Essay on fishing
Essay on fishing

Essay on fishing 2 Models

Essay on fishing, in which we explain the history of fishing and its stages of development. Numerous models such as a short essay on fishing, a paragraph on sea fishing, different fishing methods, fishing boats, large fishing vessels, fishing rods, the economic importance of fishing, the difference between fishing craft and fishing hobby,  and the importance of developing the marine fishing sector and the expansion of fish farming. .

An easy and interesting topic, suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and the first, second and third grades of middle and high school.

Fishing is an ancient craft known to man since ancient times, and the fishing profession has undergone development like any other profession.

Technology has been introduced into the fishing profession, and there is no doubt that there are amateur rather than professional hunters.

Essay on fishing

Fishing is one of the oldest crafts practiced by man. The fishing craft is employed by many people, in an essay on fishing we will discuss the craft of fishing, the hobby of fishing, what are the different fishing methods, and the economic value of fishing.

In the current era, countries tended to develop the marine fishing sector in several ways, in addition to expanding fish farming to produce large quantities of fish.

The marine fishing sector is one of the fields with a large labor intensity, due to the dependence of a number of industries and commercial and investment activities on fishing.


Marine fishing is defined as fishing from salty waters in the seas and oceans, and it is professional fishing, and it has its own tools and international laws that govern it. Boats and large fishing vessels, which contain refrigerators, are used to freeze fish. Large nets are used in fishing from the seas and oceans.

The large fishing vessels contain mechanical tools to lift the nets full of fish from the water to the designated place in the ship, then the fish are moved mechanically to the places of freezing and packing.

Boats used in sea fishing

Undoubtedly, fishing boats vary in size and equipment depending on the fishing areas, whether they are fishing in shallow or deep waters, and fishing boats also differ according to the type of fish being caught. Fishing boats can be divided into two types:

Big boats

Large boats are characterized by the fact that they contain modern equipment, such as radar to detect fish gathering places, and to know their quantity and how far they are from sea level. And other important information that determines how to fish, the tools used, the type of nets, and so on.

The large briquettes also include mechanical lifting tools, because the weight of nets filled with fish may reach several tons, which is difficult to handle manually. In an essay on fishing, you can write about modern fishing vessels and their equipment.

Large fishing boats are also distinguished by the presence of modern machines for cutting fish and preparing it for packaging and freezing. All of this makes fishing a huge investment project.

These huge boats are often owned by large companies, and they are based on fishing, in addition to exporting fish and fish products.

Small boats

Small-sized boats are used for fishing in shallow waters, and they are mostly owned by people, and they are used to catch certain types of fish, such as tuna. These boats are operated by a small number of individuals and do not have high capabilities like the large-sized boats. Most of the people who use small boats are amateurs, and a few are professionals.

Fishing from the shore

Fishing is not limited to the use of boats only, but many people fish from the beach or piers and use nets or hooks to catch fish. Most of the people who fish in this way are amateurs, and a few of them depend on fishing as a profession.

Among the most important species that are caught are sea bass, mullet, mackerel, and other small and medium-sized fish.

Fishing hobby

There is no doubt that the hobby of fishing is one of the enjoyable hobbies, and it is preferred by many people, as it is a hobby that does not require many financial expenses, it only needs fishing equipment, such as hooks and fishing baits, and it is important to write in an essay on fishing the benefits of the hobby of fishing .

The fishing hobby has many benefits, including learning patience and not despair, and fishing makes a person understand the nature of fish, how they eat food, what times the fish feed on, and what their favorite food is.

Also, the hobby of fishing makes us get rid of stress and anxiety. This hobby is of economic value when a person learns the art of fishing, because fish is a common food among all peoples, and it is also an important protein food.
Fishing is beneficial in all circumstances, whether the person who caught it eats it or sells it to others.

Developing the fishing sector

There is no doubt that fishing is a source of national income for some countries, as they are interested in building large fishing vessels and providing them with modern equipment to be able to fish in the deep waters of the seas and oceans.

Fish farming has recently been expanded, and types of fish of high economic value are selected for breeding and providing appropriate food for them, according to scientific studies. This ensures the production of large quantities of fish and control of their growth through feeding, and their reproduction can also be controlled.

The economic importance of fishing

There is no doubt that the economic value of fishing is very great, so that some countries depend on it as a basic activity for citizens, especially coastal countries. In our essay on fishing,  we will explain the economic value of fishing as follows:

The economic value of fishing does not depend on selling fish in local markets only, but there are many food industries based on fish, in addition to making feed from fish fins and other parts that are not involved in manufacturing.

Also, exporting fish to other countries that need it provides great economic value. Thus, we find that there are large numbers of people working in that sector, where there are people working in the ship industry, fishing equipment, fishermen, merchants, sellers, restaurant workers, factory workers, employees in the field of export and other works related to fishing.


At the end of the essay on fishing, I showed the economic importance of fishing, as fishing is an old craft known to man since ancient times, and is still practiced to this day.

And man was able to develop this craft by building modern fishing vessels with equipment that helps in discovering the locations of fish, and determining their quantity, so that fishermen can use the appropriate tools to catch these fish.

These ships also have means of attracting fish, very large nets, machines for lifting nets, and refrigerators to freeze the fish after packaging. That is, modern fishing vessels are equipped with a large degree of technology. This helps in catching the largest amount of fish. The fishing hobby is also of economic value, even if the financial return is small compared to professionals.

I hope you have benefited from the essay on fishing.

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