Essay on personal hygiene
Essay on personal hygiene

Essay on personal hygiene 2 Models

Essay on personal hygiene, it is important for students to learn personal hygiene, and the child should be learning the basics of personal hygiene at home, Like showering, trimming nails, doing hair, getting rid of unpleasant odors such as sweat, using brushes and toothpaste regularly, doing hair.

Wearing clean clothes, using perfumes, moisturizing the skin, and taking care of general hygiene, all these things refer to your personal hygiene.

Essay on personal hygiene

We will write several models on the importance of personal hygiene, an essay on personal hygiene, a short topic on personal hygiene and the importance of learning it from a young age, and what is the role of the family in teaching children personal hygiene, and the school’s keenness on students’ cleanliness and following up on their behavior.

All of this we will discuss in an essay on personal hygiene.

One of the important topics that we must train on is writing an essay on personal hygiene, because it is a topic related to the student’s behavior and external appearance.

Undoubtedly, the first impression that others make of you comes from your outward appearance. Therefore, we will write several models explaining the importance of personal hygiene, especially when dealing with others.

Also, personal hygiene is important at all times, and it is also important for a person to enjoy good health.

The importance of personal hygiene for an individual

I can summarize some of the important points in the essay on personal hygiene, which explain the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, as follows:

  • A clean person is loved by others, and they deal with him without alienating him because of his smell and appearance.
  • Personal hygiene makes you more confident in yourself, and you can sit with others and talk to them without shame.
  • Personal hygiene is the key to good health. There is no good health without personal hygiene.
  • All monotheistic religions encourage personal hygiene.
  • Personal hygiene protects us from many diseases that spread through touch or breathing.
  • A clean person looks good and smells good.
  • Diseases are transmitted between people when attention to personal hygiene is reduced.

Your personal hygiene makes you healthier

Essay on personal hygiene, Did you know that your personal hygiene protects you from diseases, when you wash your hands, you get rid of viruses and microbes attached to them, and thus you get rid of diseases that are transmitted through breathing, or diseases that are transmitted with contaminated food.

Bathing is considered one of the personal hygiene that must be taken care of, so you should shower twice a week in winter, while in summer it is preferable to shower every day to get rid of sweat.

Bathing rids you of skin diseases, also soothes your body temperature, and stimulates blood circulation, thus personal hygiene makes you resist diseases.

Your personal hygiene makes you a popular person

It is important to know that a clean person is loved by others, and they refer to him.

Whereas a dirty person is alienated by everyone, and thus feels lonely and unappreciated by others.

If you want to have successful social relationships, you must take care of your personal hygiene.

Personal hygiene is necessary to be able to make friends, get a job, and so on.

Also, personal hygiene gives you beauty and elegance, so you should take care of your general appearance.

How  you can maintain your personal hygiene

You can talk in the essay on personal hygiene  about how to maintain your hygiene as follows:

First: facial hygiene

You should wash your face every morning, especially when you wake up. You should wash your face well and wash your eyes, nose and ears.

You should also brush your teeth with a brush and paste after eating, and before going to sleep as well, as this avoids tooth decay and bad breath. Washing your face makes it more fresh and bright.

Second: hand hygiene

It is important to keep your hands clean, and you should wash them before and after eating, and you should take special care of hand hygiene during epidemics.

The spread of the Covid 19 virus was a clear example of the importance of taking care of hand hygiene, and using disinfectants such as alcohol to sterilize hands after touching surfaces, or shaking hands with others.

Most viruses, microbes, and parasites are transmitted to you through your hands.

Third: clean feet

Some people neglect the cleanliness of their feet, and we will mention in the essay on personal hygiene the importance of taking care of the feet, so they must be well washed and dried.

Because this prevents the multiplication of fungus that affects the foot and causes severe pain, and needs treatment.

Fourth: clean hair

Hair is a living being, and it is affected by health and psychological factors. Therefore, we will explain the importance of hair care, as hair falls out when your health or psychological condition deteriorates, and hair must be washed, combed, and taken care of for its cleanliness.

The cleanliness and styling of hair indicates your personality and your interest in your appearance.

Fifth: Cleanliness of the body

It is important to take care of the cleanliness of your body, by showering three times a week, because this rids you of the smell of sweat, and gives you a feeling of vitality, and bathing rids your body of viruses and microbes, and reduces the incidence of skin diseases.

Manifestations of personal hygiene

You can talk about some aspects of personal hygiene in the essay on personal hygiene , such as trimming nails, cutting hair and doing a hairstyle, wearing clean clothes, taking care of the cleanliness of hands and feet, and general body hygiene. You can also use perfume, moisturizing creams, and other cosmetic tools.

Also, wearing good clean clothes is important for your appearance, all of which makes you a person loved by others, and enables you to quickly form a new friendship.

And make sure that a dirty person who does not care about his personal hygiene is an outcast, and people do not like him.


It is important for every student to take care of his personal hygiene, and in the essay on personal hygiene, you explained the importance of taking care of your personal hygiene, and how to take care of personal hygiene.

Also, personal hygiene should be a way of life, so we must take care of personal hygiene at all times, and we must train children from an early age on personal hygiene. The family and the school must cooperate to establish these good habits.

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