healthy and unhealthy food
healthy and unhealthy food

Healthy and unhealthy food

Healthy and unhealthy food; where everyone is looking for information on the benefits and damage to food and wants  to know the types of healthy food and unhealthy food ,here you will find a topic comparing healthy and unhealthy food  with all the information you are looking for and want to know. Because of the routine of daily life fast everyone is heading towards fast food, which led to the occurrence of many health problems and here we will show you the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, where we will give you an article by comparing healthy and unhealthy food .

Healthy and unhealthy food

Healthy food is the food that contains the integrated nutrients of vitamins, minerals and mineral salts that benefit the body by strengthening the immune system to resist various bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases. Experts recommended that healthy eating, which is free from high calorie or saturated fat, Therefore, there should be a number of conditions for the health food, which we will address to mention the most important in this article.

Healthy food conditions :

Take into consideration when eating food the physiological state of the person, age, sex.

Be free of any microbes, or chemical or biological contaminants.

To be varied and balanced.

Be appetizing.

To be desirable.

Healthy food groups:

Energy foods: They are responsible for giving the body the energy it needs to perform its various vital activities. Its main sources are sugars, tubers, animal and vegetable fats, and grains of all kinds.

Building foods: They are useful in the growth of the body and regeneration of its cells, and the most important sources; proteins in animal form and plant.

Prevention food: It is competent to resist diseases that may be exposed to the body, the most important; vegetables and fruits, and various types of natural juices.

Tips to ensure a healthy diet :

Take care to eat foods from their natural sources.

Stay away from the use of the oil, which has changed color due to repeated use.

Avoid overcooking.

Do not use foods containing preservatives or coloring, especially meat derivatives.

Avoid using margarine or hydrogenated oil to cook food.

Do not drink tea during or immediately after eating, because this limits the absorption of iron in the body and thus causes anemia.

Avoid eating high-cholesterol foods to avoid heart disease.

Do not increase the levels of sugars of 50 grams per day.

Avoid using plastic containers in the process of food preservation or filling, especially fatty ones.

Do not overuse salt during the cooking process because of the significant loss of food nutrients.

Eat directly after a cooking process.

Eating too few times a day is better than eating large amounts during less periods.

Foods in sealed containers are refrigerated at temperatures below 10 ° C.

Eat foods containing vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and calcium since childhood; to avoid the risk of future osteoporosis.

Exercising; as a daily walking sport for 30-60 minutes.

Check the shelf life of foods, especially packaged and packed.

 On the contrary, unhealthy food  does not contain useful nutrients. It does not contain the minerals and vitamins necessary for the body’s daily needs. On the contrary, it contains a high proportion of saturated fats, hydrogenated oils, complex sugars, and salts Which affect the body and cause serious diseases such as the rise of harmful cholesterol and the resulting sudden clots and diseases in the heart, kidneys and liver, in addition to these foods may often cause diseases such as diabetes, stress, cancer and others.

With the complexity of daily life, most people have moved away from daily healthy food for their tendency to fast life and lack of time to cook daily at home, so they go to restaurants to eat unhealthy food, which makes them complain of many health problems in the future.

For example, boiled potatoes are useful for the body, but if fried, they produce large calories stored in the body, causing obesity and diabetes, and frying potatoes and eggplants at very high temperatures,cause the production of cancer cells that cause different types of cancers in the future.

High fat foods such as fast food, hamburgers, cheeses, red meat, and some types of fish that are fried in eggs and flour are very dangerous to health and are very common in international restaurants in all countries. These absorb a lot of fat caused Cancer, heart disease and high blood cholesterol.

Desserts of all kinds: chocolate in the market and saturated with fat, as well as types of cakes and cheeses cake and gatewo covered with creams, baklava, kanafah etc., all contain a high proportion of sugars that cause difficulty in digestion, and weight increase, diseases of high sugar and pressure.

Soft drinks: The addiction to drink soft drinks such as Pepsi and others cause serious diseases in the digestive system and kidney and fragility of the organ and completely devoid of nutritional benefits.

Stimulates: Some stimulants have good benefits such as tea and coffee. The tea works to adjust the acidity of the stomach and reduce the pressure. The coffee works to alert the nervous system and reduce the feeling of indigestion, but if the rates of drinking on two cups it will have negative effects on the body. Absorption of iron in the body, especially if it was drunk during meals.

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