Essay on beggars
Essay on beggars

Essay on beggars 2 Models

Essay on beggars is suitable for all students. We will present several models for essay on beggars, such as a paragraph and a short essay on beggars, and how to eliminate the phenomenon of begging. An essay on beggars shows the real causes of the phenomenon of begging, and how to address this problem. The role for civil organizations in solving the problem of beggary, and the role of the government to eliminate this problem.

We will provide a variety of models suitable for students of the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, first, second and third grades of middle school and high school.

essay on beggars

The phenomenon of beggars is a dangerous social phenomenon, and in our essay on beggars we will discuss its causes and methods of treatment, and what are the parties that can help solve this problem.

Begging may be one of the manifestations of the weakness of the state’s economy, and the lack of job opportunities, and the spread of the phenomenon of beggary may be due to the fact that some people tend to be lazy and prefer beggary to work.

In any case, we will show in the essay on beggars that this phenomenon is a bad phenomenon.

Definition of the phenomenon of beggary

The word beggary is given to every person who asks people for money or in-kind assistance, such as food, clothes, and others.

Mostly, beggars are found in public places such as roads, in front of shops, and in crowded places and means of transportation. Sometimes beggars pretend to perform symbolic services to cover the begging process.

The phenomenon of beggary is widespread in societies that do not provide their poor citizens with their basic needs of food, drink and housing, and then these poor people do not find what they need, so they resort to begging.

The phenomenon of beggary spreads when job opportunities are reduced, and many people do not have a source of money, but sometimes some people take beggary as a profession for them, as they can collect more money than the working people get.

Reasons for the appearance of begging

The phenomenon of beggary is widespread in developing and developed countries as well. This negative phenomenon indicates the existence of a number of social and moral problems in society, and we will write in the essay on beggars the most important reasons for begging:

1- Poverty

Poverty is one of the main reasons for pushing people to beg. When a person cannot provide for his necessary needs, or cannot provide for his family’s needs, this is a strong reason to make him beg.

2- Illness and accidents

Some people resort to begging as a result of an illness that prevents them from working, or a serious accident after which they are unable to work. These persons must have health and social insurance.

3- Family disintegration

Family disintegration and divorce, and the resulting disputes between father and mother, result in children being exposed to bad living conditions, and some of them resort to begging, and leave education.

4- Low morals

Undoubtedly, beggary is a reprehensible behavior, and it is only done by people who have not been raised in good morals.

5- Low salaries

Low salaries are one of the reasons for beggary, as a person does not receive a suitable wage for his work, and therefore will not be able to provide for the basic needs of his family, so he resorts to begging.

Treating the phenomenon of beggary

The state is trying to limit the phenomenon of beggary, and in this paragraph of the essay on beggars we will write about ways to treat the problem of beggary as follows:

  • Establishing projects that require high labor intensity, and providing job opportunities for beggars who are able to work.
  • Encourage individuals to work instead of begging, and take it as a solution to the problem of poverty.
  • Taking care of orphans and providing them with basic needs.
  • Civil organizations cooperate with government institutions to determine the numbers of poor families and provide them with financial assistance.
  • Improving the economic conditions of individuals in general, by subsidizing basic commodities and fighting high prices.
  • Working to make the best use of the state’s resources, and distributing wealth fairly among all categories of the people.
  • It is important that there be interdependence among the members of the same family, and that the rich help the poor person who belongs to their family.
  • To overcome the fraudulent methods of some beggars, people must help their poor neighbors, so that the money will reach those who really deserve it.
  • Establishment of shelters to accommodate beggars and provide their basic needs, thus ensuring their safety, and the safety of others as well.
  • Establishing laws criminalizing the phenomenon of beggary, especially beggars who pose a danger to people.
  • Using various media to educate people about the importance of work.

Negative effects of begging

In this paragraph of the essay on beggars we will write about the negative effects of this phenomenon, which is that beggars sometimes use violence to force people to give them money.

In addition, some of them commit crimes, and beggary is one of the methods used in monitoring the victim, or approaching the victim and carrying out the crime.

Undoubtedly, the presence of beggars on public roads leads to the annoyance of passers-by.

Among the negative effects of beggary is the lack of knowledge of the person who really needs financial assistance, thus increasing poverty, while the people who take beggary as a profession get richer, and at the same time, they do not refrain from begging.


At the end of the essay on beggars we suggest that each family take care of helping their poor relatives, as well as helping poor neighbors, thus ensuring that the money reaches the people who really need it.

We will provide many models such as a short essay, an essay on beggars, a report or a paragraph on beggars. I hope you have benefited from the essay on beggars.

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