Essay on art
Essay on art

Essay on art 2 Models

Essay on art, an interesting topic about art and its importance in our lives, 3 short essay examples on art and its different types, a paragraph on the benefits of art and its use in peace and war.

An interesting topic in which we explained the history of art, as art has been known since ancient times, and it has various forms, including what is vocal such as songs, chants, music, poetry, and so on.

Among the forms of art are drawing, photography, sculpture, architecture, and so on. Art was also used in entertainment in the form of serials, films, and plays. Art was also used to express opinions and discuss societal and political issues. Art is used to educate citizens in all areas of life.

Essay on art

Art is one of the means of expressing feelings, whether these feelings indicate joy, sadness, conflict, war and other human feelings. In our essay on art, we talk about the role of art in our lives. Art has been used since ancient times for entertainment, such as the types of arts that are presented in parties, holidays, and so on. Art was also used to solve social problems in the form of series and films. Man used art to express feelings of rejection and criticism of the government. As he can express his opinion freely through art, and this freedom is not available in real life.

The importance of art

The artist can turn reality into a fantasy world. Thus, he can discuss issues that he cannot express his opinion on, due to his fear of punishment, for example. We summarize the importance of art as follows:

Art is one of the educational means that is successfully used to educate citizens, highlight social values ​​and educate citizens about their political rights.

Art helps to improve the mood of individuals, and thus art improves people’s mental health.

Art inspires joy and happiness, just as art inspires enthusiasm and courage in the souls of soldiers at times of war.

Purposeful art helps spread values ​​and morals in society, while degrading art destroys morals and spreads corruption in society.

Developing artistic taste and spreading beauty in everything around us. We find harmony in buildings, which is the art of architecture, and consistency in the colors of clothes, which is called fashion. And other aesthetic scenes that indicate high-level art.

Art is used to change the behavior of society, spreading good values ​​and concepts.

Art helps creativity and innovation, thinking and contemplation, all of which are qualities that help in shaping personality.

Types of arts

There are many forms of art, among which we mention in the essay on art the following:

Vocal arts: Examples include music, songs, religious chants, national anthems, poetry, and so on. Various means are used to present sound arts, such as radio, mobile phones, cinema, television, theater, and so on.

physical movement arts: Man has known physical movement arts since ancient times, and he expressed himself and his feelings through physical movements, dancing, and so on. And the art of movement evolved until there were puppet theaters, acrobats, sports games, dance, magic games, circuses and other places that used to present the art of movement.

Performing arts: Performing arts have become the most widespread, as the film industry has become a global industry and technology is used in it.

There are people who specialize in writing, directing, lighting, sound, clothes, make-up, sound effects and soundtracks, cameras and photographers, and hundreds of other workers. And of course the actors and all of these work under the direction of the director.

Every cinematic work has a producer, and he is the person responsible for spending on work and paying the wages of actors and all workers, and the profits are his share after the movie is shown.

Television works are also considered one of the most widespread means of art, as series, educational programs, competition programs, and others are made.

Plastic Arts: It has many forms such as architecture, design, sculpture, drawing, calligraphy, and photography.

There is no doubt that each of us practiced a hobby of these arts, and in the modern era, everyone carries a phone and can easily photograph landscapes or people, as well as there are YouTube videos that teach these arts and explain how to acquire any artistic skill.

The broader meaning of the word art

In fact, the word art can be applied to everything that has been perfected, and to everything that has been created and invented. The word art is associated with many branches of knowledge.

In the essay on art, it must explain the reasons for not defining the meaning of art. This is because art is related to human activity in general. In addition to its association with human feelings, art is therefore evolving and it is difficult to consider it something static.

Therefore, the definition of art differs from one person to another, just as its branches vary to include all aspects of life. There is art in architecture, and there is the art of drawing, the art of photography and sculpture, the art of poetry and writing stories, the art of dealing with others, and the art of adorning and coordination. Thus, it becomes clear that many branches of art are linked to all areas of life.

It is certain that every person has talent in a field, through which he can highlight his abilities in new innovations, and any new innovation is art and creativity.

Artists specifications

There is no doubt that art is talent, and talent can be developed through study. Some of the characteristics that artists enjoy in essay on art are as follows:

  1. The artist has a number of distinct ideas, which no one has proposed before, Thus, he can express his feelings and criticize conflicts and societal problems in a sarcastic way, without exposing himself to punishment.
  2. The artist is distinguished by sharp intelligence and broad imagination, therefore, the artist can transform reality into a play, movie, cartoon, and so on.
  3. An artist is a person who possesses a great deal of creativity and innovation, and this enables him to present meaningful art that expresses the feelings of citizens and their attitudes towards the issues of their society.
  4. Often the artist must be good at entertaining others, especially those who offer art for entertainment and entertainment.
  5. When the artist is of moral character, he will present meaningful art that benefits people and teaches good manners to generations.

Art benefits

Art has many benefits, and art is used in all areas of life, such as entertainment, criticism, guidance, solving problems, awareness, and others. Among the benefits of art are:

  • Economic value: where art plays a major role in increasing the gross domestic product of countries that are interested in arts. Undoubtedly, the film industry is one example of the role of art in increasing national income.
  • Art provides a large number of job opportunities, thus improving one’s income.
  • Art helps spread culture and learn about the culture of different countries.
  • Art helps spread health awareness, improve people’s health and protect them from disease.
  • Art is a way to spread beauty and improve public taste.
  • Art helps spread good morals and fight bad morals.
  • Art has a positive effect on human health in general, and mental health in particular, as art helps to improve mood.
  • Art helps develop skills, encourages innovation and creativity.


At the end of the essay on art, we talked about the definition of art, the importance of art, the types of arts, the characteristics of artists, and what are the benefits of art in our lives.

There is no doubt that the forms of art are multiple, and include all areas of life, and each of us has a talent that makes him an artist distinct from others, whether it is in his field of work or the practice of a hobby he has.

Art has become an essential thing in the lives of peoples, through which they express their joys and sorrows. Art is also used to criticize rulers and politicians, or to present social problems and search for solutions. Art is also used to improve public taste, and to educate people.

Art is considered one of the sources of improving the national income, and it also provides job opportunities for many people.

Art is used to glorify heroes and increase the sense of pride, and from that we find that the role of art is important in peace and war.

I hope you have benefited from my essay on art.

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