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Paragraph about tourism
Paragraph about tourism

Paragraph about tourism

Paragraph about tourism  contains all the important and useful information that everyone wants to know  about tourism and its importance and here you will find paragraph about tourism with everything you are looking for.

Paragraph about tourism

Tourism has become an important part of the income of some countries that rely on tourism as a major source of national income. Here you will find Paragraph about tourism with all the information you want to know about tourism.Here you will find more than one paragraph,so that you can choose what suits your ideas.

The first paragraph

The modern global concept of tourism today is considered one of the most important modern industries, which contribute greatly to the great support of the economy of the country, although it is one of the promising industries, but it has achieved a great interest in most countries of the world, tourism is currently supporting national income in  (Lebanon, France, the UAE …) and there are many countries whose source of income is totally dependent on tourism.

The second paragraph

Tourism increases the name of the country that supports it through all media.Promotion of tourism to a country can inform the world of the history and geography of the country, and so on,.Many of the industries have been associated with a country in its own right.All of this has been achieved thanks to tourism and its support.The famous Iranian carpets , Swiss watches are also the first target for Switzerland to buy,  Iraqi dates are a gift to be carried by all those who visited Iraq to accompany them to their country and give them to their loved ones, and do not forget the mosaic, which is famous for Syria, it is the first to buy  by the tourist , and there are industries that are famous and unique to most of the country. 

The third paragraph

Tourism contributes significantly to the development of the country, whether directly or indirectly, supporting all sectors of the country, whether industrial, commercial or agricultural, thus contributing to the introduction of foreign currency to the country, to raise the budget of the country, and some studies show that the tourist spends on the purchase of gifts one-third of his budget, which made tourism has a significant role in supporting and encouraging the national income of the state.Tourism in the country is a real natural wealth.There is a saying that describes tourism as ” the oil of who does not have oil.” Therefore, most countries that do not have intrinsic resources depend on their tourism wealth. 

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