Deforestation Essay
Deforestation Essay

Deforestation Essay 2 Models

Deforestation essay shows the importance of forests in the current era. We present several models such as a short essay on forests and the importance of preserving them, with a paragraph on the damages resulting from deforestation.

The deforestation essay is an important topic because it deals with the problem of global warming, in which deforestation is one of the factors that cause global warming.

Environmental scientists call for preserving forests and increasing green spaces, by planting new artificial forests, and not removing natural forests.

deforestation essay

Forests are of great importance in maintaining ecological balance. And in the deforestation essay we will explain the importance of forests to solve the problem of global warming that threatens the inhabitants of the globe.

The deforestation essay shows the economic value of forests in addition to their importance in the ecological balance, as they are a suitable environment for the life of many animals, birds, insects, reptiles and other living creatures, which are part of the ecosystem that affect it and are affected by it.

Natural forest

The nature (topography) of the planet varies from one place to another, there are coastal places, mountainous areas or plains and valleys, desert areas, and forests. This great diversity is necessary for human life, and the life of other living creatures.

Each of the previous environments has certain characteristics that make it suitable for human activity that matches the characteristics of this environment.

For example, the coastal environment is suitable for fishing, tourism, shipbuilding and ports. Agriculture spreads in the plains and valleys, where there is water and suitable soil for farmers, while the desert environment is difficult to cultivate.

Natural forests are an important environment for ecological balance, and have a high economic value, as forests represent a wealth for the availability of wood, herbs, animals, birds and others.

Natural forests are formed as a result of the availability of water (rains – rivers), in addition to fertile soil, so trees grow in a natural way without human intervention. Therefore, we find that the natural forests have very large trees, the age of which may reach hundreds of years.

In the natural forests there are also trees of a variety of length, size and type, so that the trees are intertwined in most of the forests, so that the sun’s rays do not reach the forest floor.

Elimination of Forests

In many cases, man intervenes in order to benefit from the bounties of the forest, such as making use of wood, as wood is involved in many vital industries, such as the furniture industry, shipbuilding, doors and windows, and wood is also used in many other industries.

As a result of the money that the timber trade provides, people resort to cutting down the trees of the forest and turning them into wood without thinking about the harm that will result from clearing the forest. Also, some cities clear forests for urban expansion, all of which negatively affects the environment.

Damage caused by deforestation

  • Atmospheric air becomes more polluted, especially with carbon dioxide, as trees use carbon dioxide in the preparation of their food, and thus its percentage in the atmosphere decreases.
  • Low percentage of oxygen gas in the atmosphere, which affects human health.
  • Not growing new trees, thus losing wood wealth.
  • The extinction of living things that live in the forest, and this disrupts the ecosystem.
  • Forests reduce the dangers of global warming, so scientists recommend increasing the planting of trees and plants to solve this problem.
  • There is a relationship between rainfall and forests, and thus forests are one of the causes of rainfall, and thus combating the phenomenon of desertification.

Artificial forest

As a result of the importance of forests, whether their importance to the environment or their economic importance, some countries are turning to planting artificial forests.

We mean by artificial forests that they are not natural, but the types of trees are chosen so that they have a high economic value, in addition to their cultivation and irrigation in a modern way.

These forests are considered useful because they will provide economic value, in addition to their positive impact on the environment. Also, when these trees are cut, replacement trees will be planted.

Given the importance of trees, we have noticed that many cities plant trees on the sides of roads, in public parks, and in front of homes as well.


At the end of the deforestation essay, we showed the damages resulting from deforestation in many models as a paragraph on the importance of forests in ecological balance, a short essay on the importance of forests in solving the problem of global warming, and the role of forests in solving the problem of desertification.

We hope you have benefited from the deforestation essay, and gained more information about the natural and  the artificial forests.

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