Harmful effects of mobile phones
Harmful effects of mobile phones

Harmful effects of mobile phones

Harmful effects of mobile phones; This is a topic about the harmful effects of mobile phones with all the important and useful information about mobile and harmful effects of mobile phones. . Mobile has become a device in these days can not be dispensed with anyone, but on the contrary, it is possible to dispense with people and social and family relations because of mobile and here you will find a topic about the harmful effects of mobile phones.

Harmful effects of mobile phones

The invention of the phones is credited to Alexander Graham Bell, whose name was closely associated with the phone, but although he made the first phone but was not the main idea behind the phone’s business, Graham Bell found the idea Among the models of inventions for the Italian “Antonio Meucci”, and the principle of the work of the telephone to transfer the voices directly between two different places to be connected to the telephone line and contain each of the phone, and after the Graham industry, but the first phone device developments in the field of communications until the advent of the American engineer (Martin Cooper), who made a big leap In the field of phones after the invention of mobile phone, which installed for the first time in 1973 in New York City,In favor of the Motorola company in which he worked.

Mobile phones, especially the smart ones that have recently invaded the world, have added a lot of benefits to the phone so that it can be taken and spoken anywhere, unlike a fixed line phone in one place, and has allowed us to send text messages. Connected to the Internet to enable us to make video calls, browse private e-mail, and follow up everything that is new on the Internet, so that it became similar to computers through the benefits, and it can be said that the phones made the world a small village by shortening the distances between humans .But as it has advantages it also has dis advantages and harmful effects such as;

Health damage: It includes the following: affects the brain as a result of harmful radiation issued, especially on children; because the thickness of the skull they have few. Increases the growth rate of cancer cells due to harmful radiation. Causing headaches and insomnia, as well as mood swings and fatigue. The immune system is slowly weakening.There are a lot of warnings about the health risks of using a mobile phone. Radiation from these phones can cause biological changes in the body’s cells, affect the protein system in these cells, cause chemical tensions in the structure and increase the risk of cancer.

Social damage: It is the most prevalent; as a result of not using many people for mobile in the right direction, and not to take into account the privacy and ethics, the most important of which: the inconvenience of others to contact them at all times day and night, in addition to the use of some of some applications such as the camera.

The impact on social relations is largely static, and there are no real meetings or even family gatherings; many have only a phone call for several minutes, and even if people meet you can not see someone does not carry his mobile in his hand and used one way or another.

Increase the incidence of accidents due to the use of mobile phone and its applications during driving or walking, and therefore lack of focus while driving, resulting in human and material losses.

Loss of personal communication skills: The absolute dependence on mobile phones and social media to communicate with others has resulted in a severe weakness in communication skills, making it difficult for many mobile phone addicts to create social links when dealing directly with others.

The increase in individual expenses: The mobile phone needs to pay a variable amount of money from one person to another depending on how it is used. Some spend large sums on mobile phones between internet services and call services, and purchase of various accessories for mobile phones.

People’s excessive use of mobile phones has taken a lot of time in their life, with different ages and interests, increasing social and psychological problems among mobile phone users.

Economic damage: The increase in the value of the material burden of payment of bills, in addition to the obsession of most or even everyone in the follow-up of everything that is new and try to buy the latest versions.

If the battery is not fully charged, the mobile phone may be surprised you to stop working as a result of the battery running out, which is impossible to operate except by accessing its own cable and charger.

Tips for preventing mobile phone damage :

Do not call the phone if the network is weak.

Avoid making calls while traveling.

Prefer to use the microphone when talking to mobile instead of putting it on the ear.

The speakers are placed in the ear only during the call.

Avoid placing the mobile near the sensitive organs of the body.

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