Healthy nutrition
Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition ;For those looking for information about healthy nutrition and its usefulness for body activity, you will find here a topic about healthy nutrition with all the information that interests you and helps you to learn more about the proper diet. Everyone is now looking for healthy nutrition and trying to follow food diets full of important elements and useful for the human body to protect against diseases and health problems that can be exposed. 

Healthy nutrition

Food and water are the main sources of nourishment and strength, but many of the foods we eat do not contain any nutritional value but, on the contrary, lead to health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, so choose healthy and balanced foods that are able to provide enough nutritional values ​​for the body.

Healthy and balanced foods contain large amounts of carbohydrates available in cereals and legumes, vitamins and fiber available in fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins available in meat, poultry, eggs, and low fat and sugars. When a person has enough balanced food, this will affect his health .

Food contains many important benefits of the human body, most notably:

strengthening the bones of the body and protection from the fragility and inflammation, because of the calcium and phosphorus available in food .

Increase the child’s growth and protect him against bone diseases such as rickets or curvature in the feet.

Cancer protection, due to its antioxidants, which in turn prevent the abnormal division of cells leading to cancer tumors.

Strengthen the body and supply it with energy, vitality and activity, so the body is able to endure the daily work without fatigue or exhaustion.

Maintain the ideal weight and protection against obesity resulting from eating large amounts of fat.

Nourish the brain, and make it better able to concentrate and absorb, so it is better to eat balanced food for students; because they need constant nourishment of their mind.

Increase the ability of the immune system to cope with diseases; it increases the production of antibodies in the blood capable of resisting bacteria and microbes.

Build muscle and cells properly; protein found in large amounts in balanced food gives this benefit.

Strengthen the digestive system and help digest food quickly, for the availability of fiber in it significantly.

Provide the pregnant woman with the important elements of her and her fetus, and protect the fetus from some congenital malformations resulting from the lack of some elements such as folic acid.

Protecting the nervous system from stress . A person who is eating a balanced diet on a daily basis has a quiet personality that is far from violent.

 To get fresh skin free of blemishes , so as to its ability to secure all nutrients that nourish the skin, and make it moist.

Strengthen the hair and increase its growth and prevent bombardment.

Strengthen the nails and protect them from breakage, due to the availability of calcium in it.

Strengthen teeth, prevent decay; it gives the face more beauty.

Protect the lips from cracking and dehydration.

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