My new year resolution
My new year resolution

My new year resolution 2 Models

My new year resolution  is an essay that deals with the new resolutions we make at the beginning of the new year.

Where people choose any new beginning in order to achieve something they have been dreaming of achieving for a long time.

Everyone wants a good time to start something important and new. With the beginning of the new year, hopes are renewed and people accept to do new things. This is because they feel happy and positive after celebrating the feast.

My new year resolution

Each of us has something specific and important for him that he wants to start working on, but he is waiting for enthusiasm or the right time. In my new year resolution essay, we will learn about the new resolutions that we start to do during the new year. Among these decisions is what may be a fateful decision that may change our lives and health for the better. The new year is chosen for reasons that we will know below.

What is meant by resolutions

Decisions are things we wish we could do, but put off or are afraid to do. These decisions may be fateful or ordinary decisions. One of the crucial decisions is everything related to a person’s life and health.

As for normal decisions, they are about matters that are not vital, including ordinary decisions such as buying a specific device or going for a walk. Sometimes the decisions are to go to a new place or visit a restaurant to eat there.

Why do people make new resolutions

People must constantly make new resolutions. This is to find new things to do. And new decisions encourage new beginnings, as it makes the person renewed enthusiasm.

The resolution stimulates a person’s feelings and makes him move and get out of the state of boredom in which he lives.

But if a person loses this new resolution, he will not move from his place and will become more bored, which will lead to depression and lack of desire for life.

Diet resolution

The diet resolution has become very popular, with millions of people around the world making this decision. But more important than making a diet decision is sticking to it.

Unfortunately, most people do not adhere to the diet. Which leads to their repeated decision-making. After a person fails to complete the appropriate diet, he spends some time practicing an unhealthy life. But over time, he returns to making the diet resolution again.

The resolution to exercise

My New Year’s resolution is to exercise. Sport has become a necessity of life. People knew the importance of sport for the body and health. The body changes and begins to shape in a beautiful way after sports.

As for health, it improves in a noticeable way, as exercise improves the function of the heart muscle, which leads to adequate amounts of blood reaching all parts of the body.

This noticeable improvement makes the person more active and energetic.

Stop smoking

One of the crucial resolutions that many people make is to stop smoking. Communities have suffered from the harmful habit of smoking. Everyone knew that smoking had side effects that could start with lung fibrosis and lead to death.

Smoking affects all parts of the body. Including the lung, which collapses every day and fills with toxic nicotine. As for the teeth and throat, they become infected with atrophy and cancerous tumors. And we will not forget the effect of smoking on the heart muscle and liver.

Addiction treatment

Addiction treatment is one of the right resolutions that a person must take in his life. And the earlier a person makes this decision, the better for him. Because addiction destroys brain cells and poisons the body.

A person may be treated for any kind of addiction if he possesses the iron will that encourages him to endure the treatment period. In which the addict may have some side effects. Including headache and nausea. But it gets better with time and medication.

Going to the gym

I made my New Year’s resolution, which was going to the gym. Where the nutritionist advised me to exercise once a day for half an hour. I was suffering from difficulty moving and a lot of weight gain.

But after exercising, my movement improved and I lost a lot of weight that was an obstacle in my way. I am happy with this good decision and hope to continue my life in a healthy way.

Looking for a new job

For the past year I have been working as a cook in a small restaurant near the house. I have been cooking for many years and I cook really well. But I didn’t get a good chance to work in a place that suits my abilities.

I decided to go to Italy to work in an Italian restaurant. This decision is a life-changing resolution for me and I hope to find the right job. I will finish preparing my papers and travel as soon as possible.

Learn a good skill

My new year resolution is to learn a new skill. Last year I learned how to make my own clothes. I went to a workshop and learned to cut and sew. After making my first piece of clothing myself, I decided to learn another skill. This skill is embroidering clothes with beautiful colored threads. After I make a piece of clothing, I will learn how to decorate it by drawing and embroidering it. This skill requires precision and patience, but I hope to learn it.

Study the best field

I prefer my new year resolution to be related to study. I love to study new areas that I haven’t learned yet. I have decided to go to learn French. When I was ten years old, I traveled to France. My father used to work there and I went to visit him. I loved hearing about the French language. I decided to learn it this year. Soon I will speak French and travel to France again.

Travel to a new place

I love to travel and visit new places. My mom and dad used to travel every year to a new and different city or country.

We are a family that loves to travel and learn about other cultures. I have decided to go to India. I chose India because of all the good things I’ve heard about it. I hope to talk to the people there and visit all the tourist places. I tend to travel to eastern countries because of their heritage, which is different from Europe.

Engagement resolution

I will make a different resolution than the rest of the people where I will relate. After engagement, I will marry and have children. This decision is difficult and strange, but the right time has come. I have finished school and am working at a good job.

I think it is appropriate to get engaged this year. All the necessary capabilities for the engagement are available. I will prepare and complete the necessary preparations for the consummation of this marriage. I’m going to buy the ring and propose to the girl I’ve been choosing for a while.

Visiting relatives far away

I have relatives who live far from our home. But we talk to them on the phone constantly. The relationship we have with them is one of love and respect. But because of work and the pressures of life, we are unable to meet them. This year I decided to travel and visit them and spend some time with them. I’m traveling for the weekend and won’t be back for four days. I am happy and excited about this beautiful trip, and I hope to come back happy.

Separation from an abusive person

One of the most important resolutions we may make at the start of the new year is to separate or distance ourselves from an abusive person. This person may be a relative or a stranger to us. But in the end, there is no need for us to put up with the presence of a harmful person near us.


We have come to the end of our topic for today, my new year resolution, where we talked about new resolutions and their importance to us. And we knew that there are different decisions, some of which are fateful decisions on which the health of the person depends. Including ordinary decisions that may be entertaining.

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