Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones
Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones; For those who are looking for the importance of mobile in our modern life and the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, there will be many and many important and useful information that wants to know about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Everything in the world is a double – edged sword and we must improve the use of everything so that we win its advantages and avoid its disadvantages as well as mobile as it has many benefits also has many damage and here we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

The phone is generally one of the tools of communication and social communication despite the different types, wired or wireless, but technology is a double-edged sword, the phone has negative and has positive.


The disadvantages of mobile phone;

When using a mobile phone while driving, this causes the driver to be busy and not fully focused and thus traffic accidents. The presence of a mobile phone at home increases the financial burden on the mother and father, thus increasing the overall expenses. The mobile phone is considered one of the sources of inconvenience in public places that require full calm, such as lecture halls, mosques, meetings and special events.


The mobile phone affects the health of the individuals who acquire and use it. Recent studies have indicated that the mobile phone affects the nerve cells of the person who is using it for long periods, resulting in loss of sensation on the part of the user, as indicated by studies on the health of prenatal fetuses, , That mothers who use mobile phones permanently and for long periods affected their children significantly, the children have problems with peers, and psychological problems, and other problems related to behavior, and abnormal activity (excessive).

Some scientists have also mentioned in some recent research that excessive use of mobile phones leads to serious health damage such as cancer. The mobile phone negatively affects the social relations between people through the preoccupation of each member of the family with his mobile phone and lack of interest or indifference to intimate family atmosphere, lack of family spirit interrelated, and lack of discussion and dialogue among members of the same house in their livelihood, which leads to problems of all Areas and exacerbated them unconsciously.


The mobile phone also affects adolescents to a large extent for young people to pass among their peers of pornographic images, sexual messages, and spread the experiences of love failed and unstable through mobile phones, and spread the marriage of delusion between the sexes, which affects the psychological state of the parties later, the acquisition of mobile phones And change from a short period to another type of luxury and extravagance, and despite all the disadvantages mentioned above, we can never deny the pros and cons of the mobile phone.

The advantages of mobile phone:


 Communication between friends and relatives and loved ones, and the ease of communication and reassurance among themselves, especially if separated by long distances.

Employers continue with employees to follow up their work and follow up project implementation, speed up various tasks, shorten time and effort, and make decisions faster.

Sending SMS, and congratulations on events and holidays, and this will increase the familiarity and love among individuals.

The possibility of surfing the Internet and taking advantage of its varied services anywhere.

Take snapshots, family videos, reminders of appointments, hours of work, and use of the calculator.

A means of entertainment and entertainment such as: electronic games and others.

Creating many and varied jobs, where there are many workers in this sector, such as programmers, reformers, mobile shops, importing agencies, and others.

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