Essay on believe in yourself
Essay on believe in yourself

Essay on believe in yourself 3 Models

Essay on believe in yourself is important, because self-confidence is the most important success factor, without your self-confidence you will not achieve your great goals. We offer several models such as, a short essay on self-confidence, definition of self-confidence, a paragraph about steps to increase your self-confidence, what are the manifestations of self-confidence, how do I develop my self-confidence, sayings that encourage you to be confident in yourself, obstacles to self-confidence and how to overcome them, and what is the difference between self-confidence and arrogance.

Interesting topics suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and students of the first, second and third grades of middle school and high school. The elements of an essay on believe in yourself include an introduction, and a conclusion.

Essay on believe in yourself

One of the most important factors for a person’s success is his self-confidence, so in essay on believe in yourself we will show the importance of this trait, and how a person of average intelligence but has self-confidence may achieve better success than someone who is smart but does not believe in himself.

Your self-confidence is the key to many opportunities that you can take advantage of, especially in the oral exams where you have to speak tactfully and without fear.

And also when you apply for a job and other social relationships in which you must be a positive person, and therefore we will present the essay on believe in yourself

 There are some tips that help you increase your self-confidence and enhance your sense of positivity such as psychological support and taking care of your external appearance. In addition to educating yourself, knowing local and global events, and avoiding obstacles that make you lose your self-confidence, such as neglect, laziness or lack of self-esteem, praising others more than they deserve, and so on.

Definition of self-confidence

Essay on believe in yourself in which we define self-confidence as a person’s sense of his own worth and belief in his abilities, and this confidence is translated into behavior and actions.

Self-confidence stems from oneself and not from others, and therefore all his behavior is natural and controlled, without fear or anxiety.

Self-confidence must come from yourself, because if you rely on gaining your confidence in yourself from the opinions of others, you will never gain it, because you will not find someone who prefers you over himself.

Self-confidence is your ability to make tough decisions at the right time. Many people miss out on great opportunities because of a lack of self-confidence, and consequently feel regret afterward that haunts them throughout their lives.

A lack of self-confidence makes a person care about the opinions of others, and all his behavior is abnormal, and anxiety and stress appear on him when he is with others. He cannot make any decision except after consulting a large number of people, whose opinions may differ, and thus he becomes confused and tense, and in the end he is unable to reach a correct decision.

Self-confidence is the most important success factor

All life experiences have proven that self-confidence is the most important success factor, because a person who is confident in his abilities will accept challenges without fear, and thus will discover solutions and be able to complete the path of success and reach its end, thus achieving his great goals.

A person who is not confident in himself will back down at the first problem he encounters, because he does not believe in his abilities and is deeply afraid of failure.

It is important to realize that success will not come if you believe that you are unable to achieve it, and therefore you must have self-esteem and that you can achieve what you want, even if you fail at the beginning, you will achieve what you want in the end.

Often failure is the strongest motivation for success, and this is what a self-confident person believes in. He is not afraid of failure, but considers failure an experience that he benefited from in correcting his mistakes.

Steps and tips to increase your self-confidence

In the essay on believe in yourself, I will offer some tips that boost your self-confidence, including:

  1. Support yourself: You should always support yourself by remembering your abilities and skills, and praising yourself with words of praise. Self-support is the best way to increase your self-confidence.
  2. Taking care of your external appearance: Your appearance in a decent and elegant manner makes you confident in the acceptance of others, and thus increases your self-confidence.
  3. Pay attention to your body position: You must have information about the use of body language, so that you can use it optimally. One of the most important of them is to make sure to straighten your back and raise your head while talking to others. In addition to looking directly into the eyes of your interlocutor, do not look at the floor or the wall while talking to others.
  4. Walk at a faster rate: It is important that your steps be steady and relatively fast, because walking quickly gives others a feeling that you are an important person, you have a lot of work, you value time, and your health is good. While walking slowly gives the impression of exhaustion, fatigue, and lack of seriousness in work.
  5. Feel proud: Talk about your achievements with pride, and make sure that you have abilities that are different from others.
  6. Sit in a prominent place: be sure to sit in the front rows, not in the back rows, and not in a far corner of the room. Being in the front row indicates that you have confidence in yourself.
  7. Speak in an appropriate voice: Make sure that your voice is not loud or low, but rather your voice must be appropriate for all those present to hear, and your words must be clear and understood by everyone.
  8. Share your opinions with others: You must express your point of view in the discussion sessions, and not isolate yourself from others and only listen.
  9. You should exercise: Doing any kind of exercise increases your self-confidence.
  10. Follow-up of local and global events: It is important to be aware of local and global events, as this greatly increases your self-confidence.

Manifestations of self-confidence

Undoubtedly, there are manifestations of a self-confident person. In the essay on believe in yourself, I will mention some of these aspects as follows:

  • Psychological reassurance: There is no doubt that self-confidence gives you psychological reassurance, and thus you can deal with life problems better.
  • Positive optimism: Confidence gives you a sense of optimism because it makes you believe in your abilities, and that it is possible to achieve your big goals.
  • The ability to perform well: Self-confidence is the key to success in all our work. Therefore, there will be no fear of failure, and therefore we will not work under psychological pressure.
  • Speed ​​of decision-making: One of the manifestations of self-confidence is the speed of decision-making, because you believe in your mental abilities to understand, analyze and draw conclusions, while a person who does not trust himself hesitates to make decisions on his own, and relies on consulting others.
  • Achieving success and happiness: There is no doubt that self-confidence is your way to success, and success leads to our feeling of happiness.

Obstacles to self-confidence

In fact, there are personal characteristics that may be an obstacle in the path of a person, and the result is a lack of self-confidence, and among these characteristics are shyness, laziness, neglect, fear and lack of self-esteem. I will talk about these characteristics as follows:

  • Lack of self-esteem: Oftentimes a person has good skills and the ability to do things that others cannot do.
    But despite this, he despises himself, and looks at others as better than him, and feels that he is a failure, and this feeling reinforces a lack of self-confidence. Therefore, you must trust and believe in your abilities.
  • Neglect and laziness: One of the factors that lead to a lack of self-confidence is neglect and laziness, which are personal characteristics that can be overcome and changed. All a person needs is the will to change. If you have the will, it is possible for you to acquire new qualities that are better than you are.
  • Not learning from the experiences of others: You must believe that the experiences of others are yours as well. It is not reasonable for you to do all the experiments in order to be convinced of their results. Life experiences are experiences gained from your personal experiences and the experiences of others as well.
  • Fear of failure: Mostly everyone is afraid of failure, and in the essay on believe in yourself I will explain the effect of fear of failure on your inability to achieve your goals. Where the degree of fear differs from one person to another, there are people who are so afraid of failure that they cannot make any progress, and the fear of failure is the reason for their failure. While there are people who can make their fear of failure a strong motive for success.
  • Exalting others more than they deserve: Exalting others more than they deserve is one of the factors that make you not trust yourself, because at the same time you underestimate your abilities, and this will result in a lack of confidence in yourself.

The difference between self-confidence and arrogance

There is a big difference between self-confidence and arrogance, because self-confidence is a person’s belief in his true capabilities, which he already possesses, while arrogance is a person’s belief that he has capabilities that distinguish him from others, when in fact he does not possess these capabilities.

A self-confident person is often a humble person, while an arrogant person is superior to others and despises them.

Self-confidence is a good quality, because it is a constructive quality that drives you to progress and self-development. While the characteristic of arrogance hinders its owner from benefiting from others because he feels that he is better than everyone and does not need their expertise, and therefore the arrogant person cannot develop himself.

In addition, a self-confident person is loved by others, while an arrogant person is not loved by anyone, and everyone alienates him.

Words about self-confidence

Undoubtedly, words of praise improve a person’s self-confidence. Words are a double edged sword, with some words we can help someone to trust themselves and become a creative person. But some words also cause a person to feel failure and frustration, and may make him lose confidence in himself completely.

Therefore, we must care about encouraging others, mentioning their advantages and praising them because this gives them self-confidence. There are beautiful sayings about self-confidence. I will mention some of them in the essay on believe in yourself as follows:

  • In the words of Dr. Robert Anthony: “You can have anything you want if you are willing to let go of the belief that you cannot have it.”
  • You must refuse to be less than you deserve.
  • A self-confident person does not seek approval from others for what he does.
  • You have to do what you think you can do.
  • Every failure makes you stronger, so don’t despair.
  • People are like colored windows, they shine when the sun falls on them, but in the dark their beauty does not appear unless the light shines from within.
  • Every experience is an addition to you.
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • Never bow your head, hold it high.
  • With every step you take, you become stronger.
  • Don’t expect everything to be perfect, so you must challenge your circumstances.
  • Don’t think too much about what other people think of you.
  • When you believe in yourself, you can take risks.
  • Self-confidence is your key to success.
  • When you trust yourself, you will be yourself.
  • Confidence does not come from always being right, but from not being afraid to be wrong.
  • Talk to yourself as if you were talking to someone you love.
  • Deep fear does not come from being incapable, but from your view of other people’s opinions.
  • Self-confidence pushes you forward, it is like a force that pushes you forward.


At the end of the essay on believe in yourself, I presented an easy topic from which you can learn a lot of tips that help you to boost your confidence. The most important of these tips is your belief in your abilities and working on developing them through learning, and not being afraid of failure. Because failure is an experience that you can also benefit from in correcting your mistakes.

It is important to realize that the road to success is not easy, it is full of challenges and you have to face these challenges and find solutions. And make sure that with every step you take, you are getting closer to your goal, and therefore you must refuse to be less than what you deserve.

I hope you benefited from the interesting essay on believe in yourself, and I would be glad to receive your comments.

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