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Mobile phone advantages and disadvantages
Mobile phone advantages and disadvantages

Mobile phone advantages and disadvantages

Mobile phone advantages and disadvantages;  Where this topic contains all the information you seek and all you want to know about the mobile phone advantages and disadvantages,where mobile is now an indispensable device in the lives of everyone and here you will find a topic on mobile phone advantages and disadvantages. Mobile has become the life of many and many people today, so that people can get rid of social relations because of mobile and here you will find a topic on the mobile phone advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile phone advantages and disadvantages

There is no doubt that the invention of the mobile phone and the rapid development that has occurred since the invention has contributed significantly to changing the way people live and how to live and spend for different needs, in addition to the positive shift that led the life of mobile phone user for the better, but accompanied by many of the negative changes that returned Bad for the life of the individual and the society as a whole, it is worth mentioning that most of these pros and cons relied mainly on the way in which the person used the mobile phone and the ways he used to take advantage of it.

Mobile phone advantages;

 Mobile communication: What distinguishes a mobile phone from a landline is the ability to connect to any destination, international or local, anywhere, without having to stay near the wire or cable.  Stay in contact with family, parents make their children to carry their mobile phones when leaving the house, so as to be able to reassure them and follow their news and places of their presence, in addition to quick access to them in various emergencies.

 In addition to  solve the various crimes:The mobile phone has a location service, which allows the location of the phone to be detected in case of loss or theft. The service also helped to locate the bodies in many cases of murder or loss.

Emergency call services:The mobile phone provides emergency communication services even in areas that do not include the coverage of the telecommunications network. If the individual finds himself in a remote location without any coverage on the mobile phone, he can request any emergency numbers for assistance.

Maintaining social ties: In cases where the individual can not visit his relatives, he can maintain some connection to the uterus by telephone, and the social networking services that are widespread on mobile phones have contributed to the maintenance of these links and the establishment of new links and friendships from different regions the world.

Easy access to information: The availability of mobile Internet services has made it easier to access any information without the need for a computer.

Mobile phone disadvantages;

 If the battery is not fully charged, the mobile phone may be surprised you to stop working as a result of the battery running out, which is impossible to operate except by accessing its own cable and charger.

Loss of personal communication skills: The absolute dependence on mobile phones and social media to communicate with others has resulted in a severe weakness in communication skills, making it difficult for many mobile phone addicts to create social links when dealing directly with others.

The increase in individual expenses: The mobile phone needs to pay a variable amount of money from one person to another depending on how it is used. Some spend large sums on mobile phones between internet services and call services, and purchase of various accessories for mobile phones.

Increased traffic accidents :The use of some mobile drivers during driving has resulted in many serious and fatal traffic accidents.

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