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Tourism paragraph
Tourism paragraph

Tourism paragraph

Tourism paragraph , contains all the information you are looking for about tourism and its importance for national income and the duty of citizens to encourage tourism and also the duty of the government. Here you will find tourism paragraph in English with all that interests you.

Tourism paragraph

Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for any country. Here, we will provide you with English Tourism paragraph  with all the important information about tourism and its role in the economy of the country and our role in promoting tourism.Here you will find four paragrahps about tourism ,so that you can choose what suits your ideas.

The first paragraph

Tourism is an activity in which the person moves from place to place for the purpose of recreation and the identification of tourist sites.The person who carries out this activity is called the tourist.Tourism is divided into: internal tourism which is inside the country and an external tourism which is outside the country. Tourism is of particular importance for the benefit of the country as a whole and citizens in particular, such as: Tourism is an important source of funds and increasing the national income of the country.Some countries rely mainly on tourism to provide capital and build projects in them.Providing job opportunities for residents  and thus reducing the unemployment rate.The exchange of cultures and ideas between tourists and the country’s population.

The second paragraph

The tourists coming to the country transfer their culture and developments in their country to the host citizens and thereby stimulate development and progress within the country.Tourism needs to unite the citizen’s efforts with the government to revive and increase the number of tourists who visit the country, because the tourist is an ambassador of his country and convey everything he sees inside the country to his country and expresses his feelings and impressions.

The third paragraph

The role of citizens in encouraging tourism  is to deal with tourists in a positive and nice way, the citizen should be ashamed with the tourist and help him when he asks for help.Staying away from trying to exploit tourists on the pretext that they are coming for tourism, the dealer raises prices on them, or sell them fake goods as original.To preserve the cleanliness of streets, parks and tourist sites, and use them in good ways for tourists to enjoy, and visit them in subsequent times.Participate in voluntary work which includes assisting tourists, directing them and cleaning tourist sites.Preserve tourist sites and gardens from ruin and destruction.Every citizen has the right to preserve the beauty of the town in general.Raising children to respect and not disturb the tourists.

The fourth paragraph

The role of the government in encouraging tourism is to facilitate the procedures of tourists entering tourist sites and their complexity.Setting the guidelines for streets, roads and all that is necessary for the tourist to facilitate his arrival to any place he wishes.Encouraging work in the tourism sector for citizens and facilitating work procedures.The appointment of tour guides in tourist areas and tourist offices; to help tourists to identify the best tourist areas, and enjoy them properly.Strict laws that protect tourists from exploitation.Paving the streets well; to facilitate movement on them.Secure the necessary protection for tourists to freedom of movement with no fear of attack or theft or any types of assault. Educating the citizen about the importance of tourism and how to activate it and encourage it.

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