Essay on importance of newspapers
Essay on importance of newspapers

Essay on importance of newspapers 2 Models

Essay on importance of newspapers, in which we explain the definition of the newspaper and the importance of newspapers. Numerous examples such as a short essay on the advantages of a paper newspaper, a paragraph on the types of newspaper, why sales of paper newspapers decreased, and a comparison between paper newspapers and electronic newspapers.

Topics suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school and the first, second, third, preparatory and secondary schools, written in an interesting style and simple words, in which we explain the importance of newspapers in transmitting news and analyzing events, and spreading awareness and culture among citizens.

The benefits of newspapers are many, as they are a news, educational, guiding, and entertainment medium as well as they contain stories, cartoons, and so on.

Essay on importance of newspapers

There is no doubt that the press has a great role in educating people, and in the essay on the importance of newspapers we will explain the importance of newspapers, their advantages, what is the impact of newspapers on creating a democratic society, the importance of newspapers for guidance and counseling in times of crises and in environmental disasters and the spread of diseases and epidemics, and what are the reasons for the decrease in newspaper purchases, and how to overcome this by issuing electronic newspapers.

The newspaper definition

A newspaper is a group of paper pages that deal with news of all kinds, political, economic, social, military, artistic, sports and others.

The newspapers also contain various advertisements, and these advertisements are one of the sources of the newspaper’s income, and therefore the newspapers are keen to attract the largest number of them.

The newspaper is issued through a specific entity, and thus this entity is responsible for everything that is published in the newspaper. Therefore, the newspaper issuing authority must obtain all official media approvals, in order to be able to publish and transmit international and local news.

Most newspapers are published on a daily basis, while others are published on a weekly or monthly basis. A large number of people work to publish the newspaper, such as journalists and analysts, writers and photographers, editors and others.

Each newspaper has an editor-in-chief, who is the person responsible for all the procedures that take place in the newspaper, and the news that is published in it.

The importance of newspapers

There is no doubt that journalism has a major role in transmitting and disseminating news, directing society and spreading culture. Newspapers and magazines were the most used tool before the discovery of the mobile phone and the Internet. We can summarize the importance of newspapers as follows:

  • Newspapers help promote freedom of expression and opinion, as they provide people with information and reports on local and global affairs.
  • Newspapers and magazines are among the media that promote democracy, as they help in forming a critical opinion among readers, educating people, transferring the experiences of other countries, and other things that help the formation of a democratic society.
  • Governmental newspapers are a link between the government and citizens, as they present problems and proposals that concern people, as well as government achievements and future plans.
  • Newspapers work to help people get their rights, through legal and political awareness, and so on.
  • One of the most important roles that newspapers play is serving citizens, by presenting societal problems and providing suggestions and solutions to these problems, which helps in speeding up their solution.
  • Increasing community awareness is the most important goal of newspapers, as people can learn about local and foreign events and issues, and thus make important decisions to improve their lives.
  • Newspapers are used to educate citizens in times of crises, epidemics, and so on.
  • Newspapers are used for commercial advertisements of all kinds.
  • Newspapers are used as an educational tool, where news is circulated and analyzed, and facts and theories related to this news are explained with the aim of helping the reader to better understand the subject. Some newspapers also deal with explaining school curricula to students, exam forms, exam dates, and so on.

Newspapers features

There are several advantages of newspapers that we cannot overlook, despite the discovery of the Internet, the occurrence of a revolution in the field of communications, and the transmission of news, but there are some people who prefer reading newspapers because they are characterized by the following:

  • Newspapers are an official source of news, unlike various social media, which may promote lies and incorrect information. This feature is the most important thing that distinguishes paper newspapers from other means.
  • Paper newspapers preserve the news and data contained in them for the longest period of time, as a person can keep the news that interests him for any period of time he wants.
  • A person can read newspapers at any place or time without the need for the Internet.
  • Newspapers contain most of the topics that the reader is interested in, political, economic, social and other topics.
  • Paper newspapers include an analysis of news by specialists, and in many cases the reader is linked to the opinion and ideas of the writer, and therefore it is preferable to read paper newspapers to follow his favorite reader.

Types of journal articles

Undoubtedly, newspapers contain all journalistic topics of interest to the reader, in addition to advertisements and others. Among the most important articles are the following:

Journalistic investigations: They are written journalistic texts that are concerned with investigating a specific topic, or studying a specific thing and showing the positive and negative aspects of it.

Press reports: They are press texts that summarize an event, such as a report describing the events of a football match, the opening of a huge project, the visit of a local or international official, and so on.

Press interviews: These are journalistic texts written after an interview with a person, to convey the dialogue that took place with that person and highlight his most important responses and opinions.

In all articles, pictures are used that give the article credibility, excitement and suspense to the reader.

Why are newspaper sales declining?

There is no doubt that man likes to do things easily and quickly, and that is why people came to know the news from the Internet, and newspaper sales decreased significantly. And no longer buy newspapers except for the elderly whose feelings are linked to the paper newspaper, and people who follow a certain writer and prefer to read his article constantly.

Newspapers are still the reliable news medium for many people. It is also the method that people depend on in areas where there is no internet.

Electronic newspaper

Due to the decrease in the number of people who buy paper newspapers, newspapers have resorted to issuing electronic newspapers that bear the same name as the paper newspaper, and contain the same articles.

Electronic newspapers were able to spread greatly compared to paper newspapers, because of their many advantages:

Advantages of electronic newspapers

  • Obtaining information or news in an easy way, without browsing the entire newspaper.
  • Electronic newspapers are free.
  • Ease of use via mobile phone or computer and the Internet.
  • Watch events instead of reading written text.
  • Publishing news in a faster way than paper newspapers.
  • Electronic newspapers are more attractive to readers from younger age groups (adolescents – young adults).
  • Electronic newspapers enjoy credibility, because they follow responsible parties and can be held accountable.




At the end of the essay on importance of newspapers, I talked about the definition of newspaper and the importance of newspapers in our lives, why paper newspaper sales decreased, and how paper newspapers were replaced by electronic newspapers. And what are the advantages of each of them, and we have noticed the important role that newspapers play, whether in times of peace or war.

The role of newspapers also stands out in spreading awareness and education in times of crises, disasters, and the spread of diseases and epidemics. Newspapers will remain one of the reliable news outlets, as readers resort to reading newspapers to ensure the authenticity of the news published by social media, because newspapers are issued by an official responsible authority.

I hope you have benefited from this article.

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