Paragraph on road safety
Paragraph on road safety

Paragraph on road safety 2 Models

Paragraph on road safety, in which we explain the meaning of road safety, in addition to a short essay on road safety.

In the paragraph on road safety, we discuss the importance of following traffic rules to reduce accidents, as well as identifying the factors that disrupt road safety, and how to avoid these factors.

We will provide you with several paragraphs on road safety for you to choose what suits you, an essay on road safety that is suitable for students of different educational levels.

Paragraph on road safety

Road safety has become a necessity, due to the large number of accidents. We will write several paragraphs on road safety, including new ideas, to present this problem and look for appropriate solutions. We will show the role of both individuals and the government in solving the problem of road accidents.

Also, writing a paragraph on road safety will help students discover the real causes of road accidents, and thus we can educate citizens about the importance of following traffic rules in addition to maintaining their cars on an ongoing basis.

What do we mean by road safety?

 We mean By road safety reducing traffic accidents in general, and that is by rehabilitating people and teaching them how to drive or cross the road safely, as well as the safety of roads and vehicles.

Therefore, a set of laws have been developed that regulate traffic, called traffic laws, and these laws are universal, and there are differences in traffic laws from one country to another.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has developed a set of laws and conventions, including traffic rules, traffic lights, technical inspection of vehicles, road infrastructure, and the safe transportation of dangerous materials and goods.

These agreements work to enhance road safety, facilitate the movement of people, transport goods, and stimulate trade, tourism, and other economic activities.

Ways to prevent road accidents (the human element)

1- Putting on a seat belt

The driver must adhere to the seat belt, and children must sit in the seats designated for them, and the child seats must be properly installed in the back seat.

Seat belts must be used to keep occupants safe, no matter where they sit in the vehicle or what type of vehicle they are riding.

2- Hold the steering wheel correctly

The driver must hold the steering wheel with both hands, and position them correctly while driving. It is well known that the best position for the hands to be parallel in a straight line, and it is said as the position of the nine-quarter o’clock, meaning that the right hand is at the number 3, and the left hand is at the number 9.

By holding the steering wheel correctly, the driver is able to control the car while driving, in addition to enabling him to act quickly when something happens.

3- Reduce night driving

Driving at night should be reduced, as many drivers resort to driving very fast at night, in addition to that some drivers may fall asleep while driving and this causes serious accidents, and at night also driving cars is more dangerous due to poor lighting on many roads.

4- Driving on the right side of the road or in the middle of the road

Driving on the right side or in the middle of the road provides more safety, as the speed of cars is medium, while driving on the left of the road, which is the part designated for fast cars, leads to many accidents.

5- Adhere to traffic signals

Traffic lights on the roads must be adhered to, and pedestrians must pass from the places designated for them.

Following the traffic rules greatly reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents.

One of the means of safety on the road (regular maintenance of the car)

In this paragraph on road safety, we will talk about regular vehicle maintenance. Where it must be constantly checked that the tires of the vehicle are valid in terms of quality and size, and whether they have holes or any defect and other characteristics that must be available in the tires to ensure safety.

Also, it is necessary to make sure that the mirrors are adjusted in order to facilitate the process of seeing those behind. The car headlights and traffic lights must be checked. Ensure the safety of the brakes and the self-locking of the doors.

The road safety

Attention must be paid to roods and to ensure the correctness of design, planning. The specifications of the road must be in accordance with international standards for roads. Inclination and drainage of rainwater must be taken into account.

There should also be areas for pedestrians crossing, and clear signs should be placed for both pedestrians and drivers.

Ensure that the road is safe and free of traffic obstacles, such as potholes, dirt, stones and any objects that impede the good view of the road.

Ensure the presence of traffic lights, warning and guiding signs, ground signs, and others.

Traffic laws must be strictly enforced by competent authorities.

Causes of road accidents

The causes of road accidents are many, and we will talk in this paragraph on road safety about the most important of these reasons, namely:

  • Neglect and lack of focus, by the driver being busy talking on the mobile or talking to passengers, or listening to the radio or watching TV.
  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol while driving, which leads to loss of concentration, distraction and lack of awareness.
  • Adolescent driving is one of the factors that lead to the occurrence of many traffic accidents, as the teenager is more reckless in driving, and does not do well at the time of danger.
  • Non-compliance with traffic rules, driving in the opposite direction and other violations committed by drivers.
  • In many cases, the design of the road has errors such as bends, gradients and other defects that lead to traffic accidents.
  • It is also important to make sure that the car does not have any faults, and that the road is suitable for it, in terms of the weight and height of the load.


At the end of the paragraph on road safety, we clarified the role of drivers and pedestrians in adhering to traffic rules, and the government’s role in taking into account road design and that road specifications conform to international standards. It is also the responsibility of the government to monitor and enforce laws rigorously. And keeps the periodic maintenance of vehicles and ensures their powers.

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