Essay on rome was not built in a day
Essay on rome was not built in a day

Essay on rome was not built in a day 3 Models

Essay on Rome was not built in a day is a great proverb that encourages us to work hard and continue. We will present several models such as a short essay , an essay on success factors and turning a dream into reality, an essay on Rome was not built in a day, an essay on success factors in our lives, and what we learn from life lessons. Great achievements took a lot of effort and time. Various topics (150-500) words. It is suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and the first, second and third grades of middle and high school.

Essay on rome was not built in a day

We must learn from life lessons, great achievements. And if you want to achieve great success in life, you must put this wonderful proverb before your eyes” Rome was not built in a day”.

The city of Rome is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it indicates the unique architecture, so writing an essay on Rome was not built in a day will be fun.

And you must remind yourself of this proverb whenever you feel the long way to success, or feel frustrated by the many obstacles and problems.

life lessons

We must learn from the great achievements that we see around us, so we should not be dazzled by what we see of modern inventions or beautiful cities, without thinking about how that invention was achieved, or how this beautiful city was built.

And you should ask yourself about the amount of effort and time spent in order to see a beautiful city or use a modern machine or something else.

And since the city of Rome is one of the most wonderful and beautiful cities in the world in terms of design and architectural art such as statues, gardens, etc., it is a city of beauty and tourists from all over the world go to it to enjoy watching the buildings that are characterized by art and indicate the genius of the engineers.

Therefore, Rome was used in the proverb because it is a true example of hard work, meticulous work, creativity and innovation, success and distinction.

An important essay because it expresses success factors all the time. Proverbs are words that express facts, which we must take as a principle that we follow in our lives in order to achieve success.

The benefit of writing an essay on Rome was not built in a day

There is no doubt that thinking about the achievements of those who preceded us gives us great strength and makes us more enthusiastic. Among the things that can be gained from the previous example is that:

  • Great achievement takes a long time, and this is realistic, as there is no great achievement that is done easily or effortlessly. But every great achievement took a lot of effort and time, and many men worked for its success. The great achievements are the result of the efforts of many scholars, each of whom had a great role. In the end, we see the achievements and are amazed at their greatness, and it may seem to us that they are simple.
  • When we aim to achieve a distinguished level, we must take all the hard measures. Great goals gain their value from the degree of their difficulty. Easy things can be done by everyone, but difficult things can only be done by the greats with determination and strong will. Many times a person is forced to make difficult decisions in order to achieve his dream.
  • Optimism is required in order to achieve our goals, because the road to success is long and full of obstacles, most people lose their enthusiasm and feel disappointed. Thus, they abandon their goals and leave what they have reached. Therefore, optimism must be an essential part of our lives so that we can continue on the path to success.
  • To achieve real success, we must be patient and diligent, and there is no doubt that diligence is the most important factor in success. But diligence without patience will not lead to success, because achieving success requires continued hard work, and this requires that you be patient.
  • You must believe that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then you will be sure that success will come at the end of the road. You should not despise any step you take on the path to success. The results may not be impressive at first, but this is not evidence of failure. Rather, this is evidence that the road is long, and success will come and go, so do not worry and be confident in your abilities.
  • Hard work always pays off. You must be confident that you are doing your best. The results will certainly be impressive, even if you fail at some things, you will learn from your mistakes, correct your path, and eventually achieve your goals.
  • The road to success is not easy and you should expect many obstacles. The path to success is always difficult, especially if you want to achieve a great achievement, because most people choose the easy paths, while geniuses choose to move forward in the difficult paths, because they are able to overcome the obstacles they face, and all of that you can write in the essay on rome was not built in a day.

Turning a dream into reality

Turning a dream into reality requires patience and hard work. “Rome was not built in one day”, a phrase uttered by the famous playwright John Hood, which means that achievements of high value require a lot of effort and time.

This proverb is very good, and is compatible with all times. In the current era, there are many great discoveries and inventions that work to improve human life, and these inventions were not the result of chance, but rather the result of great efforts made by great scientists.

A dream can become a reality through planning, implementation, and achieving success step by step. There is no success without good planning and setting priorities.

Therefore, the great achievements are well studied, plans are drawn up, goals are defined, and then implementation takes place in several stages. Achievements are evaluated every period of time to avoid and correct errors, and plans can be modified if necessary.

One of the most important factors that turn a dream into reality is working within a team. It is certain that concerted efforts save effort and time, in addition to that cooperation between scientists leads to the accumulation of great experiences, and therefore the achievement will be great. Therefore it is important to work with a team, efforts must be combined and there must be consistency among scientists.

Reasons for mentioning Rome in the parable

The city of Rome is used in this proverb because it is a wonderful city, and it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as it has distinguished architecture, statues and gardens, and all of this took a long time, and thousands of people worked with skilled engineers, workers, builders, and others, and the work continued for years.

Now we go to Rome and see all this beauty, and we do not think about the effort and time that it took for Rome to appear with this beauty.


At the end of the essay on rome was not built in a day, you must understand the true meaning of this proverb, it is a phrase that urges holding on to the dream, and turning it into reality.

There is no doubt that this phrase summed up all that we need of hard work and patience in order to achieve our goals and dreams. In fact, I admire this phrase because it made me cling to my dream, and I will bear the difficulties in order to achieve it.

I hope you have benefited from this article.

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