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Peacock Essay 3 Models

Peacock essay in which we explain the physical and behavioral characteristics of the peacock bird, in which we talk about all the characteristics of that beautiful bird.

Writing a peacock essay is a fun thing, it is nice to write a short peacock essay or a paragraph on this beautiful bird, which symbolizes pride and bragging

We will provide several models of a short essay on peacock, paragraph , and information about peacocks, all of which are interesting information and suitable for all students in different academic levels.

Peacock Essay

The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds, so writing the peacock essay is a fun thing. The peacock is a symbol of pride, to the extent that India has taken it as its symbol.

The male is distinguished by its blue and green feathers, while the females are brown or gray. There is also another type of peacock that is characterized by white color only, all its feathers are white, but it is also very beautiful. In fact, writing the peacock essay made me realize the power of Allah and the beauty of his creation.

The home of the peacock

Asia is the original home of the peacock, but there are many places where the peacock lives. One of the most famous is the Indian peacock, which lives in India in the forests and the wild. The blue peacock lives in East Asia, the Congo peacock in Africa, and there are some species in Australia.

Peacock prefers warm places and areas of savannah and forests, to provide food in them, as it feeds on plants, insects and small reptiles. It has been possible to raise peacocks in public gardens and parks. It can also be raised in farms and homes.

The word peacock is applied to the male only, while the word peahens is used to the female, and the word peafowl is applied to the peacock in general.

The physical characteristics of the peacock bird

The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds, especially the males. Where the male spreads his tail feathers in the form of a fan where we can see the wonderful colors. The colors of the peacock feathers are very cheerful, and attract attention to it.

Also, the peacock feathers vary in colors in several degrees, all of which are in harmony with each other, so that it is a wonderful painting, and everyone is fascinated by it, and recognizes the ability of Allah, the Creator.

The peacock has a blue crest on its head, and the peacock’s tail represents 60% of the peacock’s length.

Indian peacock

The Indian peacock is one of the most colorful peacock species, and the neck and chest are greenish-blue metallic.

It is a wonderful color that no artist’s brush can color with the same beauty and luster, and a sense of softness and elegance.

As for the tail feathers, they are undoubtedly a masterpiece. When the male peacock separates his tail, you see a mixture of harmonious colors, including brown, green and blue in different degrees.

These feathers are decorated with spots resembling eyes, and the colors of these spots are wonderful and are mostly made up of brown, turquoise and blue. The female peacock is smaller than the male, and its colors are less flashy.

Behavioral traits of a peacock

The peacock is a social bird, it lives in small groups, this group may consist of only two pairs and may reach five pairs. The peacock is a cooperative bird, it helps the members of its group in protection and search for food.

Peacocks communicate with each other by making certain sounds, as they scream when there is any danger in order to alert the rest of the group.

Mostly, peacocks in the wild resort to sleeping on top of trees to escape predators, while the female lays eggs in a nest on the ground, but she works to hide it among the plants.

Peacocks defend their land fiercely, and protect their young. They separate their tails to become like a fan and shake them to frighten the enemies.

peacock feeding

Peacock feeds on grains, some herbs, fruit weeds, and plants. But it also feeds on insects, frogs and snails. And when raising a peacock in the home garden, we can offer him breadcrumbs, grains, fruits and herbs.

Peacocks can also feed on insects, worms and small reptiles. In farms dedicated to raising peacocks, they feed it food such as chicken’s food.


During the fertilization period, the male spreads his feathers in rows in the form of a beautifully colored fan, and walks with slow steps, showing his beauty in front of the female. The male becomes able to fertilize when he is three years old, at which point the tail is fully developed.

In the breeding season, the males spread their tails and make loud noises to attract females and display their beauty.

Females are confused by males according to the size and length of the feathers and the multiplicity of bright colors

The bright color of the feathers and the length of the tail indicate that this male is in good health.

In the spring, the male begins to display his beauty in front of four or five females. After mating, the female builds her nest. If she is in the wild, she builds it from grasses, tree branches, leaves, and others, depending on the environment in which she lives.

The female tries to hide her nest so that predators do not see it.

The female lays approximately 4-6 eggs, and the number of eggs is due to the health of the female and the availability of food for her.

The female incubates the eggs for 28-30 days.

The female takes care of her young and protects them, and the young follow her mother for 8-10 months, when they are fully grown.


The peacock essay is interesting with a lot of information about the peacock, especially the males, as they are characterized by the beauty of their colors. We have provided valuable information about the peacock, its behavior, its nutrition and its reproduction.

You will find in the peacock essay everything you need to know about this beautiful bird, I hope you have benefited from what we have provided.


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