Essay on girl education
Essay on girl education

Essay on girl education 2 Models

Essay on girl education, we will present a short essay that includes the importance of girls’ education, and a paragraph on the benefits of girls’ education, many examples written in an interesting style and easy phrases.

Writing an essay on education in general is a necessary thing, and it is important to write an essay on girl education and their right to education and obtain academic degrees.

Equality between males and females in education is an undeniable duty, and therefore we will present many topics suitable for the primary, middle and high school levels.

Essay on girl education

No sane person can deny girls’ right to education. Women are half of society, so how do we accept that half of the community is ignorant? In the essay on girl education, I will talk about the importance of educating girls, what are the benefits that women reap from education, and what are the benefits that accrue to society from educating girls.

Of course, there is a disparity in the percentage of girls who complete their education from one country to another.

We must look for the factors that hinder girls from completing their education, and work to overcome these obstacles, and help girls in their right to obtain a job.

The importance of girls’ education

Women are half of society, and they are also the factory of men, as it is the responsibility of women to raise children and prepare future generations. Therefore, women must be educated and have a high level of awareness in order to be able to raise future generations.

Women’s right to education is one of their basic rights, and women’s education brings many benefits to both women and society.

Education helps to raise awareness among women in all areas of life, and thus an educated woman can form a good family in terms of health, good behavior, culture and so on.

Factors of low education rate for girls

There are many factors that contribute to the low rate of education for girls, especially in developing countries, and we can summarize them as follows:

First: poverty

Poverty is one of the factors that contribute to girls not learning or dropping out of school, especially at the preparatory and secondary levels.

Although free education helped a lot in the spread of education among children at the primary stage, there are still expenses that families must provide for the education of their children, which makes parents prefer male education, and suffice for girls to learn reading and writing at the primary stage.

Second: the small number of schools and their distance from residential communities

In some countries, the number of schools is not proportional to the number of children, or the geographical distribution of schools is not appropriate, and therefore the girl makes a great effort to reach school, and she may be harmed while walking to school, which makes parents prefer girls to sit at home to protect them.

Third: the prevailing culture in society

In many societies, a culture of interest in male education spreads, while girls are taught housework or some simple crafts.

Fourth: early marriage

Early marriage is one of the factors for girls dropping out of education, or not completing their education at the university, because the girl bears the responsibility of housework, forming a family and raising children, and thus does not have time to study.

Essay on girl education benefits of girls education

Studies have shown that educating girls reflects positively on society in all areas of life, economic, health, psychological, social and others.

  • The educated girl is more aware: There is no doubt that education educates the girl and makes her more able to understand, discuss and analyze, and thus she can easily receive any advice or guidance. This is very useful in following health guidelines, nutrition, raising children, solving teenage problems, and others.
  • Providing the opportunity to complete education: Girls who complete their education are more able to deal with technology, and we have become living in the era of technology, and there must be knowledge of how to deal with devices.
  • Giving them competitive capabilities so that they can get jobs and participate in work efficiently. Girls’ education is important so that girls can join the labor market and get good jobs.
  • Teaching them social and life skills so that they can deal with the cognitive changes that occur in this era very quickly.
  • Educated girls have a good disposition in social problems, and thus their lives are more stable.
  • The educated girl is more able to make decisions. Education contributes to the development of awareness among the girl, and makes her interact positively and interact with society’s problems and work to solve them.
  • Education enhances women’s capabilities. There is no doubt that education increases women’s confidence in their abilities, and this is reflected in all their decisions, whether they are decisions related to their personal lives, or general decisions related to community issues.
  • The ability to raise children: Education is of great importance in raising girls’ awareness of ways to take care of children and how to deal with their problems, even if the education is primary or secondary.
  • Reducing poverty: Education provides girls with good job opportunities, and thus an educated girl can contribute to improving the economic situation for herself and her family as well.
  • The ability to deal with shocks: A 2010 World Bank study conducted on developing countries proved that women’s education increases the chance of their families surviving injuries and deaths, both resulting from the spread of epidemics and disasters.
  • Reducing the population explosion: Educated girls tend to have fewer children, to provide full care for their children, and to raise them well.

Helping girls get an education

Girls should be helped to get an education, by doing the following:

1- Providing free and compulsory education

Free and compulsory education is one of the most important factors that contribute to increasing the percentage of educated girls. Financial aid should be provided to poor families and help them educate their children.

2- Providing alternative education

In many cases, formal education in schools is not suitable for girls, due to the distance of schools from housing, or the lack of safety on the road, especially at the time of wars and local conflicts, or work during study, and other social factors. Therefore, alternative education such as distance learning must be provided. .

3- Provide protection for girls inside and outside schools

It is important to provide safety and protection for girls inside and outside schools so that they can accept education without fear.

There must be supervisors inside schools, and attention to the safety of girls is important, and that they are not subjected to violence, beatings, or discrimination.

4- Educating the family about the importance of educating girls

It is important to educate families about the importance of educating girls, because this is one of the most important factors that help educate girls, and not to drop out of school at the first problem the family encounters.

A family that is convinced of the importance of educating girls will be a support for the girl, help in solving her problems, and provide her with safety, material needs, and so on.

International organizations and agreements


The CEDAW agreement came to achieve 3 basic principles, including non-discrimination and that women have the right to education and obtain academic degrees.

They must have access to the same conditions and facilities granted to men, such as scholarships and literacy programs, and support women’s right to obtain a job, their right to wages, rewards and promotions, their right to social security and exceptional leave.


UNESCO is an international organization concerned with education, science and culture. It is affiliated with the United Nations. It was established in 1945. The UNESCO headquarters (World Heritage Center) is in Paris, which was inaugurated on November 3, 1958.

This organization aims to raise the level of cooperation between countries in the field of education and culture, in order to achieve justice, the rule of law and the preservation of human rights and the principles of freedom.


At the end of the essay on girl education, the issue of completing the educational course for girls remains a necessary matter that requires a lot of effort and societal awareness, as the number of female students in the primary stage is appropriate, but it decreases in the secondary stage, and it decreases more in the university stage, and thus most girls do not complete their education, and this directly affects the life of the girl, and she loses many advantages such as getting a good job, or participating in the political and social field and other fields that need knowledge.

I hope you liked the essay on girl education, and I would be glad to receive your comments.

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