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Social Media essay in English
Social Media essay in English

Social Media essay in English

Social media essay in English contains many important information about the Social Media and its importance in our lives as well as we will learn about the most important types of Social Media. All this and more will be found here in Social Media essay in English .

Social Media essay in English

There is no doubt that Social Media has become a feature of the age that exists everywhere in the world and is used by millions of people every day. But as Social Media has many advantages, it also has a lot of damages to the individual and society, and that’s what we’ll know here in Social media essay in English .

Social networking sites

Social communication can be defined in general as an individual increasing his or her friends; by establishing relationships with others.

 Recently, after the emergence of social networking sites, these sites have also become a means of establishing relationships between individuals.

Social networking sites can be defined as sites that allow users to create personal accounts, and to establish relationships with other users of the same sites.Facebook, What`s app, and YouTube are examples of these sites.

The positives of social networking sites

It is undeniable that social networking sites have returned to the world with many positive, for example, it has facilitated the process of identifying new friends.

 These sites also provided an opportunity for the individual to express himself, and to share every thing with his friends. Moreover, communication became easy and very fast with social networking sites.

Social networking sites have opened the world wide, and thanks to it, it is like a small village, where the user of these sites can communicate with someone else in another place away from him with ease.

Social networking sites also provide the user with the opportunity to meet new people and share new interests with them.

The disadvantages of social networking sites:

 As social networking sites have many advantages, they also have many disadvantages that may be dangerous at times; relationships that are built through social networking sites are usually false and not real, but they make one think the opposite, so it is difficult to differentiate them from real relationships in the real world.

These sites may be used for bullying by some individuals, especially against young people; According to a CBS News survey, 42% of young people participating in these sites have been subjected to bullyingز

It is undeniable that social networking sites have reduced one’s productivity; they distract employees from their jobs.

Facebook alone reduced per capita productivity by 1.5%, and British companies lose nearly $ 2.2 billion annually; as a result of distracting social networking sites for their employees.

In addition, social networking sites violate the privacy of individuals even with the settings provided by these sites; to protect the privacy of users. 

Types of social networking sites:

  There are several types of social networking sites, different in terms of features that are available to the user, and has been divided by Life Wire site  as follows:

 Popular social networking sites: These sites are the popular and most used by people compared to others, such as sites: Facebook, Twitter.

Social networking sites that allow anonymous use: This type of web site does not force users to enter their personal information to use it.

Teen sites: Examples of these sites are the Tumblr site.

 Sites that depend on the deployment of the user’s place: These sites enable users to publish their current place when posting a status, examples of these sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snab Chat.

Global Contact Sites: These sites are among the most popular sites around the world, such as Facebook, QZone, and Russian VK.

Web sites rely on video publishing: YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo; these sites offer users many features to provide the best video publishing environment.

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