Topic on health and hygiene
Topic on health and hygiene

Topic on health and hygiene

Topic on health and hygiene ,contains important information and tips on hygiene and its importance to the individual and society in everything that surrounds us in our personal and public life. You will find all this information here to be able to write a topic on health and hygiene.

Topic on health and hygiene

Cleanliness is not indispensable in life, the clean man always keeps everything around him in the surrounding environment very clean, which brings pleasure and psychological comfort to his heart and everyone around him .We must be careful about cleanliness and teach it to our children since childhood. All you will find here in a topic on health and hygiene.

Health and hygiene

Hygiene is a collection of daily, monthly or seasonal practices to keep oneself and its surroundings in the best picture.

Cleanliness is the foundation of healthy health for the individual, because the environment in which he lives will affect him psychologically, socially and physically. Who among us accompanies the dirty man? Or live in an unclean and dirty environment?.

The individual has always cared for his daily cleanliness, wash his face as soon as he wakes from sleep, and cleans his teeth twice a day, and washed to wear elegant clothes .

Islam took care of cleanliness and considered it to be faith, bathing on Friday, in addition to daily wudoo five times a day, which makes the body members away from dirt, epidemics, bacteria and microbes.

Happy life comes from everything we see around us and its impact on us, the lush trees, herbs free of food and beverage residues, and pure blue sea, are all pleasing, and keep them properly happy everyone.

Man carries his morality with him wherever he goes,  if a person is clean, the behavior of cleanliness is accompanied to him, he does not make it in a mess of dirt around him, but keeps the place such as public parks or classroom or private room.

Islam called to avoid harming in the road by lifting garbage, removing stones, breaking glass, papers and accumulating sand which obstructing the road and walking.

And Islam honoring a clean Muslim and honoring him with reward in this world and the Hereafter.

This is why we have provided you with a topic on health and hygiene,and you can read more through the following section:

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