Advantages of free education essay
Advantages of free education essay

Advantages of free education essay 3 Models

Advantages of free education essay, there is no doubt that education is the way for nations to advance and progress, and therefore education must be made available to all members of society, and we will present several models such as a short essay on the importance of free education, and a paragraph, a long essay, research on education in general and the importance of free education, an easy subject suitable for the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and a variety of topics (150-500) words suitable for first, second, and third graders of middle and high school, in which we discuss the pros and cons of free education, and what are the benefits of free education.

Advantages of free education essay

There is no doubt that education is the locomotive that carries goodness, progress and well-being for society, and therefore we will present several models of advantages of free education essay.

If we want to eliminate ignorance, we must resort to education, and if we want to spread good morals, we must take care of education.

Likewise, if we want to raise the economic, cultural and health level of citizens, we must pay attention to education.

Education is the most important factor for the progress of nations and the prosperity of their people.

The importance of education

Education is the lifeboat for nations, and therefore all countries are interested in providing education to their citizens, and laws differ from one country to another. But there is a minimum level of education that all members of society must obtain. In most cases, basic education is free, so that there are no obstacles for the poor to prevent them from learning.

In addition, the opinions of philosophers, wise men, and scholars all point to the importance of education, and that education is the path to the progress of nations and the well-being of peoples.

It is important for rulers to be convinced that investing in education is the best investment. At first glance, it may seem that education drains the state’s resources, as it requires a lot of financial expenditures, and there are no benefits in the short term.

But in the long run, there will be great benefits from the quality education that children and youth receive. Today’s children are the men of the future, and when we prepare them well, and arm them with science, they will advance their homeland and present amazing inventions in all areas of life.

What we plant today will bear fruit tomorrow. Every country must take care of education and provide it for its children.

Advantages of free education

  • Equal opportunities for all, and intelligence and talent are the criterion for discrimination, not poverty or wealth.
  • The value of a person is determined by his scientific and intellectual abilities, and is not determined by the money he possesses.
  • Free education provides good job opportunities for young people, regardless of their economic status, and they are employed according to their skills and abilities.
  • Free education provides a better standard of living for a large number of people.
  • Free education helps a comprehensive renaissance in society, as knowledge is the first step in scientific thinking and correct problem-solving.
  • Education is the perfect solution to solve social problems and reduce wrong behaviors.
  • Education saves the state many expenses in other fields, such as the field of health.
  • Educated people are more likely to follow health guidelines.
  • Education is a cure for the problem of poverty and ignorance, and therefore it must be made available to all citizens without discrimination.

Disadvantages of free education

There are some negatives that exist in free education and we can summarize them in the advantages of free education essay as follows:

  • Overcrowding of students in classrooms, where the number of students in a class is too large, and this negatively affects the learning process.
  • Employing incompetent teachers in free schools, which makes education not useful enough.
  • Lack of interest in practicing activities in free schools.
  • There may be discrimination in obtaining jobs after graduation.
  • The lack of the necessary facilities for schools, such as laboratories, computers, sports equipment, and others.
  • There is little concern for the child’s health.
  • The use of non-pedagogical methods in teaching children.
  • Not doing recreational activities due to lack of capabilities.

Why should education be free?

  • Education addresses societal problems, and this is the opinion of philosophers, wise men and scholars. Education gives us strength, and from the sayings of Francis Bacon: “Knowledge is power.” Therefore, we should not limit education to the rich only, but all children should receive basic education, so that society is strong and interdependent.
  • Intelligence and talent are not exclusive to the rich, and if the poor do not learn, we will lose brilliant minds.
  • Without free education, we will bury the talents and abilities of poor people who may be distinguished from other rich people.
  • The development and progress of society requires the efforts of all its children, and therefore we must provide everyone with equal educational opportunities.
  • Spreading science among the groups of society makes there is homogeneity among the groups of society, and this reduces extremism and strange ideas.
  • Free education helps achieve community peace, and not feel injustice and contempt.


Scholarships are one of the manifestations of the state’s interest in providing free education to distinguished students, and scholarships are often in prestigious universities, whether internal or external.

The scholarship may be in a university outside the country, and the grant includes providing tuition, accommodation, transportation, and so on. But when this scholarship is for an outstanding student, he will return to his homeland having gained a lot of modern science and experience.

Thus, he can provide great services to his community, and benefit and train his colleagues at work. And all of this works to spread knowledge and not monopolize it over one group over another.




At the end of the advantages of free education essay, we talked about the importance of education, the pros and cons of free education, and what are the benefits of free education for the individual and society. All this in an interesting and easy way to suit all students and researchers.

We explained the importance of free education to provide equal opportunities among the groups of society, because this helps to spread community peace and reject hatred and differences between groups of society.

I hope you have benefited from this topic.

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