Essay on train journey
Essay on train journey

Essay on train journey 2 Models

An essay on  train journey is one of the easy essays that the student can write in a simple way. In this topic we will present a 500 word essay on train journey. Below, students will find a paragraph of the train and its journeys.

Everyone loves trains and they like to travel by them from one place to another. Especially students in the primary stage, where they prefer to go for trips by train.

Essay on train journey

Because of the people’s love for the train, it is very popular with all groups and ages. Below we will talk about an essay on train journey. In this essay, we will learn about the various trains in terms of their manufacture and speed.

We will talk about the importance of the train in our daily life. Why do adults and children love to travel by train and is there a difference between traveling by train and traveling by other transportation?

When did trains first appear?

When the train first appeared, it was traveling on coal, which is burned to release a very strong steam. This steam is what drives the equipment that makes the train run from one place to another. This was the year 1789 in England. Then the train began to develop and conquer the whole world.

Why do people prefer the train?

The train has many advantages and suits all passengers, so if we look around every morning we will find that everyone rushes to board the train. Students who go to schools far from their homes choose the train as their way.

And the employee and worker who hurries to get to work, we find him set off without hesitation to the train station.

Even those who travel for the purpose of hiking and going to the resorts, they travel by train. And we will not forget the various trips that go by train to the destination of the trip.

What does the train cost?

One of the advantages of the train is that the cost of the ticket is suitable for everyone. The train is divided into several levels. Where anyone can ride the train. On the train, we find third-class seats, which are economical and suitable for people with limited income.

We find other classes, such as the second and middle class, in which the middle-income brackets. As for the air-conditioned first class, it is very expensive, and certain groups of society can be accommodated in it, as the price of special tickets is available with them.

The train’s relationship to happiness

The shape of the train has been associated with happiness since humans first saw it. We have all had the experience of watching a train at a young age. We remember the great happiness and joy we felt as it passed by.

Therefore, children prefer to travel by train and do not like to be replaced by cars. Inside the train, children are roaming and having fun everywhere. This scene proves that children love the train because of the happiness it reflects on them.

Train and health

The train is a transportation that preserves the environment, as it operates in a manner that does not pollute the environment. And because of the cleanliness of the materials in which it is going, it does not cause dizziness and nausea for the passengers. As for the rest of the transportation, it causes dizziness and nausea badly and pollutes the environment.

Train trips

Train trips are one of the most beautiful and enjoyable things a person does during his life. Inside the train he makes better memories than he’s made all his life. And that’s because friends gather together in one buggy. Friends can sit close to each other. And they can sing and laugh without barriers separating them. Which makes them feel happy and close to each other. Because of the comfort of the train seats, the passenger can sit for a long time and sleep.



At the end of our essay on train journey, we learned information and long and short sentences about the train and the journeys that go by train.

We learned about the features of the train. The train has several advantages, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want to move from one place to another.

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