Essay on renewable energy
Essay on renewable energy

Essay on renewable energy 3 Models

Essay on renewable energy, it is an important topic, and you should practice writing it, because renewable energy is the only solution to treat the problem of global warming.

We will present several models such as a short essay on the importance of renewable energy, a report on clean energy sources, and how to benefit from natural resources that are not harmful to the environment.

Our topics are suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and students of the first, second and third grades of middle and high school.

Essay on renewable energy

Renewable energy has gained a lot of attention, and that is why we present an essay on renewable energy, which includes basic elements on renewable energy sources, and how to benefit from solar energy, winds, waterfalls, and others in generating electrical energy.

It is important to write an article that contains a lot of information and concepts, and shows the role of science in solving problems. It also trains students to research and deduce, and this helps them in acquiring new experiences.

Definition of renewable energy

Renewable energy is a type of energy that we get from natural sources. Renewable energy is not exhausted by consumption and it is unlimited, as it is environmentally friendly, and there is a great demand from all countries of the world to replace coal and oil with clean energy, but that takes a lot of time.

The Climate Conference, which is held every year, calls for expanding the use of renewable energy, especially in major industrial countries such as China, the United States of America, India and Japan.

Renewable energy advantages

Renewable energy has many advantages, some of which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Renewable and cannot be exhausted: because its sources are natural, such as the sun, wind, water falls, and others. All of these sources are permanent and never run out.
  • Renewable energy is environmentally friendly: in contrast to energy resulting from the combustion of coal or petroleum and its derivatives, where carbon dioxide gas that pollutes the environment does not rise.
  • Renewable energy saves money: it does not require large amounts of money to generate it, and the cost of maintenance is low.
  • Renewable energy preserves human health: it does not emit harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and others, and therefore it is safer for the environment in general and for humans in particular.
  • Does not need much maintenance: because the equipment used is simple and inexpensive, and it can be maintained without a high cost.
  • It is possible to invest in renewable energy easily: because every country can exploit its natural resources in the production of renewable energy. There are some countries characterized by the presence of waterfalls, and other countries characterized by a high temperature, and an increase in the number of hours of sunshine throughout the year, and other countries that can benefit from the wind speed.
  • Availability of new jobs: One of the advantages of renewable energy is that it provides new jobs for job seekers and is considered a good economic value.

Renewable energy

There are various sources of renewable energy, and in an essay on renewable energy you can mention these sources as follows:

Solar energy

The sun is considered one of the most natural sources for the production of renewable energy, as the solar energy that reaches the earth in one hour is greater than the energy that the world consumes in a year.

The use of solar panels to generate electricity has spread in many countries. Countries are working to increase reliance on solar energy and abandon the energy generated from burning coal or oil and its derivatives.

Wind Energy

Getting energy from wind is increasing day by day, due to its low cost. It is spread in countries that have areas with strong winds, and there are giant turbines installed in windy areas, and their movement results in electric energy, which can be used in many fields.


It is the energy that we can obtain from water sources, such as dam reservoirs, waterfalls and flowing water in rivers, where mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

Tidal Energy

Energy is derived from the rising and falling waters of the seas and oceans. This energy is modern and its production has not been expanded. However, there is a great interest in generating electrical energy from natural sources

Geothermal energy

This heat, which is derived from the Earth’s heat, is a renewable energy, as the Earth’s interior contains molten materials, which results in a significant increase in the Earth’s interior temperature. It is used in heating buildings, generating electricity and other domestic uses.


Bioenergy is one of the forms of renewable energy, and one of the most important sources of bioenergy is organic waste, such as forest residues, agricultural crop waste, bacterial decomposition of waste, algae and other organic materials.

Bioenergy is produced as a result of combustion or decomposition by bacteria, and organic matter is transformed into flammable gas or liquid.

Renewable energy uses

Recently, renewable energy has been used in many fields, and there are recommendations to expand the use of clean energy to preserve the environment and reduce the damage resulting from global warming. Among the areas in which renewable energy is used are the following:

First: the use of renewable energy in the industrial field

Renewable energy is used in industry because it is low cost, and thus the price of products decreases due to low production costs, and this encourages trade, buying and selling, which benefits both the consumer and the seller, and also encourages investment in the industry.

Second: the use of renewable energy in the agricultural field

Renewable energy is used to dry fruits and crops, and it is also used to charge generators and batteries. Renewable energy is less expensive than diesel energy and is therefore used to generate the electricity needed to operate irrigation machines, transportation and others.

Third: the use of renewable energy in the commercial field

The generation of energy from natural sources has become of great economic value, as large projects are established to generate electricity and then sell it to other countries, in addition to lighting the streets and homes.

The electricity generated from renewable energy is also used in all fields, which achieves profits and helps economic growth.

Disadvantages of renewable energy

There are some defects and problems that scientists can overcome in the future, including:

  • Renewable energy generated from natural sources is insufficient for consumption by countries.
  • Solar cells or turbines need a large area.
  • Renewable energy has not been trusted, because it depends on the sun or the wind, which is variable from season to season.
  • It is also an important factor that most countries in the world have spent a lot on oil and gas wells, the giant oil tanker industry and other huge industries, and they will not give up these industries easily, but it may happen gradually.


At the end of the essay on renewable energy, we explained the importance of renewable energy, especially when the planet was exposed to pollution, and the earth’s temperature rose as a result of the emission of carbon dioxide gas resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels (coal – oil), so it became necessary to use renewable energy and expand its production. I hope you have benefited from our essay on renewable energy .

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