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Water topic in English

Water topic in English

Water topic in English  contains all the information about the importance of water and how to conserve water. Nothing that can live on the planet without water , and all that information will be found here in water topic in English.

Water topic in English

There is no doubt that water is indispensable in the life of all living beings. Our duty is to protect it from pollution and misuse, all of this information will be here in Water topic in English .


Water is the basis of life on earth of all living beings without exception, and without it there is no life, no human, no animal or plant. The human body consists of seventy percent of its weight of water, and this is conclusive evidence of its importance.

Although water is three quarters of the planet, we suffer from severe shortages in most parts of the world, because most of the water bodies in the globe are in fact salty water that can only be drunk after long and costly treatment.

Therefore, we must all stop wasting water and rationalizing and consuming it . Water is a divine gift, and it is our duty to preserve it for us and for the next generations.

The need to drink water daily is two liters to maintain the composition and structure of the body, because it is the main component of blood, and for the health and composition of cells, and we need water for personal hygiene and for washing and cooking and cleaning .

Water is an important source for a very useful food source: seafood. Water is the basis of the beauty of the planet, it gives nature its green dress. Water gives the atmosphere the moisture that makes temperatures possible on the surface of the earth.

On the other hand, we need water to generate and produce energy; through water generators we can produce electricity.  Water is also used for maritime and river navigation, where ships, vessels and boats are run in sea water, rivers and oceans.

We note that we must take all measures of savings related to the rationalization of water consumption, such as control of water taps, and prevent diversion, and avoid excessive waste.

It is also important to protect it against any source of pollution, such as sewage networks, chemical plant contaminants, pesticides and organic contaminants, because any pollution in water causes serious disruption of the ecosystem.

Finally, the water in our planet is not confined to anyone, and the duty to protect it from waste and pollution is the duty of all. Fortunately, there are now thousands of public and private associations and institutions established and supervised to preserve water wealth to preserve it for future generations to live in a balanced environment.

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