Essay on hockey
Essay on hockey

Essay on hockey 2 Models

Essay on hockey, an interesting topic about a team game, you will find many models such as a short essay on hockey, a paragraph on the history of hockey, a long essay on the rules of hockey, information about hockey tools, and what are the factors that help your team win in hockey .

Topics suitable for fifth and sixth grade students, first, second and third intermediate and high school students, simple style and valuable information about hockey.

We will also talk about the history of hockey, as it is a very ancient game, as it was found in drawings carved on stones in the Greek, Pharaonic, and other ancient civilizations.

Essay on hockey

Hockey is a team game played by both men and women, and in an essay on hockey we will learn about the history of hockey. It is a very old game, as carvings of it were found in Egyptian antiquities dating back four thousand years, in addition to carvings in Greece, India, Ireland, and others.

We will also learn about the principles and laws of hockey, what equipment is needed for it, what are the types of hockey, and the factors necessary to achieve a good level in this team game that depends on strength, speed and intelligence.

Hockey is a popular game, as it is played by large numbers of people, because it does not require much equipment, and it can also be played on snow or in stadiums whose floors are covered with artificial turf.

Hockey history

Hockey is a sport that involves two teams. The tools used for this game are a ball (disk) and a hockey stick. Hockey is an ancient game that dates back thousands of years, as carvings were found in Egyptian antiquities dating back four thousand years, of teams carrying sticks and a launcher.

In addition to drawings of the game of hockey dating back to six hundred years BC in Greece. Also, drawings of teams dating back to one thousand two hundred and seventy-two years BC were found in Ireland. This indicates that hockey is very old.

Hockey in the past may be different in the form of its tools than the current hockey ball, but there were many games similar to hockey, such as the game of pico, which dates back to a thousand years ago.

In the nineteenth century, these games were combined into one game, which is the now-known hockey game. And began the establishment of committees to set regulations and laws for the game of hockey, and began to include the game of hockey within the local and international competitions.

Hockey equipment

There are some tools required for the game of hockey, including what is intended for playing such as hockey puck and hockey stick. While there are tools to protect the player such as shin pads, shoulder pads, helmet, gloves, mask or cage, elbow pads, socks, hockey clothes, teeth protectors, neck protectors, skating shoes in the case of ice hockey, jockstrap. The essay on hockey should mention the equipment required for the game of hockey, and how young people in villages use simple tools from the environment to play this game.

Hockey field specification

The hockey field is rectangular or oval in shape and its dimensions are 91.4, 54.8 m. There is a semi-circle 15 meters long near the goal, called the scoring circle, and the hockey stick is in the shape of the letter L, and its length is approximately 90 cm. It is made of wood and the stick has a curve at the bottom so that the player can hit the ball with it. Players put a tool in their mouth to protect their teeth.

India, the Netherlands, Pakistan and Australia are among the teams that have won the most international tournaments.

The number of hockey players

Hockey is a team sport played between two teams, each team containing six players. Five of the players pass the puck among themselves to try to score a goal in the opponent’s goal, while the sixth player is a goalkeeper who works to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals. The match takes place in three rounds, and the duration of one half is usually set at 20 minutes.

Hockey rules

It is important to mention the rules of the hockey game in an essay on hockey, where the match takes place between two teams, on a field that has special specifications and a puck that has special specifications as well.

The goal of hockey is to pass the puck between players to score a goal in the opponent’s goal, thereby scoring the most points.

The match is ruled by a referee, and the match lasts for 60 minutes, and the match is divided into three rounds of 20 minutes each.

The match begins after the referee blows the starting whistle. Where the referee drops the puck between the two teams in the middle of the field. And the two teams begin to move quickly to possess the puck and move it to the rest of the team members with the aim of reaching the opponent’s goal and scoring a point.

The puck should not be taken out of the field.

The blue line must also not be crossed by the opponent.

The game is considered over if the players throw the puck out of the court line, the goalkeeper leaves his position, or if one of the players tries to touch the puck with his hand.

The referee is allowed to stop the player from the match if he violates the principles of the game. The duration of the suspension ranges from two minutes, four minutes, or ten minutes, depending on the offense committed by the player.

The punished player leaves the field and sits in a penalty area. While his team continues to play minus a player, so care must be taken not to make mistakes.

Among the actions for which the player deserves to stop playing is hitting the puck high above the goal level, hitting a player, touching the puck in a way that violates the laws of the game, and fighting between players.

Goals are calculated when the puck is inserted into the opponent’s goal, and the one who scores more goals is the winner of the match.

Types of hockey

Ice Hockey: An ice hockey match between two teams is played on a flat, icy surface. This game uses a rubber puck with a diameter of 76.2 mm. This puck is frozen to reduce its friction with ice when hit with a stick.

In the essay on hockey it is possible to mention the clothes of the players. Where the players wear protective helmets for the head, in order to protect the player when falling on the icy ground. In addition, they wear skates to help them move easily.

Ice hockey is spread in North America and European countries. Ice hockey is very popular in Russia, Sweden, Canada, the United States, Finland and Slovakia. The National Hockey League (NHL), which is held in America, is one of the strongest leagues for this game.

Field Hockey: The match is played in a field that contains gravel, or a field covered with natural grass or artificial grass. Field hockey is popular all over the world especially in European countries, South Africa, Asian countries.

Hockey winning factors

There is no doubt that every team tries to win the match, and makes every effort to achieve victory, but there are some factors that must be available in the team, such as the following:

Accuracy in passing the puck from one player to another.

Power and speed are the most important factors in winning hockey.

There must be consistency and complementarity between the players.

Serious training and cooperation among team members is one of the most important factors for a team to win hockey.

Drawing up a game plan based on taking advantage of the advantages of each player. There is a strong player and another very fast, and another player who can dodge, and another who is characterized by accurate targeting, and when drawing a plan to take advantage of the skill of each player, the result will be good.


At the end of the essay on hockey, I have provided you with interesting information about the game of hockey, a short essay on the history of hockey, a paragraph on the equipment required for the game of hockey, the shape and specifications of the field, the rules and principles of the game of hockey as well as the factors that must be available in a good team.

Undoubtedly, it is an interesting topic and students can write about it easily, because hockey is a well-known game, and international competitions are organized for it, and it can be played in multiple environments, using simple tools from the environment.

Dear reader, I hope you have benefited from what I presented in the essay on hockey.

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