A visit to a zoo essay
A visit to a zoo essay

A visit to a zoo essay

A visit to a zoo essay ,The zoo is one of the places that school students are looking forward when going to any trip .the zoo is a place every body loves. All this information will be here in a visit to a zoo essay . 

A visit to a zoo essay

Zoo is one of the most beautiful spaces to make a trip. Making a trip to the zoo broadens our experience, which makes us think of the greatness of God’s creation.

In the zoo, animals gathered together from their original different environments. At first sight, we think we have reached the depth of the forests of Africa when we see the lion roaring at our faces. The splendor of the scene complete in the presence of the tiger, lioness and leopard.

We also saw the splendor of the gazelle, which completely overwhelm us with kind feelings.

We recalled the greatness of the Creator, who created meek and mighty, and gave each creature its characteristics.

As we walked through the zoo, the cage of monkeys suddenly appeared before us. These animals are full of fun and life. They try to play with us while they are busy eating their favorite fruit.

As we walked a little, we saw the king of vanity among all birds. We felt like we are in a garden like paradise, the peacock greeted with its very long tail feathers and escaped to his cage quickly, as if it’s telling us your viewing time for my long tail feathers is over!

After passing through the lion, the lioness, the leopard, the tiger, the peacock, the monkeys and the deer, suddenly we saw a huge bear. We felt as though we have moved into its environment.

Despite all the beauty that the zoo, there was moments of fear. The snake was staring at us and following our movement. It was scaring with its fangs, smooth skin, and huge body. Although it was in the garden and in the cage, we decided to move away from the glass box.

After that we arrived at the crocodile area. It was looks like one of the Amazon swamps, and once we moved away from the crocodile, we saw the owl. It was scaring, perhaps because it’s sad face, or perhaps the wail.

It was reassuring to remember that we are no more than visitors to the zoo and  animals will not attack us.

What a beautiful trip to the zoo.

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