Essay on dog
Essay on dog

Essay on Dog 3 Models

Essay on dog, is an article that talks about the different types of dogs and the uses that humans need for the presence of dogs. There is an essay on hunting dogs. And an essay on the dog is a pet that can be raised at home. We will also present a presentation on the importance of dogs in human life.

Fierce dogs and cute dogs are all types that humans love, whether in using them as friends, or using them for guarding purposes and protecting property.

Essay on dog

The dog is one of the most important and famous pets in the whole world. So in an essay on dog we will talk in detail about dogs.

The dog has known humans since ancient times, and humans used to go out to hunt and do not know a way to get food without hunting.

On their way to hunt in the forest, they found many kinds of exotic animals. With experience, humans knew what animal eats grass and does not represent a danger, and what is a predator that eats meat and attacks humans.

How did humans know the dog?

Humans have seen a type of animal that eats grass, and despite their different sizes, some are small and some are huge. But they knew that any animal that eats grass does not attack humans and is not considered a source of threat.

But they also found animals that only eat meat, and they knew that they were a source of great danger to humans, and that they considered them food.

But they also found a type of creature that eats meat, but most of the time it doesn’t attack humans. Humans knew that this family has many types, including predators such as wild dogs and wolves. These two species are impossible to breed at home. As for the rest of the species, it is possible to breed them easily.

What are the benefits of raising dogs?

Dogs are among the many animals that have many benefits for humans, due to the presence of many types of them.

Each type has its own shape and benefit that is different from the other types.

The strong and terrifying species are used for guarding and hunting purposes. The species which are beautiful in shape and small in size are used in the treatment of loneliness and depression. Where they are brought to children or the elderly to live with them and make them feel lonely and happy. A depressed person must take care of a pet in order to forget his sorrows.

The dog makes people feel safe, so it is brought to protect people or protect homes. Especially those who live in places under constant attack and robbery. When the dog barks at night, the thieves retreat and the owner of the house wakes up and calls the police.

When do dogs present a danger to their owners?

Dogs are among the creatures that may have diseases that make them fierce and attack humans. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the vet regularly. In order to be vaccinated and protected from rabies, which makes it dangerous to those around it.

Bad treatment of dogs may make them more hostile towards humans. When a dog is beaten or tortured when it is young, this changes its nature.

There are some people who deliberately raise a dog in a ferocious manner in order to attack humans, which makes it dangerous to others.

What types of dogs are suitable for breeding at home?

Dogs that are suitable for breeding at home are dogs that are characterized by a small size, and to be gentle and harmless. Among the most popular species that most people keep are Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers, Pickens, Bolognes, Maltese Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, and Griffons.

As for dogs that should be used for study purposes, they must have certain characteristics, including strength and ferocity. They must be trained to protect their owners and attack aggressors. Among these types are dogs called German Shepherd, Commander, Staffordshire, Doberman, Bullmastiff, and Rottweiler.


At the end of an essay on dog, we got to know the types of dogs that are suitable for living indoors. The reason why it lives with humans is that it has a peaceful nature.

But there are types that are only suitable for guarding, as they are characterized by strength and attack on enemies.

As soon as you smell a stranger or hear the sound of feet, they attack without mercy.

And there are species dedicated to hunting, where they help their friends to bring hunting from the middle of the forest.


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