Essay on 1
Essay on 1

Essay on 1 2 Models

Essay on 1 trains you to write an essay using simple sentences that are suitable for children. Essay on 1 by which the child is evaluated. We will write several articles on 9 models for the first grade.

When we write an essay for the first grade, the style should be interesting and attractive, preferably a short essay consisting of about 10 sentences.

Writing a paragraph or a short essay is important because it makes the student practice writing in a correct manner, and writing also helps the student discover his talents.

essay on 1

Discover your writing skill by writing an essay on 1, and express your thoughts in simple sentences. The child is evaluated on the basis of his ability to write in an organized manner, which is a commonly used method, as writing an essay shows the child’s ability to think, create, and express the things he has learned. We will provide many essays on 1 that first graders can benefit from.

Essay on 1 first day of school

It is important for the child to describe his feelings when writing an essay. The student can write essay on 1, and can use short sentences and simple words, as follows:

  • My first day at school is a special day.
  • I got up at six in the morning and put on my school uniform.
  • The school uniform is beautiful and elegant, I love to wear it every day.
  • I got on the school bus and sat by the window.
  • I saw many trees on both sides of the road, and I saw birds moving from one tree to another.
  • I stood in the morning queue, and listened to the school radio.
  • I went to my class, and sat on the seat allotted to me.
  • I made new friends, one of them is sitting next to me.
  • The teacher welcomed us and gave us gifts.
  • My first day at school was good.

Essay on 1 my school

Students can describe their school using short sentences and easy words in order to write an essay on 1 in which he describes the building, expresses the environment around it, and accurately describes the things surrounding it, because all of this gives him new vocabulary.

  • My school is large, with a large number of students.
  • The school has a basketball court and a soccer field.
  • We stand in the morning queue at seven in the morning.
  • In my school there is a garden, with some trees and flowers.
  • We take care of the school garden, and water the plants.
  • My school has a wall, two large doors, and many classrooms.
  • My school consists of four floors.
  • My class is on the first floor.
  • My school has a library, a science lab, and a computer lab.
  • The courtyard of the school is wide, and there is a flag in the middle of it.
  • I love my school, and I keep it clean.

Essay on 1 my school friends

The student can write an essay on 1 describing his feelings and expressing his surroundings. It is important for the child to be trained to describe what he feels, and to describe the things around him accurately, because all of this gives him new vocabulary.

  • I have three classmates, but one friend is my favorite.
  • My friend and I play football.
  • My friend loves to read, and I love to read too.
  • Last week my friend fell ill and was absent.
  • I went to visit my friend, and wished him speedy recovery.
  • I am glad that my friend’s health has improved.
  • In my free time I play with my friend.
  • I love my friend because he is a loyal person.
  • My friend is superior, and I am superior too.
  • On the day off I will go with my friend to the zoo.

Essay on 1 brother

Writing essay on 1 is the first actual training for the student to express his thoughts and feelings towards others.

It is very useful for the child to be trained in writing articles because this will gain him confidence in himself.

Here is a sample essay on 1 about a brother.

  • My brother is three years older than me, he is in the fourth grade.
  • I love my brother very much, because he is kind and affectionate.
  • My brother excels in studies, he always gets the final grades in the exam.
  • My brother and I are in the same school.
  • I am in first grade and my brother is in fourth grade.
  • We go to school together, and we go home together.
  • I learned many things from my brother.
  • My brother is a member of the school football team.
  • I wish to be a member of the football team like my brother.
  • The teachers love my brother because he is polite and excels in his studies.
  • On the weekend I play with my brother in the garden of the house.

Essay on 1 my sister

  • My little sister is only two years old.
  • My sister is beautiful, her skin is white and smooth, her hair is yellow, her eyes are blue.
  • I teach my sister to speak, she speaks some simple words.
  • My sister has a doll, my sister plays with it and carries it with her everywhere.
  • I play with my sister in the garden. My sister is very happy when she catches the ball.
  • My sister is very happy when I offer her sweets, especially chocolate.
  • My sister’s clothes are beautiful with bright colors.
  • My sister loves red, so most of her dresses are red.
  • My sister loves to play with birds, she plays with parrots. The parrot imitates her.

Essay on 1 my family

  • My family consists of five people, my father, my mother, me, my brother and my sister.
  • My family is small but happy.
  • My father is an engineer in an automobile company.
  • My mother is a teacher, she works in the same school that I attend.
  • My brother is in sixth grade and he excels in studies.
  • My sister is in fourth grade, she excels in her studies.
  • The family gathers at four o’clock in the afternoon for lunch.
  • My family and I have dinner at the restaurant.
  • I am traveling with my family on the end of the year vacation to any coastal city.


At the end of the essay on 1 we presented several easy models, children can benefit from these models and express their feelings to write an essay for the first grade, or a short essay. I hope you have benefited.

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