Essay on youth and age
Essay on youth and age

Essay on youth and age 2 Models

An essay on youth and age is an important article, so we will present 500 words about this interesting topic.

As for talking about youth, it’s an interesting conversation. Students at all educational levels should learn how to write paragraphs and sentences on youth and age.

Below we will provide easy sentences to be used in writing essay on youth and age. This topic is suitable for all educational levels.

Essay on youth and age

We will talk in our essay on youth and age about the importance of every stage in life. When a person is born, he is a small child who is unable to do anything for himself or for others. For this, he needs the presence of the father and the mother. Every parent has an essential role in a child’s life. The father must work hard to provide the child with the necessary requirements such as food, clothes and medicine.

The importance of the mother

As for the mother, she must be beside the child to feed him and take care of his hygiene. The mother is the one who follows the child day and night and teaches him how to rely on himself and how to deal with the outside world.

With time, the child begins to rely on himself in some simple matters.

What is the importance of the youth stage?

The stage of youth is the most important stage in a person’s life, where he is able to do whatever he wants to do without being prevented by illness or frustration.

Therefore, young people must realize that this age is the most active  period of our lives. Therefore, it must be used correctly.

How do we use our youth properly?

In order for a person to use his youthful years properly, he must know that these are the years in which he must go out of the house to learn new things every day. He should not spend his time sleeping or playing, so as not to waste these years without using them properly.

As for work, there is no more suitable age for work than the youth stage. This is due to a person’s ability to go out and stand for long hours. In youth, a person possesses great physical strength, as he is able to endure and continue difficult work.

Why do young people waste their lives on bad things?

Unfortunately, most young people do not appreciate the importance of their youthful years, and on the contrary, they work to waste them on useless matters. Some of them smoke cigarettes and take drugs. These bad substances cause serious diseases after several years, which infect them with disability or death.

The main reason for the wrong behaviors in the youth stage is that the young man is ignorant of the seriousness of his actions and does not know what he will suffer from when he grows old.

Some young people suffer from psychological problems that make them escape from confronting them by using drugs.

What is the lesson that we learn only after we grow up?

Unfortunately, there are things we don’t learn until we get old and lose our youthful years forever. One of these things is that we spend our youth sleeping and not working. Which makes a person suffer when he gets old from poverty.

Some people suffer ill effects from things they did in their youth. Including smoking, which destroys the body and makes a person suffer when he gets old.

The value of health is known only to the person who has advanced in age and suffered the effects of his harmful actions.

Is getting old a bad thing?

Aging is inevitable. And it is not a bad thing if a person lives his childhood and youth correctly. In childhood, the child must feel tenderness and love from parents and society. He must play and have fun freely.

As for the youth, he must learn skills that will benefit him and qualify him to find suitable work. After he learns, he must go out to work in order to achieve a good position among the members of society. After that, he must build a small house and start a family. These stages make aging a fun, not a bad thing.

Is there a way to not feel old?

If you don’t want to feel old, you must keep your heart young. Meaning not to let the worries of life rob you of your happiness. When a person lives many years in his life, he encounters many difficulties and calamities.

If a person can overcome these difficulties while maintaining a sense of humor within him, and maintaining psychological peace, he will not feel old. That is why a person should enjoy from time to time. And does not give in to sadness and isolation from society.



At the end of our journey with an essay on youth and age, we learned about the things that young people should know and keep. We talked about the importance of youth in our lives. Every young man should appreciate these important years in his life and not waste them on unnecessary matters. And that health is the most important thing that a person possesses, and therefore he must maintain it.

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