a positive role in defending the homeland.
  • Education helps a person fight ignorance and wrong habits, so education is a reason for a person’s intellectual development.
  • Education provides a harmonious environment in which understanding and constructive dialogue prevail instead of quarreling and showing power.
  • The renaissance of societies depends on education, as it is the locomotive of progress and development.
  • We live in the age of technology, so curricula must be constantly updated.
  • Science and knowledge are the real power upon which countries depend to achieve economic and political security and stability.
  • An educated society has lower crime rates and social peace prevails.




At the end of the right to education essay, the importance of education is clear to both the individual and the state, as education is the most important factor in economic development.

The importance of education is not limited to providing better living opportunities for the person, but education is important for improving all areas. It provides a better economic condition as well as a better health and social condition.

Therefore, we find that international organizations are keen on the right to education, and consider it an essential part of human rights.

There are international bodies that provide financial assistance and expertise to poor countries in order to guarantee the right to education for all.

I hope you have benefited from this article.

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