Essay on capital punishment
Essay on capital punishment

Essay on capital punishment 2 Models

Essay on capital punishment, important topic and must have information on the death penalty. We will present various models such as a short essay on the death penalty between supporters and opponents, a paragraph on the importance of applying the death penalty, the advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty, a long article (500 – 150) words about the crimes that require the death penalty, and what are the methods used to implement this sentence, in addition to To your point of view on this punishment and whether it deters others or not.

Topics suitable for first, second and third intermediate and secondary students, in which the reasons for the objection of some human rights organizations to the death penalty were presented, as well as the opinions of those who demand the application of the death penalty in criminals who commit major crimes, such as murder, organ trafficking, rape, espionage, treason, and so on. of terrible crimes.

Essay on capital punishment

The death sentence is the maximum penalty issued by the courts, and in the essay on capital punishment we will explain the importance of applying the death penalty, especially in cases of murder, espionage, military coup and other major crimes that cause the death of people, or the destruction of countries, or cases of espionage for foreign countries, disclosure of state secrets, and other major crimes that harm society.

Execution between supporters and opponents

The capital punishment is carried out in many countries, with the aim of punishment or general deterrence and prevention. This punishment applies to criminal offenses, espionage, military coup against the ruler and other major crimes. In some countries, the death penalty is not carried out, and life imprisonment is imposed instead.

The capital punishment is not carried out until after the court has issued a judgment to that effect. The death sentence is carried out by the competent authorities such as the police or the army.

Some countries oppose the implementation of the capital punishment, especially European countries, which made the United Nations support the issuance of a non-binding resolution to abolish this penalty.

Knowing that the major countries (the most populous) such as China, the United States, India and Indonesia apply the death penalty. More than 60% of the world’s population lives in these countries, in addition to Arab and Islamic countries as well.

There are international and local organizations that oppose the capital punishment, and reject it completely on the grounds that it does not achieve deterrence, and demand that this punishment not be applied in all cases, without exception. This is out of their concern for the human right to life, and for fear that the death penalty will be issued and carried out on an innocent person, whose innocence may appear after the execution of the death sentence.

I believe that the conditions for a fair trial must be met, and that the accused fulfill all his rights in the presence of a lawyer (or a group of lawyers) to defend him, and in the event that the accused is unable to bring a lawyer, the court will appoint a lawyer for him.

The case must also go through all stages of litigation, such as the first stage, represented by the Court of First Instance, and the second stage, represented by the Court of Appeal.

In some countries, there is a third stage of litigation called the discrimination stage, which is the highest level of litigation, all of which takes place before the execution of the capital punishment.

The importance of applying the capital punishment

Most countries in the world apply the capital punishment, due to its importance in stabilizing society, spreading security and peace among citizens, in addition to preserving state secrets. In the essay on capital punishment, we can summarize the importance of the death penalty as follows:

Punishment is similar to the crime: We have heard a lot about crimes in which the perpetrator kills the victim for no reason, and it may be motivated by revenge, theft, sexual assault, and so on.

Is it right to leave this murderer without a deterrent punishment, and should we have mercy on him and ask that the death sentence not be executed? He killed innocent people without having mercy on them.

Taking into account the feelings of the victim’s family: Also, the victim’s family feels injustice if the death sentence is not carried out against the killer, and they will not rest until the killer is killed.

Implementation of the force of law: the implementation of the capital punishment will stop the sequence of the killing process in society, because the victim’s family will take revenge on the killer by killing him, and thus the killings will sequence between the two parties, in the event that each person resorts to taking revenge on the perpetrator himself.

Deter others: The application of the death penalty will deter criminals who are considering committing capital crimes.

Reducing the crime rate in society: When the death penalty and other severe penalties are applied, criminals will think a lot before they commit criminal acts, and thus the crime rate in society will decrease.

Spreading social peace: Applying the capital punishment to criminals accused of murder achieves social peace, where citizens feel the power of law and the protection of the state for them, just as criminals feel that punishment will be a deterrent and not merciful. It is important for social peace to be achieved so that citizens can lead their lives normally.

Crimes for which the capital punishment is applied

Undoubtedly, this sentence is very harsh, and therefore it is applied only in the case of the perpetrator committing a major crime. In the essay on capital punishment, we will explain these crimes as follows:

Criminals who commit serious crimes: They are people who carry out serious crimes, such as killing or participating in killing with others. It is required that the killing be premeditated, surveillance and planning for the crime, and the death penalty is not applied in cases of manslaughter or self-defense.

Espionage: Espionage is considered one of the grave crimes for which the death penalty is applied, because espionage and working for the benefit of enemies is a dangerous act that exposes the state to defeat and collapse.

Treason: The capital punishment is applied in the case of military treason.

Sexual Offenses: The capital punishment is applied in cases of rape.

Drug trafficking: The capital punishment is carried out for drug trafficking offenses in some countries.

Human Trafficking: The capital punishment is also applied for human trafficking crimes.

Major corruption crimes: The capital punishment is applied in major corruption crimes because it seriously harms society.

Military crimes: such as desertion, mutiny, desertion from the battlefield, disobedience to orders.

Execution of the capital punishment

Punishment in general means that a person is punished for what he did. The term execution is the eradication of the offender from society by various means depending on the different laws and customs applied in each society. In the essay on capital punishment, we will explain the methods of carrying out the capital punishment.

In military trials, execution is by shooting in the head or chest, and in civil trials, the death penalty is by hanging. In some countries, this penalty is carried out by beheading, electrocution, injecting poison into the body of the offender, or putting poison in a drink.

Benefits of applying the capital punishment

One of the most important benefits of applying the death penalty is deterring others. In the current era, crimes have spread, murders, rape, human trafficking, robbery at gunpoint, espionage, treason and other crimes that threaten people’s lives and threaten instability have increased. These crimes also affect the economy of countries and individuals in a negative way.

Therefore, the capital punishment is necessary to deter those who think of assaulting the lives of others, or taking their property.

It is certain that this punishment will make criminals think before they commit major crimes, as they lose their lives, in addition to harming their families.

One of the benefits of applying the capital punishment is also comforting the families of the victims.

Disadvantages of the capital punishment

The capital punishment is a final and irreversible punishment, and it cannot be remedied. If any error occurs in the stages of the trial, or new evidence appears that acquits the accused, this will not be of any benefit after the execution of the sentence.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the capital punishment. Therefore, policemen, investigators, judges, and lawyers must be very responsible so that we do not wrong an innocent person.

One of the shortcomings of this punishment is that it is not implemented until after completing the procedures, and the offender is in a state of waiting for the execution of the sentence, which makes him terrified.

One of the most serious flaws is the application of this ruling to innocent people. Sometimes the death penalty is applied to get rid of political competitors, or this punishment is applied to hide the corruption of senior officials in the state, or other corruption of judges and the weakening of poor groups of the people.



At the end of my essay on capital punishment, I have introduced several aspects of this punishment, and I have taken care to present the different opinions on the death penalty. There are countries that do not apply this penalty, and give the offender a chance to live inside prison. Other countries apply this punishment in order to deter others and achieve social peace.

In all cases, each country adopts the appropriate laws that are in line with its beliefs and customs. I hope that crimes will decrease and people will live in safety.

Exposing innocent lives to danger is a sad thing, and when someone from your family is exposed to a crime of murder, rape, or the sale of organs, then you will feel that the death penalty is the appropriate punishment that the perpetrator deserves, and you will not forgive the government  if he is imprisoned only, and the death penalty is not carried out.

I hope that you have benefited from the essay on capital punishment, and got to know the point of view of each of the opponents of this punishment, as well as the point of view of the supporters.

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