Essay on Social Media
Essay on Social Media

Essay on Social Media 3 Models

Essay on social media is one of the most important topics that students search for, and sometimes you are asked to write a paragraph or a short essay on social media, and what are the pros and cons of social media, so I will provide you with several examples of social media and how to benefit from it. This is because the use of social media has become widespread all over the world, and there are great positives to it, as well as very serious negatives.

Here the student will find various essays on social media and its importance in our lives.

Essay on Social Media

There has been a revolution in the world of communications, and among the modern applications of social media, we will write an essay on social media, and what are the most popular social media sites that people use around the world.

There should also be instructions, especially for children, on how to use social media, and we will explain in the essay on social media the benefits of these sites, and their importance to both the individual and society, and social networking sites have become of great importance in all areas of life, they are used in the peaceful and military fields. also.

Social media concept

In the modern era, great progress has occurred in communications via the Internet, and there are many social networking sites, and we can define social media as a modern technology that enables us to exchange information, ideas, experiences and various activities through communication between virtual communities.

The means of communication depend mainly on the presence of the Internet connected to computers or mobile devices, and these tools have been available all over the world, so that it has become very easy to use these applications, and users have been able to access content quickly, as well as transfer information, videos, images and others with ease.

Examples of the most popular social media

There are a lot of social media, and often a person uses more than one social networking site, because each site has different advantages from the other.

The number of users of social networking sites has reached more than 3.63 billion users, and this number is constantly increasing, due to the connection of the Internet to new places in the world.

It was also found that 90% of social media users are aged between 18-29 years, but this statistic is changing rapidly due to the spread of mobile and Internet use among children and adolescents.

Among the most popular social media are:

What’s Up

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting applications, as well as sending text messages or voice messages. WhatsApp also allows sending photos and videos, and video chatting.

It also allows individual conversation or group conversation, and sending messages to others individually or collectively, and the WhatsApp application depends on using the user’s phone number instead of his name.


Facebook is considered one of the largest and most widely used social networking sites, with the number of users of the Facebook application reaching more than 2 billion users, and the Facebook Messenger application is one of the most widely used social media in communication between individuals and groups.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues at the university, and in 2004 it was made available to users.


Twitter is a social platform that provides users with the ability to follow people of interest, in addition to micro-blogging, and you can post short tweets whose content does not exceed 160 characters, as the design of Twitter depends on short text messages (SMS).

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams.


Instagram is one of the largest social networking sites for posting photos and short videos. It was created in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. In 2012, Kevin Sestos sold the site to Facebook for a billion dollars.

The YouTube

YouTube was established in 2005, and it is the most famous site for publishing videos of all kinds. YouTube provided the opportunity for users to submit videos and content of their own preparation, as well as an opportunity for film industry professionals to prepare YouTube films or publish movies, series, parties, and other artistic, sports and other activities.

And when it was bought by Google in 2006, it became one of the platforms used for advertising, commerce and communication with customers.

The positives of social media

  • It allows communicating with anyone anywhere easily, it has become easy to communicate with people all over the world.
  • Contacting anyone is instant and fast.
  • Live transmission of events as they occur.
  • It has become possible to transmit information and news around the world at high speed.
  • Social media is used to market products through advertisements.
  • Social media is a commercial platform through which products can be displayed, sold and purchased.
  • Social media is used for entertainment, entertainment and interaction with other people.
  • One of the most important uses of social media is distance learning.
  • Social media allows the user to join a group of people with the same interests.
  • Provide many job opportunities.

Disadvantages of social media

  • The spread of rumors and false news that would fuel conflicts.
  • Wasting time and not taking advantage of it is one of the most dangerous disadvantages of social media.
  • Lack of integration into society, and the spread of social isolation even within the same family. Each family member has become more concerned with virtual life than with those around him.
  • The means of communication have a negative impact on the health of the individual, as a result of not making any muscular effort.
  • Helps to increase stress and anxiety and lack of regular sleep
  • It distracts the focus, and it also makes the person unrealistic.

The effect of social media on family bonding

There is no doubt that there are negative effects on the interdependence between family members as a result of the wrong use of social media, where each family member sits alone for a long time, and is preoccupied with what he sees or hears on social media, which weakens the relationship between family members, there is no dialogue between them and none of them knows anything about the other.

Family members have become sitting in one house, but each one of them has his own virtual world that shapes his thinking and behavior, and thus they have become strangers or enemies within one house.

There is no doubt that the correct use of social media strengthens family ties, where there is a sharing of ideas, ease of communication and rumors of each other.

How to take advantage of social media

We live in the age of technology, and we cannot deny that. Social media has become available in the hands of billions of people, and it is certain that social media has great importance in our lives, and its benefits are many, but it also has serious damages.

Here are some tips for taking advantage of social media:

  • Allocate a specific time to use social media and you must stick to the duration you have specified.
  • Strengthening social bonds, especially between family members, relatives and friends, because social media helps to isolate.
  • Not to be drawn into everything you read or watch, because social media can promote lies and rumors through it.
  • There must be adherence to values ​​and morals, because the means of communication are one of the reasons for the spread of wrong habits.


Social media has become a necessity of the current era, and in fact it is a double-edged sword, or in other words, its work is two-sided.

We can benefit greatly from social media when we use it correctly, and social media may be the reason for our failure in life, if we use it incorrectly.

At the end of the essay on social media, I hope that you have benefited from the valuable information and the interrelated elements in the topic.

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