Children day speech
Children day speech

Children day speech 2 Models

Children day speech, every year on November 20 the world celebrates International Children’s Day, so it is important to write children day speech.

We will present several models such as a short children’s day speech, a paragraph on children’s day, and what are the international agreements that guarantee children’s rights.

It is important for children to get their rights to education, health and more. We will provide a sample children day speech that you can say at a school childhood party.

Children day speech

After World War II, a large number of children in Europe and elsewhere were put at risk. In a children’s day speech, we will explain the suffering and difficult circumstances that the children went through. Therefore, in 1954, the United Nations General Assembly declared November 20 to be Children’s Day.

On November 20, 1989, the General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since 1990, Children’s Day has been celebrated on that date, as it is the anniversary of the date of the adoption of the rights of the child by the United Nations General Assembly. in children day speech, I will talk about:

The importance of celebrating Children’s Day

It is important to have a day dedicated to celebrating Children’s Day, because this reminds officials of children’s rights, and that we must provide them with a healthy living environment, and we must provide them with education , and other cultural, social and other rights, and protection from dangers.

In children’s day speech, we will shed light on the importance of celebrating International Children’s Day, as there are human rights organizations that care about children’s problems and work to solve them.

Celebrating Children’s Day is a good occasion to educate people about children’s rights and mobilize political will to address the problems children face. One of the most important rights of the child is the provision of food, clothing and health care. in children day speech, I will talk about:

Our goal is a better future for every child

The goal of allocating a child’s day in a children’s day speech is to look forward to a better future for every child around the world, without discrimination between children on the basis of gender, beliefs, color and nationality.

All jurists must work to achieve this noble goal, which is to achieve a safe and healthy environment for children around the world, and for the child to have all his basic needs such as food, clothing, health services and education. in children day speech, I will talk about:

Effects of war on children

There is no doubt that wars and civil strife have devastating effects on children, as most of them lose their parents, are exposed to difficult living, and in many cases do not have food and die of starvation.

In addition to what they are exposed to during wars of horror, and intense fear that affects their lives negatively, and wars have many victims of children as well.


At the end of children day speech, I want to highlight the importance of the cooperation of all human rights institutions and organizations to achieve the goal of celebrating Children’s Day, which is a better future for every child around the world.

Countries must work to provide for the basic needs of children, and countries must preserve their natural wealth and resources, because they are a right for future generations as well. I hope you have benefited from the Children Day Speech,

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