Essay on cruelty to animals
Essay on cruelty to animals

Essay on cruelty to animals 3 Models

Essay on cruelty to animals, it is important to write an essay about how to deal with animals, because they cannot defend themselves, so we will provide several models such as 500 words essay, a short essay on animal cruelty, a paragraph about the actions that must be taken to reduce Cruelty to animals, and what are the forms of animal cruelty.

A variety of essays suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and the first, second and third grades of middle and high school.

Essay on cruelty to animals

There is no doubt that man has used animals since time immemorial, and in an essay on cruelty to animals we will talk about the importance of protecting animals and dealing with them gently.

This is because animals cannot defend themselves, and they are used for many purposes by humans. And there must be laws that determine how to deal with animals, so that animals are not harmed and killed without benefit or necessity.

What do we mean by cruelty to animals

By cruelty to animals, we mean causing harm or pain to animals, or mistreating them by locking them up and not providing them with food and water, or hitting them with vehicles, or killing them to get their fur or tusks, or hunting them for use in circuses or zoos and so on.

You can talk about all forms of cruelty to animals, such as keeping them in cages, not giving them enough food, using them in heavy labor, hitting them and other things that are harmful to animals.

Forms of cruelty to animals

There are many forms of cruelty to animals, we see them every day and in essay on cruelty to animals we will mention some of them as follows:

  • Negligence: Negligence may be intentional or unintentional. Many people like to own a pet and raise it at home, but they do not have enough experience on how to raise this animal, how to deal with it, what its needs are from food and water, and other important matters. Thus, the animal is neglected, which puts its life in danger.
  • Entertaining with animals: In addition, some people buy animals just to have fun with them, or they show off these animals to their friends, but they do not provide them with the necessary care.
  • Exposing animals to traffic accidents: There is no doubt that there are many roads built near forests and where wild animals are located, which leads to accidents for animals that lead to their injury or death.
  • The use of animals in experiments: where some animals are used in laboratory experiments to discover diseases or find a cure, and so on.
  • The use of animals in entertainment: Where animals are used in circuses or zoos for entertainment and amusement.
  • Killing animals to get their skins or fur, such as bear, fox, snake, crocodile and others.
  • Using animals to carry heavy loads, or to pull carts, etc. without mercy.

Actions to stop cruelty to animals

In your essay on cruelty to animals, it is important to talk about the procedures in place in your country to reduce cruelty to animals.

In many countries, laws are put in place to punish people who harm animals or treat them cruelly, and there may be a fine or imprisonment.

There are also concerned authorities for the preservation and protection of animals, and these agencies provide suitable places to receive animals, and medical care is provided to them.

Preserving the natural environment in which animals live

One of the most important factors that help protect animals is to preserve their natural habitat. In the essay on cruelty to animals, you can talk about forest fires as an example of destroying the natural environment in which animals live.

Whether forest fires are human-induced or as a result of climatic factors, in all cases animals are exposed to losing their natural environment and losing their food, and thus they are exposed to death and destruction.

Therefore, the natural environment must be preserved with all its elements, and we must keep the environment clean from chemical and other pollutants. Because all of this harms the health of both humans and animals.

How do we reduce cruelty to animals

In the essay on cruelty to animals, it is important to provide some advice on how to properly deal with animals and the importance of rejecting cruelty and violence in general.

  • We must raise children to be compassionate, and not to be cruel or violent towards animals. Especially since children love to play with cats or dogs, but sometimes they deal with these animals violently, such as beating or neglect and not providing them with the necessary food.
  • Do not buy products made from animal skin or fur, because this will reduce the hunting of these animals, and thus we protect them from death.
  • Spread awareness among people, so that they realize that these animals are in pain and feel hungry, thirsty and tired, and we must treat them gently.
  • Nature reserves must be provided to preserve rare animals, which may become extinct if we do not take care of them.

Animal welfare is a moral duty

One of the characteristics of humans is mercy with other creatures, and all monotheistic religions urge kindness to animals, because they work for the service of man. They must not be neglected or harmed, and animals must be protected, whether pets that we raise in homes or farms, and wild animals that live in the forest.

And we must cultivate in the hearts of our children mercy and kindness to animals and not harm them.


At the end of the essay on cruelty to animals, each of us should be responsible for protecting animals, by spreading awareness and providing advice to animal breeders, in addition to spreading correct information about animal husbandry.

I hope you have benefited from this essay, and we would love to know your comments.

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